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Transportation System Plan (TSP) Update

Revised Project, Program, and Finance Chapter Recommendations

On May 26 Bureau of Transportation staff recommended revisions to our January 30 proposed Major Project and Citywide Programs list, and Finance chapter.  The revised recommendations respond to over 1,300 comments from individuals, organizations, agencies, and Planning & Sustainability Commission (PSC) members.  You can view the staff’s revised recommendations here, the complete updated chapter here, the revised project list here, or the TSP Projects Map here.

PBOT Seeks Additional Members for Transportation Expert Group

The Portland Bureau of Transportation is accepting applications through April 10, 2015 for additional community members to serve on the Transportation System Plan (TSP) Expert Group, convened jointly by the bureaus of Transportation and Planning and Sustainability as a component of the Portland Comprehensive Plan Update. See the Transportation Expert Group page for additional details. 


Recommended List of Major Projects and Citywide Programs Has Arrived!

On January 30th the Bureau posted an updated TSP Recommendation for Major Projects and Citywide Programs list to the city’s Map App and on the TSP website. This list is different then in the past because it is a prioritized based on “constrained” and “unconstrained” projects. The list is based on current revenue forecasts over 20 years and how well the programs/projects aligned with the adopted City goals and policies.


Message from Commissioner Steve Novick

The proposed Transportation System Plan divides Major Projects and Citywide Programs into those on the "constrained" and "unconstrained" list based on eleven criteria, including number of households (current and 2035 projected) that will benefit most from the improvement, number of employees (current and 2035 projected) who will benefit most from the improvement, safety, demonstrated community support, health, equity, economic benefit (including freight access and mobility), climate and cost effectiveness. 

This is the Bureau's draft recommendation, not the end of the process. We fully expect Portlanders to question some of these preliminary choices, and argue that we are underestimating or overestimating the benefits of particular projects. Given that we do not expect the projected revenue to significantly increase as we refine our forecasts, we will not be able to add projects to the "constrained" list without moving others to the "unconstrained" list.  So, we do ask that anyone who wants to see a project moved up to identify other projects (of equivalent cost) to be moved down. 

In addition, in order to inform the Bureau's upcoming recommendation for our five year project, program and revenue priorities, please comment on what you believe to be the top investments and revenue sources the City should pursue in the next five years. 


PBOT Staff Report to PSC – Now Available for Review!

The TSP team worked diligently to get the Major Projects and Citywide Programs Lists and Staff Report for the PSC Hearing on February 24th ready for publication.

The Staff Report gives an overview of policy and goal modifications, public involvement, and the major projects and citywide programs list including the evaluation methodology and process. The staff report has a number of attachments including a Public Involvement Report, a Methodology Report, a Financial Plan Summary, a Policy Changes Table, and the List of Major Projects and Citywide Programs.

The full staff report with attachments is available here:

The Proposed Draft of the Comprehensive Plan is available here!


What is a Transportation System Plan (TSP)?

The City of Portland is updating the Transportation System Plan (TSP), the long-range plan to guide transportation investments in Portland. Portland originally developed its Transportation System Plan in 2002 and it was last updated in 2007. Periodic updates of the TSP are mandated by the State of Oregon. 

The TSP meets state and regional planning requirements and addresses local transportation needs for cost-effective street, transit, freight, bicycle, and pedestrian improvements. The plan will provide transportation options for residents, employees, visitors, and firms doing business in Portland, making it more convenient to walk, bike, take transit -- and drive less -- while meeting their daily needs. The TSP provides a balanced transportation system to support neighborhood livability and economic development. 

Components of the TSP include:

  • Policy: transportation goals, policies, and sub-policies
  • Plans: master street plans and modal plans
  • Financial Plan
  • List of transportation projects, with cost estimates, that are required for the land uses implemented by the Portland Comprehensive Plan
  • Strategies and regulations for implementation

To view the existing TSP document that was last updated in 2007, please visit:


Why do we need a Transportation System Plan?

The purpose of the TSP is to guide the maintenance, development, and implementation of Portland’s transportation system, to accommodate 20 years of growth in population and employment, and to implement the plans and regulations of the regional government and the State of Oregon, including Metro’s Regional Transportation Plan (RTP) and the Oregon Transportation Planning Rule (TPR). 

The TSP is a component of the Portland Comprehensive Plan and is adopted concurrently with the Comprehensive Plan. The Comprehensive Plan includes goals and policies whereas the TSP provides greater detail on the sub-policies and implementation strategies. 

To learn more about the Portland Comprehensive Plan Update, please visit: 


Relationship to other plans



Project Goals and Outcomes

PBOT and BPS are partnering to incorporate the Portland Plan as part of the Comprehensive Plan update and the Transportation System Plan Update (TSP). BPS is updating the Comprehensive Plan, which was first adopted in 1980, and will result in paradigm changes to the TSP. We strive to advance several objectives:

  • Centers and Corridors: Push forward plans that will direct future growth toward centers and corridors, as a strategy to boost the Healthy Connected City piece of the Portland Plan.
  • Equity and Health: Incorporate equity and human health considerations into our land use and transportation plans.
  • Multimodal Approach: Work toward adoption of multimodal level of service standards and related “complete streets” approaches.
  • Financially Realistic: Build our plans with realistic financial projections and expected sources of money.
  • Partnerships: Strengthen land use and transportation partnerships with regional and state agencies, including TriMet, the State, and Metro.
  • Build on Existing Plans: In addition to the Portland Plan, integrate the 2040 Framework Plan Climate Action Plan, Streetcar System Concept Plan, Bicycle Plan for 2030, and the City’s economic development plans into the TSP and Comprehensive Plan.

Revised Project, Program, and Finance Chapter Revisions

Revised Project, Program, and Finance Chapter Recommendations

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