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Pedestrian Advisory Committee

Pedestrian Advisory Committee Meetings 

Regular meeting time and place:

Third Tuesday of the month
7:00pm in City Hall,1221 SW 4th Avenue, Pettygrove Room.

Click here to see the agenda.

NOTE:  In June or July, the PAC traditionally braves the heat and takes to the street for an annual PAC Walking Tour, instead of a regular meeting. In December, the PAC often holds a joint meeting with the Bicycle Advisory Committee on the second Tuesday of the month. Check back for more info. 

Pedestrian Advisory Committee welcomes new members!

In June, Commissioner Steve Novick, endorsed  the recommendations from the PAC for new PAC Member appointments. Nine (9) Newly Appointed PAC Members:

  1. Doug Klotz (returning)
  2. David Aulwes (returning)
  3. Rod Merrick (returning)
  4. Arlene Kimura
  5. Suzanne Stahl
  6. Noel Mickelberry
  7. Melissa Kaganovich
  8. David Crout
  9. Jonathan Winslow

In addition, the PAC recommended selecting additional applicants as “Alternate members.” Appointing Alternate PAC members required an amendment to the PAC Bylaws to create Alternate positions. Per the PAC Bylaws, the soonest the PAC could vote on an amendment to the Bylaws was at the June meeting. The Bylaws were amended, as noted above. The Alternate members recommendations are for endorsement and appointment consideration by Commissioner Novick.


Pedestrian Advisory Committee adopts amendments to the PAC Bylaws

Link to the PAC Bylaw, as amended.

At  the June 18 PAC meeting, the PAC moved to adopt amendments to the PAC Bylaw ARTICLE II. MEMBERSHIP, to create up to 8 “Alternate” Member positions on the PAC, as well as a few minor clean up and grammar edits. The Bylaw amendments will be placed on the June 18 PAC meeting agenda for deliberation and a vote by the PAC. This amendment was discussed at the May 21 PAC meeting. The amendment was recommended by the 2013 PAC Membership Sub-committee. The Bicycle Advisory Committee (BAC) currently has Alternate positions written into their Bylaws. The amendments to the PAC Bylaws are fashioned after relevant sections of the BAC Bylaws.


Pedestrian Advisory Committe

The PAC advises the City of Portland – particularly the Bureau of Transportation – on matters that encourage and enhance walking as a means of transportation, recreation, wellness and environmental enhancement. The PAC is a 9- to 15-person committee that represents a cross-section of Portlanders, including walking and mobility advocates, neighborhood activists, environmental design professionals and citizens-at-large.

The PAC meets the third Tuesday evening each month. Members are appointed to a 4-year term. PAC member activities include, but are not limited to, reviewing and making recommendations on:

  • planning documents affecting pedestrians
  • pedestrian projects
  • projects with pedestrian facilities
  • funding priorities for pedestrian-related projects
  • activities of other jurisdictions that affect pedestrians in Portland
  • maintaining and periodically updating the Portland Pedestrian Design Guide and Pedestrian Master Plan

Qualified individuals must:

  • be a resident of or own a business in the City of Portland
  • have an interest in promoting the use of walking for transportation and recreation
  • commit to attend monthly meetings and participate in the work of the committee

Mission Statement for the Pedestrian Advisory Committee

October 31, 2000

The mission of the City of Portland Pedestrian Advisory Committee is to act as advocates for pedestrians by:

  • Reviewing new projects that effect pedestrians to ensure they meet City of Portland Pedestrian Design Guide standards;
  • Advocating for safe access for pedestrians;
  • Supporting education, outreach, and advocacy of pedestrian issues; and
  • Developing policy and plans to better meet the needs of pedestrians.


About the Pedestrian Advisory Committee

The Pedestrian Advisory Committee (PAC) provides a forum for citizens to become involved in establishing goals and policies for pedestrians in the city and for the Bureau of Transportation's services. The group represents a cross-section of Portland citizens including walking and mobility advocates, neighborhood activities, environmental design professionals, and citizens-at-large. In addition, the Pedestrian Coordinator assists with the PAC's efforts to advocate for pedestrian issues both in house and in the community.

The Portland Pedestrian Advisory Committee works to make Portland a better city for pedestrians.  We advise City Council and City staff on transportation issues that affect pedestrians and the pedestrian environment.  If these issues are of concern to you, consider applying to be a member of the City of Portland Pedestrian Advisory Committee.

The Portland Pedestrian Advisory Committee is a standing citizen advisory committee active since the early 1990s. The purpose of the Portland Pedestrian Advisory Committee is to advise the Mayor and City Council and City departments on all matters that encourage and enhance walking as a means of transportation, recreation, wellness, and environmental enhancement.


Current Members: 

David Aulwes (Chair), Roger Averbeck, Don Baack, David Crout, Marianne Fitzgerald, Rebecca Hamilton, Melissa Kaganovich, Arlene Kimura, Erin Kelley, Doug Klotz (Vice Chair), Rod Merrick, Noel Mickelberry, Elizabeth Mros-O'Hara, Suzanne Stahl and Jonathan Winslow.

Staff contact or more information:  Sara Schooley, the new Pedestrian Coorinator, 503-823-4589,

While Sara is out of the office, please work directly with Dan Bower to determine the best path forward, at 503-823-5667 or


Past Meeting Materials

Crosswalk Traffic Engineering Safety Analysis

2005 Zegeer Report: Safety Effects of Marked Versus Unmarked Crosswalks at Uncontrolled Locations Final Report and Recommended Guidelines

2006 NCHRP Report 562: Improving Pedestrian Safety at Unsignalized Crossings


Sidewalk Cafe Program Update 2009 Recommendations Memo


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2007 PAC Walking Tour

Map of Multnomah Village Walk

2008 PAC Walking Tour

Map of walking route highlighting existing, planned and potential pedestrian routes to South Waterfront

Mission Statement

The mission of the City of Portland Pedestrian Advisory Committee

PAC Meeting Notes & Agendas

Pedestrian Advisory Committee meeting notes and agendas

Pedestrian Advisory Committee (PAC)

The Pedestrian Advisory Committee (PAC) provides a forum for citizens to become involved in establishing goals and policies for pedestrians in the city and for the Office of Transportation's services.

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