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Angle Loading Permit Application

Firm Name: ________________________________________________________________

Address: __________________________________________________________________

Contact: ______________________________ Telephone: ___________________________

Location: ______________________________ on N S E W side of street
                        (Street Name)

between ____________________________ and ___________________________________
                        (Cross Street)                                                                 (Cross Street)

How many permits do you need? _________________ ($45 each)

If granted this permit, the undersigned agrees to the following restrictions:
  1. Consent from affected property owners may be required;
  2. Permittee must be actively engaged in loading or unloading the vehicle;
  3. Permit will be authorized only when it is absolutely necessary because of the weight or size of the merchandise being handled and/or the size/length of the vehicle;
  4. No vehicle shall be allowed to remain for a period greater than established by the permit;
  5. In case of a tractor and trailer combination, the tractor may be required to be removed and parked separately;
  6. Permit must be clearly displayed on each vehicle, as designated by the permit, when loading/unloading the vehicle;
  7. Permittee may be required to provide signage at the permitee's expense;
  8. Emergency access to the area must be maintained;
  9. Permit remains the property of the City of Portland and must be surrendered upon demand by authorized officer.
The undersigned is applying for angle loading permit(s) for use by delivery vehicles while actively engaged in loading or unloading which requires that the vehicle be parked other than parallel to the curb.  The City of Portland will revoke the permit if the above conditions are not met.

Signed _________________________________________________________
                                (Firm Representative)

Date issued ______________________ Permit No. __________________________