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Community Event and Block Party Street Closure Permits

Neighbors celebrating together

Block Party Permits (please scroll down for community events)

Please read first: block party permits are not intended for private parties such as: weddings, birthday parties, family reunions. They are intended to build community between neighbors. For further questions, please contact: 503-823-4003 or

Block parties are small-scale events that close one to four blocks of a local service residential street for small scale gatherings, such as a neighborhood potlucks or barbeques and intersection repair projects. 

Block parties are initiated by and are intended to attract only local residents who live on the street being closed.  

Block party permits are not issued for streets that have a bus line, bus layover or signalized intersection, or for events with attendance that draws from beyond the residents on the street.

Please see the four page application link and instruction link below to apply for a block party permit. 

Church events do no qualify for block party permits, PLEASE fill out a community event application below.

  • Block Party is a permit that allows 1 to 4 city blocks to be closed, but with specific criteria that must be met. Please note there are 4 pages to this permit application.  To apply for a Block Party Permit complete the following application packet:
  • Please use the application and instruction links above to close streets for an Intersection Repair Project. These are permits that allow two streets (4 blocks) to be closed during an intersection painting project in conjunction with City Repair. (For more information about City Repair projects, click here.).  Please see the Block Party Instructions link above for detailed instructions for application completion for Intersection Repair Projects block party permits.
  • In rare cases, the configuration of your street or the scope of your event may require more complex traffic control. If you think this may apply to your event, call 503-823-4003.
  • Having amplified music at your event? Contact the Noise Control Office for a noise variance permit.

The fee for Block Party street closure permits are $10 per permit.  We accept cash, credit card, check or money order made out to the City of Portland.  Fees may be paid in the following ways:

  • Mailed along with the permit application, petition and traffic control plan.  Complete applications must include:  application form, petition, traffic control plan and payment.  Mailed to: Block Parties, 1120 SW 5th Ave, Ste 1302, Portland OR 97204
  • Faxed to 503-823-2515, attention Block Parties.
  • In Person. Bring your application to the Parks Customer Service Center on the First Floor at 1120 SW 5th Ave. Open 8:30am-5pm Monday-Friday.

Community Event Permits

Please read first: Community event permits are NOT issued for private parties, all community events MUST be free and open to the public. If you have questions, please contact us at: 503-823-7073 or

Community event permits are for larger events that invite participants from the entire neighborhood or the greater community.

Community events are non-political, non-commercial and provide a civic benefit to the community.

The street closure permit is issued to restrict vehicular access only. A pedestrian route must remain open for pedestrians that wish to travel through the closed street area.

The event must be free to the general public.  All events shall have a non-profit affiliation.  A for-profit agency may apply for a community event street closure permit only if it has a non-profit beneficiary and all promotional material for the event shall include the non-profit agency and/or cause.

Community event street closure permits are intended to build a sense of community within the neighborhood in which they are held. If you become aware of an event that does not meet this intention, please notify the Bureau of Transportation at 503.823.7073 and let us know.  Or, if you would like you may contact your district neighborhood coalition directly and ask them to contact us or the Office of Neighborhood Involvement on your behalf.

Please see information below on how to apply for a Community Event Permit.

To Apply For A Community Event Permit

A complete application includes all materials listed below: 

1) Application Forms:  Select and fill out the application link below that matches your event type.

The information may be typed out or handwritten.

 Alcohol in Closed Street Area Click here for application for community event street closure permit with alcohol allowed in the right of way

No Alcohol in Closed Street Area  Click here for application for community event street closure permit with alcohol prohibited in the right of way

 If you need information on your neighborhood association/coalition, please see the following link:

Click here to identify your neighborhood association or district coalition office and/or contact information.

2) Supplemental documents:  see letters A - F below:   

All applications for community event street closure permits require the following supplemental documents to complete application.  All items listed must be submitted by the application timelines stated below.  The supplemental documents are identified on the application forms with an arrow symbol -->

A) --> NOTIFICATION: Signature Form for Notification of Upcoming Community Event Street Closure from adjacent properties

click here for community event signature form.

B) --> TRAFFIC CONTROL PLAN: Site-specific Traffic Control Plan (please make sure that the traffic control plan has the event name, contact name and phone number and date and time of closure.

click here for the standard one-block street closure traffic control plan.   If the conditions or configuration of your proposed street closure do not resemble those of the standard traffic control plan, you are required to submit a custom traffic control plan that is approvable by the City Traffic Engineer.

C) --> SITE PLAN: A site plan that shows the proposed street closure and all items you wish to place in the right-of-way. The plan should illustrate the street layout of the event including:

    1. A minimum 15ft-wide lane that shall be open and clear at all times for emergency access vehicles
    2. Bike parking accommodation click here for more information on bike parking
    3. All temporary structures, such as stages, tents, tables etc.
    4. Portable restrooms

D) --> INSURANCE:Certificate of liability insurance and additional insured endorsement:

click here for insurance requirements

E) --> NONPROFIT:  A letter from the non-profit beneficiary acknowledging its relationship with the event (if the applicant is not a non-profit)

* PLEASE NOTE:  If you are a for-profit agency, you have to establish a non-profit beneficiary associated with the event.  A letter from the non-profit beneficiary is required as part of your application.

F) --> ADVERTISING: Examples of outreach and promotional materials such as flyers, posters, advertisements, press release, etc.

The City of Portland's Office of Planning and Sustainability offers free recycling assistance to event coordinators and planners. Click here for more information.

We prefer to receive applications via email to, but also accept them through the following methods:

FAX to 503-279-3953; You may also mail or hand deliver to:

Portland Bureau of Transportation, SSM/Community Events, 1120 SW 5th Avenue Suite 800,  Portland, OR 97204

Office Hours: 8 a.m. to 5 p.m., Monday through Friday, front desk 503-823-5185

Note: Please do not send fee payment with your application.  Fees are paid at the time you pick up the permit.

Application Timeline

Completed applications should be submitted a minimum of 6 weeks in advance of the event date.


Community event fees are determined by three criteria.

  1. Audience: Is this event advertised to a neighborhood or citywide?
  2. Sponsor: Is this event sponsored by a for-profit or a non-profit?*
  3. Alcohol: Is this event with alcohol or without alcohol?
  4. Is the street closure in an area that has metered parking?

*Please note the City of Portland considers the entity that supplies the liability insurance as the event sponsor.

Neighborhood local event  

  • Non-Profit sponsor: $30
  • For Profit sponsor: $170

Citywide regional event 

  • Non-profit sponsor: $50
  • For-profit sponsor: $345

Alcohol served at the event: $318 

 Parking in Metered Districts

If the event closes a street within pay to park metered area, fees are assessed for each metered space in the closed street area per day.  The current fee is $9.90 per space per day.

For Questions or more information:


Phone: 503.823.7073 or 503.823.1099

Fax:    503.279.3953

Special Event Permits

Special events are moving events held on the street and/or sidewalk, such as runs, walks, marches, parades or bicycle races. Applications - Click here for special event information.