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Sunday Parkways knows PDX Streets (2016)

How can I join Sunday Parkways?


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Sunday Parkways knows PDX Streets: How can I join Sunday Parkways?

Well my friend that is like asking: How many ways can I cook a potato? There are countless ways. This is a traffic free event that brings people out to enjoy their neighborhoods and discover new ones. We open up between 6 – 9 miles of public streets to the public once a month on Sunday from May to October. The routes connect to a series of Activity hubs/Marketplaces that are usually stationed at parks. At these Marketplaces you can find food, music, dancing, good conversation, city resources and more.

How to get to Sunday Parkways

Typically people get to Sunday Parkways by walking, riding, and rolling. These travel modes are not only a great way to get out and enjoy the neighborhood and the city, but are also green and fun ways to interact with your city.

  • Here are some maps to make it easier to WALK to Sunday Parkways. (Ciclistas/Peatones Mapa en Espanol)
  • Need a ticket to RIDE to Sunday Parkways. Check out how you can get there using TriMet
  • ROLLING down the sweet Portland streets to get to our event? Here are some bike maps that will guide you to the event with no start and ending point.  
  • If you want more information on how to get around your City every day, check out our Smart Trips maps and links. 
  • Getting around on motorized scooter or wheelchair? That's great! Just like those on bikes, please make sure to keep your motorized vehicle at a safe speed for the surrounding attendees.

For ADA Title II or Civil Rights Title VI accommodations, translation/interpretation services and complaints, or for additional information, call 503-823-5266; TTY 503-823-6868; Oregon Relay Services: 711

How to join the festivities? What all is happening at Sunday Parkways?

In short, a lot. Sunday Parkways provides a full day of play for anyone of any age. Enjoying the day is as easy as 1.2.3.

1) Stop by one of our hubs and pick up the Sunday Parkways brochures or flyers which highlight hotbeds of activity along the route, as well as information on live performances and theatrical acts. If you’re plugged in, visit our Facebook and Twitter page for day of the event insight into what’s going on all day.

2) Eat and Buy local! Sunday Parkways offers a chance to see a range of products that Portland has to offer. Stop by our marketplaces located at each park.

3) Most of all - have fun! Ride your bike. Walk the Route. Dance, sing, rock out, and play….to your heart’s content. 

How to join as a Volunteer

Are you looking for an opportunity to get involved with Sunday Parkways as a volunteer? If so, we have been looking for you. We would love you to help out as an Intersection Superhero, a Mobile Mechanic, Mobile Mechanic, Info Booth Ambassador, Mobile Superhero and in other many other areas. For more information, please visit our Volunteer page

How to join as a Business or NGO

Sunday Parkways welcomes the chance to bring businesses and organizations to this city event. This event is a great way to connect with new customers, new faces, new areas of the city, as well as build and expand your connections throughout the city. If you are interested in becoming a vendor at any of our events, please visit our Vendor’s page.

How to join as a Performer

Sunday Parkways loves artists and performers! If you want to create art along the route, play your music for Portland, provide a juggling act our event, and let us know! Visit our Performer's page to learn more about how you can make Sunday Parkways even better! 

It’s Fix-It Fair Season!

Come out & enjoy the first Fix-it Fair of the Year!

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 Portland Bureau of Transportation (PBOT) employees will

provide transportation related resources at upcoming Fix-It Fairs (January and February 2016).

Upcoming Fix-It Fairs
Saturday, Jan. 23, 2016 9:30 a.m. to 3 p.m. Ron Russell Middle School 3955 SE 112th Ave., Portland, OR 97266
Saturday, Feb. 20, 2016 9:30 a.m. to 3 p.m. George Middle School 10000 N Burr Ave., Portland, OR 97203 ¡Clases en español!

A Fix-It Fair is a free event with exhibits and workshops that cover topics including water and energy savings, food and nutrition, recycling, home weatherization, gardening and growing food, yard care and composting, and transportation.
Attendees can also get free lead blood testing, free lunch, free professional childcare, and hourly door prizes. Free minor bike tune-ups and flat-tire repairs are available for students and families.

Fix-It Fairs are presented by the Bureau of Planning and Sustainability with support from the Energy Trust of Oregon, Pacific Power, the Portland Water Bureau, and KUNP Univision.

For more information about Fix-It Fairs, visit

Let's Get Ready to Walk & Roll

Lets Go

Sunday Parkways 2016

A brilliant new year has begun and with it comes a new round of walking and rolling. That’s right, Sunday Parkways returns in 2016 with a mix of the new and the old. We have a fun set of surprises in store along with our new dates, which we will reveal in Mid-February. In the meantime, look towards our Facebook and Twitter pages for biking and walking tips and tricks for making Sunday Parkways every day.Let's Walk

What is Sunday Parkways: Its a series of summer events that draw thousands of Portland area residents and visitors to participate in a day of walking, rolling, and being out and active in communities across the city. This year, Sunday Parkways is happy to present five more fun community connecting events. Are you in? 


A Season in Review

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It’s been a brilliant season filled to the brim with new routes, new parks, new partnerships and great people. Firstly, we would love to send out a GREAT BIG THANK YOU to everyone. We want to thank our sponsors, donors, vendors, volunteers, entertainers, police, flaggers and participants for making this grandest and most well attended Sunday Parkways season ever. We could not have done it without you.

It has been an amazing year for Sunday Parkways. 28,000 people came out to the last Sunday Parkways of the year, more than double the number that attended our last event in 2014! If that wasn’t big enough news, in 2014, approximately 108,900 attended Sunday Parkways. To see how many people came out this year, keep reading:

• 346 neighborhood associations, schools, community organizations, places of worship, and businesses participated as vendors and volunteer groups

• 41 physical activity and fitness-related organizations and businesses got us moving this year

• 814 individual volunteers volunteered for a collective 5,085 volunteer hours - WAY TO GO!

