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The Slants Join Sunday Parkways SE

The SlantsPortland's The Slants are the first and only all-Asian American dance rock band in the world. They offer up catchy dance beats, strong hooks, and a bombastic live show that is "not to be missed" (The Westword). The Willamette Week says "While the band may well be best experienced live, Slants releases always promise a few blistering, note-perfect singles." The music is the perfect combination of 80's driven synth pop with hard-hitting indie, floor-filling beats which fans affectionately dub as "Chinatown Dance Rock."

They've been featured on Conan O'Brien's Team Coco, BBC, NPR, NBC, IFC TV, Huffington Post, MTV, and over 1,500 radio stations, tv shows, magazines, and websites across 82 countries. 22 international tours, including appearances in 46 of 50 U.S states, have led to headlining showcases at major festivals such as SXSW, MusicfestNW, San Diego Comic-Con, and Dragon Con. The band has also provided support for The Decemberists, Mindless Self Indulgence, Girl Talk, Apl.De.Ap (of Black Eyed Peas), Blindpilot and Shonen Knife. In 2011, The Slants worked with the Department of Defense for a series of shows at U.S and NATO bases in Eastern Europe, dubbed "Operation Gratitude." Every one of their last 9 music videos have gone viral, gaining tens of thousands of views within days. Their single, "You Make Me Alive" has nearly 350,000 views.

Two recent music videos feature martial arts choreography by Sammo Hung (The Matrix, Ip Man, & Enter the Dragon) and feature international stars Daniel Wu and Shu Qi. They've won "Album of the Year" and "Editor's Choice" from dozens of magazines, including Willamette Week, LA Weekly, Shojo Beat, Village Voice, City Beat, and Rockwired. Whether rocking music halls, anime conventions, maximum-security prisons, colleges, or army bases, it's clear that The Slants' infectious brand of "so damn good" music will leave you wanting more" (MRU Magazine).

We are excited to appear at Sunday Parkways!

Guest Article written by Simon Tam

The Slants 

Interview with a Photographer (NE Sunday Parkways)

The Ride

For every Sunday Parkways this year we are interviewing our Photographer to grasp their unique experience capturing Sunday Parkways. This month we highlight Izzy. Read the full interview below: 

Baby and MeWhat brings you to Sunday Parkways?

I do photography on the side right! It’s a way to develop my photography skills. I was referred to Neal to inquire about a possibility to be a photographer for Sunday Parkways.  Not only could I develop photography skills, but also bike skills. It’s not something that I did before and it was super fun. In retrospect that are things that I would do different, as I learned a lot of things I can do and shouldn’t do with my camera.

So you are our photographer?! What do you like about taking photos?

For me personally, it’s a really good outlet for creative or art that exists in me. The way I am able to capture a moment or a feeling. It’s an easy way to have a artistic outlet. It’s a way for me to dabble on the art side of things. I do finance for work. I really like telling a story through art.

What made you interested in this bike event?

This was the first time which was why it was pretty challenging. It was a lot of fun and I learned a lot. I usually do banquets and event photography, so folks BIKETOWNare not as mobile. It is different, but fun.

Had you been to Sunday Parkways before you came to this event?

It was my first Sunday Parkways with a camera. It was a great day. It was a lot of fun, and every spot that I made it to was like I was in a different city almost. The parks (are located) so far from what I need or what I do, so I rarely get on that side of town, so it was great to have that side of town blocked off so I could explore it by bike.

What did you think of Sunday Parkways?

I have gone to other Sunday Parkways, but I have never done the full route! I was at a wedding once, and the friend’s wedding was on the route – so we joined Sunday Parkways from the wedding!

HappyHow did you get around during Sunday Parkways?

I followed the route and was on my bike! There was a lot of people that I was unintentionally riding with. We ended up riding and following the route together.

Why do you think Sunday Parkways is important to the City?

Something that I noticed is that it’s a lot of families, it’s a lot of children. While I did see some children/folks playing pokemon go, but overall it was nice to see people outdoor together with their families. Vendors had interactive ways to interact with Sunday Parkways.

It’s a great way to know your city. A lot of the streets that were blocked, I wouldn’t be able to go there on my bike if it wasn’t for Sunday parkways.

What brought you to Portland?

I moved to Portland in 2007. I graduated from college and I quickly outgrew the small town I was living in. I moved to Le Grande, Oregon from Mexico when I was 16. My sister started a restaurant in there and asked me to come up here and help her out. Well, I was from a small town where we didn’t have all the amenities we have here. So it was hard to go back, because I knew there was nothing there for me. My sister’s only sponsor request was that I go to school if I stay. After graduating from high school in Le Grande, a really small town of 15,000 – 12,000 people, I knew I wasn’t going to just work at the small town taco bell there. My goal was to go to Seattle, but I visited Portland, and stayed here. I got a job after 2 weeks, and a place to live and everything worked out great. If people ask me where I am from, I say Portland. Portland is my home.


