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Portland Bureau of Transportation

We keep Portland moving

Phone: 503-823-5185

Fax: 503-823-7576

1120 SW Fifth Ave, Suite 800, Portland, OR 97204

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P-150 through P-199 Manholes


Number Description Effective Date
P-150 Precast Concrete Manhole 05-12-12
P-151 Manhole Cast-in-Place Base & Precast Base Slab 01-01-09
P-152 Top Slabs for Precast Concrete Manholes 01-01-09
P-160 Precast Sump 06-16-10
P-161 Sedimentation Manhole with Hood (Rev 6/30/08) 01-01-09
P-162 Sedimentation Manhole with Baffle 01-01-09
P-164 Sampling Manhole 01-01-09
P-165 Sump System Remediation Plan 06-16-10
P-168 Step for Precast Manhole 01-01-09
P-171 Manhole Frame - 6-inch Depth 01-01-09
P-172 Manhole Frame - 10-inch Depth 01-01-09
P-173 36 Inch Manhole Frame 01-01-09
P-174 Manhole Riser Ring 01-01-09
P-175 36 Inch Manhole Riser Ring 01-010-9
P-176 Manhole Cover 01-01-09
P-177 36 Inch Manhole Cover 01-01-09
P-178 36 Inch Manhole Double Cover 01-01-09
P-179 Tamperproof Manhole Frame & Cover - 6" Depth 01-01-09
P-180 Tamperproof Manhole Frame & Cover - 10" Depth 01-01-09
P-181 Watertight Manhole Frame & Cover - 6" Depth 01-01-09
P-182 Watertight Manhole Frame & Cover - 10" Depth 01-01-09


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