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International Walk+Bike to School Day in Portland (cute pictures alert)

Soggy weather could not deter students from rolling and strolling to school

Parent and kids chat with Commissioner Novick(October 9, 2015)  Portland Safe Routes to School and the Portland school community celebrated International Walk+Bike to School Day on October 7 and it was a rousing success! Over 70 Portland schools registered their participation in the event this year and statewide 250 schools took part.  Lent K-8 was chosen to be the media school with over 200 students and staff participating. A big thanks goes out to Lent K-8 Principal Terri Sing and Schools Uniting Neighborhoods (SUN) Coordinator Carmen Flores for helping to organize and host the event.

biking and walking over the bridge to Lent SchoolA long list of Portland dignitaries were in attendance, including City Commissioner Steve Novick, Portland Bureau of Transportation Director Leah Treat, and Dr. Jeff Stanley from Kaiser Permanente – all addressed the physical and mental health, safety and fun benefits available to students biking, walking and rolling to school.

Other local dignitaries in attendance included Mike Rosen from the Portland Public School Board, Elizabeth Engberg from Kaiser Permanente Thriving Schools, Captain Kelli Sheffer of Portland Police, Steph Noll from the Bicycle Transportation Alliance, Cory Poole of the NW Skate Coalition, and Tom Ralley who is the amazing Lent K-8 volunteer. But the real stars of the day were all the students and staff at all the schools who participated. Kids at Creative Science school serving hot chocolate

Boy with a sign, "I Biked to School today!"Two kids carry Walk+Bike to School bannerPriest at Holy Redeemer school blesses bikes

Streetcar Mobile Musicfest rolls on Saturday, Oct. 10

Celebrate art and public transit in Portland!

Streetcar and Go By Streetcar sign(October 8, 2015)  Uniquely Portland, the Streetcar Mobile Musicfest celebrates art and transit with local bands playing live music on Portland Streetcar lines. Rock and roll while enjoying up to 15 bands playing live on every line in the system (for the first time this year) from 5:30-8:00 pm on Saturday, October 10.

New Rail~Volutionaries PDX has partnered with PDX Pop Now!, Portland Streetcar Inc. and Women’s Transportation Seminar to bring this one-of-a-kind entertainment on public transit. This is the first year the festival will take place on all streetcars. All you need is proof of fare. See the lineup, schedule and check out the bands here:

[photo: Shubert Ciencia /flickr creative commons]

Hey Portland – let’s celebrate Walk+Bike to School Day!

Students and Commissioner Novick walk to school(October 5, 2015)  On October 7, students across Portland and across the globe will be participating in International Walk and Bike to School Day. Is your child’s school registered?

International Walk+Bike to School Day is a global event that involves communities from more than 40 countries walking and biking to school on the same day. Started in 1997, this event has become part of a movement for year-round safe routes to school and a celebration – with record breaking participation – each October. Today, thousands of schools across America – from all 50 states, the District of Columbia, and Puerto Rico – participate.

Students at Vestal School offer prizes for walking/bikingPortland’s nationally recognized Safe Routes to School program works to make walking, biking and rolling to and from school safer and easier for Portland students and families. A partnership of the City of Portland, schools, neighborhoods, community organizations and agencies, the Safe Routes program continues to make a significant difference for students and families’ safety and health.

Since its inception in 2005, the Portland Safe Routes program has made impressive gains in increasing the number of students walking and biking to school. Starting with eight elementary partner schools in its first year, the program has expanded year after year and now serves over 100 elementary, K-8 and middle schools across five school districts and reaches over 40,000 students. Portland Safe Routes will pilot its first high school program this year. These efforts have yielded impressive returns. Today, 43.6% of trips to school in Portland are on foot or by bike, an increase of 35% from when the program began. Thanks to the Safe Routes program, trips to school in Portland are on foot 33% and on bike 9%, compared to 12% walking and 1% biking rates nationally.

Celebrate Walktober!

Enjoy a walk this month - or lead a walk for others to enjoy

Walktober logo(October 2, 2015)  Walktober is three weeks of walking fun in October! Oregon Walks developed Walktober to help people in the Portland region find new ways to walk, new places and to walk and new people to enjoy walking with. Walktober is an open calendar which means that anyone can join a walk or create, post and lead a walk. Walks are put on by people like you!

Do you have an idea for a walk, but not sure how to make it happen? Walktober provides a Walk Guide to help you out. The guide lists some ideas or themes to get you started as well as guidance on the more practical considerations. Once you have your idea and plan your walk, just provide the information on their Add Event page and the calendar will automatically update.r to help people in the Portland region find new ways to walk, new places and to walk and new people to enjoy walking with. Walktober is an open calendar which means that anyone can join a walk or create, post and lead a walk. Walks are put on by people like you!

Oregon Walks is a non-profit advocacy organization dedicated to promoting walking and making the conditions for walking safe, convenient and attractive throughout the Portland metropolitan region. The organization advocates for better laws, enhanced enforcement, more sidewalks and signed crosswalks, education programs, community improvements designed for pedestrians, and increased funding to support these activities.

Idling Gets You Nowhere

10 seconds of idling your car wastes more gas than restarting

Kids walk to school next to cars at curb(September 28, 2015) Now that school is back in session, we’d like to bring you this reminder to reduce unnecessary idling, especially around schools and where children live and play.

Vehicle exhaust is hazardous to human health, especially for children. It’s linked to increased rates of cancer, heart and lung disease and asthma. Children, whose lungs are still developing, breathe more rapidly and inhale more pollutants per pound of body mass than adults.

Vehicle exhaust is the leading source of toxic air pollution in Oregon. Nearly half of toxic air pollutants in Oregon come from vehicles releasing sulfur dioxides, particulate matter, carbon monoxide, and other toxins that contribute to carbon dioxide (CO2) levels.

Idling is also expensive and hard on your engine. Ten seconds of idling uses more fuel than restarting your engine and just one hour of idling burns about one gallon of gas with zero miles per gallon. Finally, an idling engine is not working at peak temperature so fuel doesn’t fully combust, causing damage to engine parts.

What can you do?
Turn it off – if you are going to be stopped for more than 10 seconds (especially around schools and where children live and play)
Reduce warm up idling – modern engines don’t need more than 30 seconds of idling to warm up
Spread the word – talk to family, friends and neighbors about the benefits of reduced idling and encourage them to join you in contributing to a healthier community and in saving money