Bright Spots in NE Portland!

Locations and Descriptions

K Park

Heart of Woodlawn (NE Dekum & Durham)

  • People and families coming together for fun and a stronger community.

St. Andrews Catholic Church (southwest corner of NE Alberta St. & 9th Ave)

  • Welcoming and inclusive for persons of every life situation.

Our 42nd Avenue (northeast corner of NE Alberta Ct. & 42nd Ave)

  • Nurturing business development by the community, for the community.

Living Cully (Khunamokwst Park)

  • Community development that creates economic, ecological and social benefits for Cully residents.

Simpson Street Farm (4800 NE Simpson St)

  • City farm in the heart of Cully growing food for farmers markets and restaurants in NE Portland.

Leaven Community (Alberta Park on NE 19th Ave between Ainsworth St. & Jarrett St.)

  • Home of the NE Portland Tool Library, Kitchen Share and a whole lot more.

To learn more visit the Bureau of Planning and Sustainability page here.

Sunday Parkways puts an end to baby food stains with a new bandana use

We want to share with you how you can turn any bandana into a super cute baby bib!

          As cute as babies are, they sure can be messy. With this ingenuous bandana baby bib design your baby can fling mashed peas across the room in style. It’s time to break out those sewing kits, and embrace your inner baby fashion guru.

Photo taken from

Photo taken from

The first thing you’re going to do is cut your bandana into the correct “baby bib” design. We have a template down below that is absolutely foolproof! Simply, fold your bandana along the template, and cut along the lines. You’ll be left with a piece of cloth that resembles something like a boomerang.

Photo taken from

Photo taken from

            You are going to want two pieces of cloth cut into the same template mentioned above. These are going to be to sewn together. Now, if you want the most fashionable toddler you might want to try to mix up the patterns for each side. Get creative, and have fun with it!

            Once you have your two sides cut out, lay them on top of each other and begin to sew along the edges. Continue to sew until there is only an inch or two left to finish. Stop here, and turn the bib inside out. Now continue to sew the last opening shut to finish the bib. You’re almost done!

            Now all you need to do is attach some fasteners to the ends. You can choose to use fastener snaps, buttonholes, or even Velcro straps. Any method will do just fine as long as it is strong enough to withstand whatever mess your little one throws at it!

Photo taken from

Photo taken from

            And just like that you’ll have yourself your very own bandana baby bib! Armed and ready to fight against any mess and while still looking as cute as ever.

Photo taken from

Photo taken from

            If you tired of all the stained clothes, and are in need of a bandana, Sunday Parkways has you covered! As of right now, participants who volunteer for three separate shifts across the season will receive their very own bandana as a thank you from Sunday Parkways! Additionally, those who donate $40.00, or more to Sunday Parkways will also receive their very own bandana. 

Written by Dylan Smith

Sunday Parkways transforms bandanas into beautiful home décor

We want to share how you can turn any bandana just lying around into beautiful wall art!

            We all have that friend who has that living room setup that looks like it came straight out of some Pinterest blog, and we all can’t help but think; “There’s no way I could make something like this…”. Stop right there, because there is a way. With a little creativity, and a handy-dandy bandana you could have some beautiful home décor without breaking the bank.

Photo taken from

Photo from

            The first thing you’ll need to do is find something sturdy enough to wrap your bandana around. Your local craft store should have all kinds of options, but any kind of a foam board will work best. It’s easy to cut, and shape into any design you’d like! If you’re looking to use something that’s just lying around the house, a shoebox lid would be a great option too. Now, all you have to do is wrap your bandana around your base and glue down the sides with any kind of fabric glue.

 Photo taken from

Photo from

            Let it dry overnight, and all that’s left is to hang up your beautiful creation! Take all your patterns and shapes, and arrange them into a fun and creative display. You’ll be left with some beautiful modern wall art that will make even your friend with the Pinterest home jealous!

 Photo taken from

Photo from

            If you’re in need of a bandana to get started on your new interior design ambitions Sunday Parkways has you covered! As of right now, participants who volunteer for three separate shifts across the season will receive their very own bandana as a thank you from Sunday Parkways! Additionally, those who donate $40.00, or more to Sunday Parkways will also receive a bandana as a thank you. 

Written by Dylan Smith