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Downtown Traffic Impacts


Last Updated on August 31, 2015


Downtown Construction Projects

The following projects are permitted long term use of the street and sidewalk to facilitate construction on private property.

  • SW 3rd & Taylor: Hotel construction closes sidewalks and parking  and intermittent lane closures on the north side of Taylor and east side of 3rd. Projected project completion Oct 2016. Contact is Mortenson construction 971.202.4107
  • SW 4th & Stark: interior building demolition. Project closes sidewalks on east side of SW 4th between Stark - Washington and south side of SW Stark between 3rd - 4th, as well as the turn lane on SW Stark.
  • SW 6th, Harrison, Broadway, Montgomery: building remodel and addition, sidewalks and parking fenced.  Projected completion date June 2016, project contact is Skanska USA Building at 503-382-0900.
  • SW 9th, Park, Yamhill and Morrison: full block, Park Avenue West project underway. Closes SW 9th between Morrison & Yamhill, all hours, all days.  Also an intermittent closures of SW Park between Yamhill & Morrison, M-F, 7am-4pm for concrete pours, equipment staging and deliveries.  Intermittent lane closures on SW Morrison for utility connections. Projected project completion January 2016.
  • SW 12th, 11th, Clay-Market: new 8 story building. Sidewalk, lane parking, closures.
  • SW 14th, 15th, Yamhill and Taylor St: Interior remodel.  Project closes sidewalks and park on the East side of 15th between Taylor-Yamhill and south side of Yamhill 14th-15th.  Projected project completion July 2016.  contact Eric Newby 503.459.4477.
  • NW 2nd & 3rd Ave, Burnside-Couch St: Sidewalk and parking closures, intermittent lane closures, Fence for Rebuild. All Hours
  • NW 14th & 15th, north of Irving: 1/2 block project for Pearl West Office Building. Closes sidewalk and parking on east and west sides of the block, includes intermittent lane closures on NW 15th.  Project contact is Dan Zylkowski with Howard S Wright, 503-220-0895. Projected completion date is March 2016.   
  • NW Davis, 1st, Couch, Naito: Demo of existing parking lot and new construction on 3/4 of the block.  Sidewalks closed around site perimeter.  Contact is Tom Hammons at Andersen Construction, 503-283-6712.
  • NW Everett, NW 11th, NW 12th: Closes sidewalks, All Hours. Intermittent lane closures on NW Everett.
  • NW Naito, 9th-15th: East side lane and sidewalk closures during building.
  • NW Northrup, 10th, Overton, 11th: full block project.  Sidewalk and parking closures on all four sides.  Projected comnpletion is June 2016.  Contact is Bret McGuire at 503-347-6378.
  • NW Overton, 11th, & 12th: 1/2 block project.  Closes sidewalks and parking, uses intermittent lane and street closures on west side of 11th, north side of Overton and east side of 12th.  Project contact is Bob Brockamp at 503-283-6712. Project completion date is October 2015.
  • NW Overton, 12th, Pettygrove, 13th: full block project.  Sidewalk and parking closures all around, intermittent street and lane closures on NW 12th and NW Pettygrove. Project completion date is June 2015. Contact is Brian Anthony at 503-283-6712. 
  • NW Pettygrove, Overton, 12th, 13th: occasional street closure during shoring on NW Pettygrove, 6am-6pm
  • NW 13th, 14th Quimby, Pettygrove: Closes traffic lanes, bike lanes and sidewalks during construction at 1420 NW 14th
  • SW Jefferson, 11th, & 12th: Demo of existing building and new construction of 15-story apartment building.  Sidewalk and parking on three sides, lane closures on Jefferson and 12th.  Project completion date is Januray 2016. 
  • SW Moody, Abernethy, Bond: May 18 start. Project completion 2016. All Hours. Lanes and sidewalks. Fenced job site.
  • SW Stark, 5th-6th: South side sidewalk closures during demo and TI. Fenced job site.
  • SW Washington, 4-5 and SW 4th, Alder-Washington: 2016 completetion, All Hours, Remodel of building.


Utility Work, Crane Lifts, & Other Use Resulting in Lane or Street Closures

The following streets are expected to have impacts from private construction, utility work, crane lifts: .

  • NW 5th, Glisan, Flanders: Sept 2-Oct 2, 9pm-5am,lane closures for utility work.
  • SW 1st, Morrison: September 7-30, (not valid 9/13 &20) 9am-4pm.  Lane closures to facilitate utility work..
  • SW 4th, Stark-Washington: August 28 & Sept 2, 7am-3pm, right lane closed for crane lift
  • SW 11th, Alder-Morrison: Sept 8, 6am-3pm, East side lane closure during crane lift..
  • SW Alder, 6th-Broadway: Sept 2-4, right lane closed during utility work
  • NW Flanders, 12th-13th: Sept 1-Nov 15, All hours south side sidewalk closure.
  • SW Broadway, Morrison-Yamhill: September 17-21, left lane closed during event production
  • SW Jefferson, Broadway, & Columbia: Aug 12-Sep 10, lane closures during underground well removal
  • SW Morrison, 5-6th: Sept 7-30, 9pm-6am, lane closures to facilitate utility work.
  • SW Morrison and SW 11th: Beginning Aug 31, emergency street and lane closures to remedy sewer backup
  • SW Morrison, 11th-12th: Sept 9-10, 7pm-5am, lane closures during soil sampling
  • SW Morrison, Naito-11th: Sept 7-30, 9am-4pm, or 9pm-5am, Lane closures to facilitate sewer repair.
  • SW Yamhill, Naito-13th: August 31-Sept 13th,9am-4pm, lane and street closures adjacent to light rail tracks for sewer scoping and cleaning.


Multnomah County Bridges - Use link for bridge closures & updates


Portland5's Centers for the Arts

Arlene Schnitzer Concert Hall & Keller Auditorium School Buses for Performances

  • Schnitzer: Nothing scheduled 
  • Keller: Nothing scheduled 

SW Main Street (gates), SW Broadway to Park: closures for performances & events

  • Monday, 8/31/15: Gate closed from 9am to 4:30pm
  • Wednesday, 9/2/15: Gate closed from 8am to 8pm
  • Thursday, 9/3/15: Gate closed from 1pm to 10pm

One-Time and/or Ongoing Community and Special Events

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Click here for Citywide fairs and events

Click here for Special Events such as runs, parades & other moving events 

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The above information from the Portland Bureau of Transportation on expected traffic conditions was prepared based on known construction traffic control plans at the time of writing. The information is subject to change as new information becomes available.