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Local bike organizations bring more joy to Sunday Parkways

Guest Writer Barbara Plummer

Bike Gallery's bike repair tent on Willamette Bluff(July 30, 2015)  We thank our amazing sponsor, Bike Gallery, and other local bike non-profits including Bikes for Humanity and Bike Farm, for helping us bring more joy to more people at Portland Sunday Parkways.

While Portland already boasts one of the highest bike commute rates in the country, many Sunday Parkways participants are new to biking, with some dusting off bicycles that have been stored in garages or basements for years. Without these wonderful organizations, basic mechanical issues such flat tires, rusty chains, and sticky brakes would keep many participants from experiencing the thrill of Sunday Parkways.

Bike Gallery has been a major contributor since the beginning, participating at every single Sunday Parkways since the first one in 2008 – that’s 32 Sunday Parkways so far! They continue to support each event with a booth for free repairs.

Over the years, other shops and community organizations have joined us to provide bike repair services to participants. Bikes for Humanity and Bike Farm are both non-profit groups that help get more participants out enjoying Sunday Parkways by bike who otherwise may not be able to. 

Kids waiting their turn for a bike repairBikes for Humanity PDX provides affordable refurbished bicycles to riders of all economic backgrounds. They also provide training, tools and shop space for volunteers to learn to work on refurbishing donated bikes. Bikes for Humanity volunteers were at Alberta Park on Sunday and were busy all day.

The mission at Bike Farm is to provide a space where people can learn about the bicycle and build community around promoting sustainable transportation. Bike Farm is a do-it-yourself bike shop staffed entirely by volunteers who help guide patrons in learning and doing their own bike repair.

Sunday Parkways is all about opening Portland streets for neighbors to walk, bike, roll and discover active, healthy transportation. Our recent Northeast event on Sunday, July 26 brought over 22,000 participants out to enjoy a fantastic day – even with a few sprinkles near the end of the afternoon. We hope to see you atthe next Sunday Parkways event in Southeast Portland on Sunday, August 23rd.

Enjoying Sunday Parkways NE – Rain or Shine

This past Sunday, July 26, the public was invited to Sunday Parkways in the Northeast Portland for an afternoon of fun. Approximately 22,275 participants hit the streets of the Northeast Neighborhood Greenways to make their ways around the 8 mile route, stopping by Woodlawn, Alberta, Fernhill, and Khunamokwst Parks where a collection of fun activities, music, and delicious food awaited them.

Photos of Sunday ParkwaysAlberta Park started the day off with an emphasis on physical fitness, as the lively beats of Zumba drew dozens of adults and children to the Parks and Recreation stage to shake it. For those not found at the Zumba stage, they were likely trying their hand at disc golf, boot camp, slack lines, and the climbing wall. Across the street, Kaiser Permanante challenged everyone to celebrate and capture their best healthy with their very own KPHealthie photos. You may even find Smokey the Bear photo joining the fun.

A few steps or pedals away at Woodlawn Park, the music and fun continued, as live music floated from the stage filled with the sounds of swing, children’s laughter, and funk. The eclectic mix brought a crowd that gathered around the Woodlawn stage to dance after munching on their yummy Caribbean, American, and Latin fare.

A Park away at Fernhill, atop pairs of stilts, people became giants as Circus Cascadia challenged adults and children alike to reach new heights. Close by, Metro offered the opportunity to help Portlanders and out-of-towners learn more ways to get around by transit or bike.

This event also showed off a new addition to the Cully area as well as Sunday Parkways – with the introduction of the Khunamokwst Park onto the route – a park which recently opened on April 2015. The park (pronounced KAHN-ah-mockst) is a Chinook word meaning “together,” which perfectly illustrated how children played across the park that included a nature play area, a rain garden, interactive water play area, and skate park.

ABC GRoupThe new park also served as a hub for the Bilingual Bike Fair organized by Andando en Bicicletas en Cully (Riding Bikes in Cully), a neighborhood organization. The group gave out 100 bike helmets to Latino families, lead guided rides, while also holding bilingual workshops on helmet safety and bike maintenance. Overall, even the threat of a little rain (and thunder) could not keep Portland away from enjoying the day.

