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Sunday Parkways knows PDX Streets: How can I join Sunday Parkways?

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Sunday Parkways knows PDX Streets: How can I join Sunday Parkways?

Well my friend that is like asking: How many ways can I cook a potato? There are countless ways. This is a traffic free event that brings people out to enjoy their streets and neighborhoods and discover new ones. We open up between 6 – 9 miles of public streets to the public once a month on Sunday from May to September. The routes connect to a series of activity hubs, which are usually parks where you can find food, music, dancing, good conversation, city resources and more.

How to get to Sunday Parkways

Typically people get to Sunday Parkways by walking, riding, and rolling. These travel modes are not only a great way to get out and enjoy the neighborhood and the city, but are also fun ways to interact with your city.

  • Here are some maps to make it easier to WALK to Sunday Parkways. (Ciclistas/Peatones Mapa en Espanol)
  • Need a ticket to RIDE to Sunday Parkways. Check out how you can get there using TriMet. 
  • ROLLING down the sweet Portland streets to get to our event? Here are some bike maps that will guide you to the event with no start and ending point.  
  • If you want more information on how to get around your City every day, check out our Smart Trips maps and links. 
  • Getting around on motorized scooter or wheelchair? That's great! Just like those on bikes, please make sure to keep your motorized vehicle at a safe speed for the surrounding attendees.

For ADA Title II or Civil Rights Title VI accommodations, translation/interpretation services and complaints, or for additional information, call 503-823-5266; TTY 503-823-6868; Oregon Relay Services: 711

How to join the festivities? What all is happening at Sunday Parkways?

In short, a lot. Sunday Parkways provides a full day of play for anyone of any age. Enjoying the day is as easy as 1.2.3.

1) Stop by one of our hubs and pick up the Sunday Parkways brochures which highlight hotbeds of activity along the route, as well as information on live performances and theatrical acts. If you’re plugged in, visit our Facebook and Twitter page for day of the event insight into what’s going on all day.

2) Eat and Buy local! Sunday Parkways offers a chance for all your favorite new spots of old and new to present themselves at one spot. Stop by our marketplaces located at each park.

3) Have fun! Dance, sing, bike, walk, and play….to your heart’s content.  

How to join as a Volunteer

Are you looking for an opportunity to get involved with Sunday Parkways as a volunteer? If so, we have been looking for you. We would love you to help out as an Intersection Superhero, a Mobile Mechanic, Mobile Mechanic, Info Booth Ambassador, Mobile Superhero and in other many other areas. For more information, please visit our Volunteer page

How to join as a Business or NGO

Sunday Parkways welcomes the chance to bring new businesses and organizations to this city event. This event is a great way to connect with new customers, new faces, new areas of the city, as well as build your connection to your present client base. If you are interested in becoming a vendor at any of our events, please visit our Vendor’s page.

How to join as a Performer

Sunday Parkways loves artists and performers! If you want to create art along the route, play your music for Portland, provide a juggling act our event, and let us know! Visit our Performer's page to learn more about how you can make Sunday Parkways even better! 

Sunday Parkways knows PDX Streets: What is this?


Welcome to Sunday Parkways

Sunday Parkways is introducing a new series where we talking about the event from several angles! We want to provide you with information that not only helps you enjoy the event more, but helps you carry a little bit of Sunday Parkways with you everywhere you go. This new series is called: Sunday Parkways knows PDX Streets!! If you would like to contribute a topic or provide feedback, please email us.  

Woo Hoo Sunday Parkways is Back

Mark Your Calendars - The Dates are in!

Lets Ride

I would ask you if you are ready for another round of walking, running, dancing, rolling, and wheeling...but somehow I know the answer. Yes!

This year we kick off the first two Sunday Parkways and it is truly a family affair. Our first Sunday Parkways event of the year begins in East Portland on Mother’s Day (May 10th). In June, we make our way to North Portland in time for Father’s Day (June 21st). We then mix it up by heading Northeast (July 26th) as we our route winds around Woodlawn, Alberta, and Fernhill Park as well as makes a stop at Rigler Elementary School. The journey doesn’t end there! In August we soak up vitamin D as we travel to Southeast Portland (August 23rd) for dancing and activities in Laurelhurst, Colonel Summers, and Ivon Parks. We have even added in a new park to this location: Sewallcrest Park! Last but not least, we end the season with a bang as we celebrate the opening of the new Tilikum Crossing Bridge of the People (September 27th). For more detailed information, please visit our 2015 Dates and Locations page. We look forward to seeing you there!

