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Have your say now about Portland’s transportation investment priorities

Have your say now about Portland’s transportation investment priorities

As Portland grows over the next 25 years, what kind of transportation investments should we prioritize to make Portland safer, healthier and more economically vital? 

Transportation System Plan (TSP) is the city’s guide for transportation investments and policies that will help us maintain our quality of life and support a strong economy. Starting this week, the Portland Bureau of Transportation is seeking your comments on the TSP’s “recommendation list.”

Some of the projects in the Transportation System Plan could be funded if the City adopts the Our Streets funding package.  You can view the latest Our Streets information at

On January 30th the Bureau posted an updated TSP recommendation major projects and citywide programs list to the city’s map app, where you can comment online:  The updated list is slightly different than the list in the draft Citywide Systems Plan: it reflects projects added from plans adopted since 2007, corrections, completed projects and funded projects.

For a printable list of the recommended projects and programs, click here.

The Transportation Bureau will use public comments in support or opposition to projects as a key factor in evaluating which candidate projects should be proposed for inclusion on the 20 year TSP “financially constrained” list.  The projects on the financially constrained list are those most likely to provide the greatest benefits using eight criteria:

  • Safety: moving toward zero transportation fatalities and serious injuries;
  • Access to neighborhood destinations, such as grocery stores, parks and schools;
  • Healthy transportation choices, such as walking and bicycling;
  • Economic benefits, such as job access and revitalization;
  • Equity: providing benefits to historically underrepresented populations;
  • Climate: reducing global warming pollution by reducing fossil fuel consumption;
  • Cost effectiveness so we can afford to implement more projects;
  • Public support or opposition. 

The Bureau requests that you provide comments by March 13th, 2015, so those comments can be incorporated into project evaluation.  Please provide comments by clicking on the project on the map app, or by emailing After reviewing comments and staff evaluations of the candidate project list, PBOT will develop a smaller “proposed” project list. The smaller list will reflect the fact that we have far less money than we need to implement the investments on the candidate list.  PBOT will post the proposed project list to the TSP update website,, and will present it to the Planning & Sustainability Commission on February 24, 2015.  You are encouraged to comment on the “recommendation project and program list” until the public comment closes on March 13, 2015.

In summary, the key dates for the TSP update are:               

October 20 - Updated candidate project list posted to comprehensive plan map app.
October 20 – January 9  Public comment period for TSP candidate projects.
November 4 - Planning & Sustainability Commission hearing on TSP policies and projects.
January 30- PBOT releases TSP recommended project lists.
January 30 – March 13 Public comment period for TSP recommended projects.
February 24  - Planning & Sustainability Commission hearing on TSP recommended projects.
March 13 - Deadline for written public comments to Planning & Sustainability Commission on comp plan and TSP.
Spring – Fall 2015 Planning & Sustainability Commission recommendation and City Council hearings.               


Why Participating is Important?Building Partnerships is Important

Community members have a right to be involved in decisions that affect them. Participants can influence decision‐making and receive feedback on how their input was used. With your involvement, you help to create better projects and policies as a result of community participation.  With partnerships like yours, PBOT will have a better understanding of the community and its concerns.

How Can You Become Involved?

Visit the Map App to leave your comments on proposed projects. The Map App shows how changes to land use, transportation and infrastructure will help us grow in centers and corridors, create more jobs, address natural hazards and City service gaps, and help make Portland a more livable city. 

The projects on the Transportation section of the Map App represent a partial list of candidate transportation projects and programs being considered in the Transportation System Plan (TSP) update. The map includes projects within the City of Portland included in the 2007 Transportation System Plan and the 2014 Regional Transportation Plan. It does not include programs that cover the entire city, such as citywide Transportation Demand Management (TDM) education and incentive programs.

This map will evolve over the coming months to include candidate projects from plans adopted since the last TSP update and new projects needed to meet goals and objectives. An updated TSP Projects list will be released on October 20th through the Map App.  Please check back soon!

Come To a Meeting!

Attending meetings, presentation, and events allows you to learn more about the TSP update. Visit our Calendar of Events  to learn more about how you can participate.

 TSP Timeline graphic

Want to Leave a Formal Testimony?

  • Add your comments to the online Map App.
    The public comment period for the Proposed Draft is currently open, and feedback provided on the Map App will be included with the public testimony on this phase of the project.
  • Call the Helpline
    We’re here to help! The Comprehensive Plan Helpline is available to answer your questions Monday through Friday, 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. Call us at 503-823-0195 or visit 1900 SW 4th Ave, 7th floor.
  • Attend a Planning and Sustainability Commission hearing
    Provide testimony in person in fall 2014. Check for dates, times and locations.
  • Mail your written comments to
    PSC, 1900 SW 4th Ave, Portland, OR 97201-5380.

*Note: For your comments to be considered formal testimony, you will need to provide your full name and address. Comments received without your full name and mailing address will not be included in the Planning and Sustainability Commission's record, and the City will not be able to notify you of City Council hearing dates. In addition, if your name does not appear in the record for this proceeding, you may be precluded from appealing the Council's final decision. Comments and testimony, including your name and address, are open public records (not confidential).

Contact Us 

For further questions email us directly at “TSP Comment” in the subject line). PBOT staff will review comments and make changes to the plan and projects, as needed for the update or during project development. If you want to provide official/formal written testimony on the TSP and Comp Plan to the Planning and Sustainability Commission, please copy them at PSC@portlandoregon.govand provide your name and address so it can be included in the official record.