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Results of telephone survey

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Maintenance, safety top Portlanders transportation priorities, survey says

A new survey shows Portland residents strongly support investing in transportation to enhance maintenance, public transit and pedestrian and bicycle safety.

Some of the key findings from the survey, which was conducted by DHM Research, include:

  • Portlanders are most concerned about basic maintenance and safety.  This is consistent with previous surveys and reports. General repairs, like potholes and repaving, showed up in the four “most  important areas to invest in now.”
  • Of the top six “most  important areas to invest in now,” safety needs accounted for four. Those surveyed said safe pedestrian street crossings, safety around schools, safety at intersections and transit stops, and the addition of sidewalks were top choices.
  • The survey reaffirmed the city's commitment to public transit and pointed out a need for increased bicycle safety. After road maintenance, improving MAX/TriMet and better/safer bicycle lanes were the two biggest needs, according to respondents. Nearly two-thirds of those surveyed said they were supportive of “safer bike routes to separate people riding bicycles from car and freight traffic.” In response to the question at the end of the survey asking Portlanders to identify ‘biggest transportation needs,’ five of the top 14 response categories were related to public transit service.
  • Seven in ten respondents said they were somewhat or much more likely  to support a funding package creating better access for freight to industrial areas that could support jobs and economic development.

DHM Research conducted the survey of 800 Portlanders from from Jan. 16 to 21. The goal was to assess their perceptions of the city’s transportation needs.  The survey, combined with extensive public outreach, will help the city develop a response to longstanding transportation maintenance and safety needs.

More details on the telephone survey results:

Take the survey yourself!

Members of the public are able to take the survey online by following a link from the project web page: Everybody's voice is important, so the survey is offered in six languages.

safe trips to school 
TOP: A public works supervisor sets out some guidelines for future road maintenance work. BOTTOM: Gabe Graff, the program manager for the bureau's Safe Routes to School program talks with students at Prescott Elementary.