• And drum roll…………………… 119,000 came out to enjoy the open streets in 2015! Meaning 119,000 people came out to walk, roll, jog, dance, and bicycle along 37.5 miles of Portland's streets for Sunday Parkways. This is our biggest Sunday Parkways season yet!!

Here a few more highlights from all five of our events this year:

Woman and DogTilikum highlights – The Tilikum Sunday Parkways event was jam packed with “new factor,” for this event, making a short list of highlights is a bit challenging. There was a lot of excitement over this event, due to the opening of the bridge and the new route. In fact, 28,000 people gathered to ride/walk over Tilikum. According to TriMet’s estimates, almost 15,000 people crossed the bridge during Sunday Parkways, almost three times the amount who crossed the bridge during its opening! This new route went into the Sellwood-Westmoreland Area for the first time at Westmoreland Park whereas we collaborated with the Salmon Celebration to celebrate the return of Salmon back into the city as well as our Native American communities in Portland.

Southeast highlights – Our Southeast Sunday Parkways was almost cancelled when smoke from across Oregon and Washington swept into the Portland Metro area on Saturday. Thankfully, strong winds brought the smoke out, allowing for 21,500 to come out and enjoy Sunday Parkways SE this year. DJ Prashant drew 100’s onto the Laurelhurst Park’s grassy dance floor for Bollywood dancing once again. Additionally, the Sunday Parkways August event successfully incorporated protocol used in Latin American “Open Streets” events to control intersections.

Northeast highlights – The beautiful weather on July 26th brought people from across the city and beyond to the 8-miles of Sunday Parkways route located in Northeast Portland. Over 22,250 people joined us in celebrating a grand summer Sunday, with many bringing their bikes in tow. With such a historically high number of bike riding attendees at this event, bike safety was a focus whereas Andando en Bicicletas en Cully, also known as the ABC group, offered a bi-lingual bike and safety fair at the newly renovated park Khunamokwst Park.  The inclusion of the Khunamokwst Park unto the route, which aptly means “together” in Chinook, we were able to provide neighbors and attendees with a chance to visit this new green space, try out the new play structures or the skating park during this community event.

North highlights – The love for Sunday Parkways North continues with its yet unbroken record as the most attended of the events with this year’s Khunamokst Park attendance of approximately 31,000 people. The 9.5 mile loop provided attendees with the opportunity to bike freely across the Willamette Bluff or to weave in and out of Peninsula, Arbor Lodge, McCoy, and Kenton Parks to play with the circus, dance Zumba, or grab a yummy dish or two. One park away from the newly formed marketplace along the Willamette Bluff was the launch site of our community partners from Latino Network, who led a family bike ride to expose families and youth to this fun local event. The day also included games by the Oregon Disability Sports, group rides, and tours of the Peninsula Park Gardens.

East highlights – Our first Sunday Parkways event of the year kicked off with lots of sunshine and smiles. The event drew 16,250, our largest crowd ever for East Portland whereas families and friends gathered for a joyous Mother’s Day and spring afternoon. The day was in full bloom as families and friends swept into the Bloomington Park where Parks for New Portlanders held their second annual Portland World Cup youth soccer match for all to enjoy, along with visits to vendors, fun with the circus, or the art of hula-hooping. The Bureau of Environmental Services also hosted the Foster Flood Plain marketplace creating a fish schooling affect as attendees walked and rolled away with their “fish hats”.

Overall it’s been a grand and wonderful year. Thank you all for keeping us rolling and helping us to bring more happiness, health and community to Portland. See you in 2016!!

Keep in touch throughout the year to check for updates and news about Sunday Parkways and Active Transportation. Check us out on Twitter and Facebook!

Call out for more Female Leaders at Sunday Parkways saw Results

Sunday Parkways made it a priority this year to reach out to fill as many of its high-level volunteer leadership roles as possible with strong, engaged women from Portland's cycling community.

another photoSunday Parkways which runs in large part with the support of volunteers saw a gap in its number of female Superhero Coordinators. After all, this role, that of Superhero Coordinator, is the secret to Sunday Parkways' success as an event. It entails spending the day at Sunday Parkways teaching, organizing, distributing, supporting, and generally building rapport with volunteers, managing route logistics, and riding 15-20 miles with a partially loaded trailer.

The volunteers who perform this role are, every one of them, some of the most amazing people in the City of Portland– and many amazing women have performed this role over the years. The effort to recruit female leaders for Sunday Parkways is about much more than simply gender-balancing the Sunday Parkways volunteer base. It’s about the core mission of Sunday Parkways to build community and foster connections among the citizens of Portland, half of whom are women. It’s about maintaining the diversity of perspectives that help make any community stronger, more intelligent, more versatile and capable. It’s about fostering female leadership in a male dominated bike culture and the wider culture in which we live. It’s about fostering professional relationships among female leaders.

east volunteersThis year, Sunday Parkways’ volunteer organizers made an impassioned request through many different networks, some directly connected to Sunday Parkways, and some completely separate. The response was encouraging: the number of women volunteering for and expressing interest in the higher-level roles across the event doubled between East Sunday Parkways (May) and North Sunday Parkways (June). The attention paid in specifically engaging female volunteers continued to result in new connections throughout the season, and has put Sunday Parkways in an excellent position to begin 2016 with the strongest female volunteer leadership the event has seen so far. Stay tuned for 2016!

If you are interested in volunteering with Sunday Parkways, please contact Phil here.

Guest Writer Phil Barber

Volunteer Manager