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City of Portland 

Disabled Parking Task Force



Approved February 26, 2008

Revised May 25, 2010


The City ofPortlandis convening a disabled parking task force (DPTF) to develop recommendations for City Council on how we exercise local authority provided under Oregon Senate Bill 716 (SB716). The Senate Bill creates a new wheelchair access permit and provides an opportunity for changes in disabled parking at metered spaces. The 12 members of the DPTF have been selected for their extensive knowledge of stakeholder issues, experience, broad representation of community interests, and access to both formal and informal stakeholder communications networks. Task force members will work as a group with staff of the City’s Bureau of Transportation to explore the issues and make recommendations to City Council on how the local authority of SB716 is exercised. The task force will make every effort to ensure compliance of its recommendations with Federal and State ADA requirements.

Group Role and Responsibilities:

• Members will serve as advisors to City Council and Transportation staff. 

• Members will be encouraged to interact directly with the community and their stakeholder constituencies, provide information, and bring questions and concerns back to the Task Force and City staff for discussion and/or action.

• The Task Force will develop a slate of recommendations to be presented to City Council for consideration.

• Members will be invited to attend and participate with City staff at the presentation of recommendations to City Council.

Basic Operating Procedures: 

• The Task Force will meet as needed, beginning January 5, 2010, to accomplish agreed-upon goals and objectives. Meeting time is 11:30 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. unless otherwise noted.

• The Task Force will operate by consensus with no elected chair or other officers. The Task Force will review and agree on the consensus process. 

• Members are expected to attend scheduled meetings. If a member is absent for two consecutive meetings without notification, or for three consecutive meetings with notification, that member will be no longer invited.

• The Task Force may form subcommittees to work on specific tasks or conduct specific research in addition to scheduled meetings of the group as a whole.

• All Task Force deliberations and activities will be summarized on the City’s project web page,; search for: disabled parking.

• All meetings will be announced to the public in advance and open to public attendance with participation during a defined public comment period specified on the agenda.

• A Task Force member is free to speak on his or her own individual behalf to the media or officials. Members may not represent the entire group without prior agreement of the group.

• The Task Force will dissolve at the end of the project or earlier if the

City and members mutually decide its work is complete.