Thankfully, the Sunday Parkways season is not over. Sunday Parkways opens up the city’s largest public space – its streets – again next month on August 23, 2015. This seven-mile route through Southeast Portland will take participants on a scenic trip through Colonel Summers, Laurelhurst, Ivon, and (newly added to the route) Sewallcrest Parks. To stay up-to-date on the music, vendors, and activities that will be at our August event, follow us on Facebook or 

Come Hungry my Friends NE Sunday Parkways!

NE Sunday Parkways Vendor List

Alberta Park Fernhill Park Woodlawn Park Khunamokwst Park
Kathmandu Cafe Via Chicago Pizza Fuego Three Guys Grilling
Scoop Organic Ice Cream Island Daydream Shaved Ice Caribbean Kookpot Two Wahines Shaved Ice
Portland Curry Company Super Dog Soup Cycle Big Winner
Fuego Village Crepery VooDoo Doughnuts Maiale di Volo Wood Fired Pizza
Urban German Fuego Dano's Dogs Fuego
  Fifty Licks Ice Cream Ruby Jewel Ice Cream  
  Carioca Bowls    

The Bilingual Bike Fair Returns to Sunday Parkways NE

Photo 1 Andando en Bicicletas en Cully, also known as ABC group, is hosting its second annual Bike Fair during Sunday Parkways.  

ABC is comprised of Cully Neighbors who are committed to organizing and providing programs to promote active living in Cully. In 2009, the ABC group bloomed from collaboration between Hacienda Community Development Corporation and Community Cycling Center after they launched the Understanding Barriers to Bicycling Project. The group ignited by the project saw an opportunity to promote physical activity, community bonding and address social isolation for residents living in predominantly immigrant communities in Portland. The group continues to receive support by the two nonprofits in which it found inspiration, and now has been going strong for six years.

ABC also partners closely with Verde. Verde is Hacienda CDC’s sustainable development branch that focuses on bringing new environmental investments to Portland’s neighborhoods that are both low income and that offer few green spaces. It’s most recent victory, through a coalition that grew to form the Living Cully company, has been its purchase of the Sugar Shack to be re-developed into a resident designated community place. Andando en Bicicletas en Cully and Verde organize many rides and events together, such as a ride to Khunamokwst Park earlier this year, right before its grand opening.

For more questions about exciting developments in Cully or to hear ABC group’s bike expertise, stop by Khunamokwst park between 11 am - 4 pm~!

~ ~ ~ ~

Feria de Bicicletas bilingüe vuelve a Sunday Parkways NE

Learn more about the ABC Bilingual Bike Fair


ABC group is bringing its accumulated bike knowledge to Sunday Parkways on July 26th in the form of a Bike Fair. The Bilingual Bike Fair can be found at Khunamokwst park between 11 am - 4 pm~! The Fair is sponsored by Central Northeast Neighbors and Voices for Healthy Kids.

ABC los invita a participar en la Feria de Bicicletas de Cully. La Feria será parte de Sunday Parkways este domingo 26 de julio de 11am a 4pm y estarán en el Parque Khunamokwst. La feria es auspiciada por Central Northeast Neighbors y Voices for Healthy Kids.

Durante la feria tendremos las siguientes actividades:

Mecánica Básica: 11am -2pm,  aprenderemos a parchar llantas y a limpiar bicicletas.

Cascos Gratis y paseo: 2pm - 4, guiaremos actividades para aprender a usar el casco correctamente y un grupo pequeño guiara un paseo con niños del vecindario en la ruta.

Foto Voz: Muestra de las fotos del proyecto Foto Voz de ABC donde personas de la comunidad expone la deficiencia en infraestructura para acceder escuelas y parques en el vecindario. 

Activities offered at the Bike Fair include: 

Basic Mechanic (11:00am -2:00 pm): learn how to fix a flat tire and bike cleaning.

Helmet Fitting and ride (2pm - 4pm): We will offer free helmets and provide safety education. A small group will lead a bike ride on the route for neighborhood kids.

Foto Voz: ABC will share pictures from the PhotoVoice project they are working on. The project documents infrastructure needs for improving safe access to parks and Schools in the Cully neighborhood.

The activities will be in both English and Spanish.