Questions. Contact the Sunday Parkways team either by email ( or phone (503-823-7599).

Portland Sunday Parkways 2015

Dates for the 2015 Sunday Parkways events will be announced on Wednesday, February 18. Portland Sunday Parkways, presented by Kaiser Permanente, promotes healthy active living through a series of five free events opening the city’s largest public space – its streets – to walk, bike, roll and discover active transportation. Over 108,000 people came out to play last year. Be sure to visit on Wednesday so you can join the fun this year too!

Wonderful Days in Our Neighborhoods

It has been an amazing year for Sunday Parkways. 10,600 people came out to participate in our last event of the season held in Southwest Portland, putting us up and over the count of our previous largest season. In 2012, we had about 107,000 people participate. This year we had 108,900. That is just amazing.

Here are a few other amazing highlights from the season:

• 108,900 people came out to walk, roll, jog, dance, and bicycle along 37 miles of Portland's streets for Sunday Parkways. Our biggest Sunday Parkways season yet!!

• 375 neighborhood associations, schools, community organizations, places of worship, and businesses participated as vendors and volunteer groups

• 49 physical activity and fitness-related organizations and businesses got us moving this year

• 778 individual volunteers volunteered for 1,449 shifts equating to over 5,180 volunteer hours - WAY TO GO!

Southwest highlights – Early on the clouds melted away to reveal blue skies and a warm sun, making it the fifth sunny Sunday Parkways event, and the first consecutive sunny Sunday Parkways season in our history. Additionally, almost 2000 pedestrians took to the walking only path to enjoy a wonderful stroll.

riding Southeast highlights - DJ Prashant drew 100’s onto the Laurelhurst Park’s grassy dance floor for Bollywood dancing. A park away, one of our community partners, Spread Da’Love Foundation, provided a basketball drills course as well as supplied young participants with free school supplies. If that wasn’t enough. At our Universal Cycles Marketplace, the Bike Transportation Alliance held its first Sunday Parkways’ Block Party!

Northeast highlights – The beautiful weather on July 27th brought people from across the city and beyond to the 8-miles of Sunday Parkways route located in Northeast Portland. Over 27,800 people joined us in celebrating a grand summer Sunday, with a large number, about 95% bringing their bikes in tow. With such a high number of bike riding attendees, bike safety was a focus, so we were lucky to have Andando en Bicicletas en Cully, also known as the ABC group, offer bi-lingual bike and safety workshops at Rigler School.

dancingNorth highlights – The love for Sunday Parkways was shown this weekend with approximately 31,150 people celebrating the 25th Sunday Parkways event. The 9.5 mile route loop passed through several parks, all which held their own distinctive attractions such the opportunity to explore the inner workings of the underground sewers through the City’s sewer survey vehicles or got a taste of a firefighter’s life while getting close to an actual fire truck at Arbor Lodge Park. The day also included games by the Oregon Disability Sports, group rides, and tours of the Peninsula Park Gardens.

East highlights – Our first Sunday Parkways event of the year kicked off with lots of sunshine and smiles. 14,000 gathered at East Sunday Parkways for a joyous Mother’s Day and spring afternoon. The day was in full bloom as families and friends swept past Bloomington Park, or stayed to watch the Portland World Cup youth soccer games, visit the vendors, or work on the art of hula-hooping.

Overall it’s been a grand and wonderful year. Sunday Parkways continues to be possible thanks to our supportive sponsors such as Kaiser Permanente, Universal Cycles, Whole Foods, and other businesses, organizations, and individual donors. This is in addition to the support we receive from our large number of vendors, volunteers, entertainers, flaggers, and participants. Thank you all for keeping us rolling and helping us to bring more happiness, health and community to Portland. See you in 2015!!