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Capital Bike Share, DC metro                Nice Ride, Minneapolis, MN 

People bike more after joining bike share, even if they own a bike.  

Bike sharing makes getting around more convenient for everyone. Two thirds of Minneapolis bike share members reported biking more after joining even though 77% owned a personal bike.

Big systems work, small systems don’t.   

There are hundreds of places in Portland that people want to go to. The more stations you have, the more likely it is that a bike sharing station is near your destination. Too few stations and the system isn’t a practical choice.  DC’s first system had only 10 stations and very little use. DC metro's new system has 140 stations and had 1 million trips in its first year.

Bike sharing works best in dense places 

Bike share is designed for short trips under three miles and 30 minutes. Cities get the most bang for the buck by locating stations at popular origins and destinations, such as workplaces, schools, and shopping districts. As the system grows, additional areas can be added.

Bike share stations need to be close together. 

Whether you’re parking your car or bike or getting off transit, you want to be close to your final destination.  If your bike share station is full, nearby stations provide a convenient back-up option to return a bike. 

Theft and vandalism aren't major concerns.  

Before bike sharing came to the North America, a lot of people worried that the bikes would end up vandalized, stolen or at the bottom of the river. That hasn’t happened.

Today’s bike sharing systems are built to withstand urban conditions – including people with ill intentions. Users must use a credit or debit cards to check out a bike, which creates user accountability. Minneapolis had one bike stolen in 2011. DC/Arlington’s Capital Bike Share theft rate is less than 1%.

US Bike Share Cities



Roll out 



Albany, NY unknown planning    
Alexandria 80 2012 Public Bike System Alta Bicycle Share
Anaheim 18 2013 BikeNation BikeNation
Ann Arbor, MI 125 2014 (not open) Bcycle Clean Energy Coalition
Arlington  650 2011  Public Bike System Alta Bicycle Share 
Aspen 120 June 2013 Public Bike System We-Cycle
Atlanta 500 2015    Cycle Hop
Austin  110 2013 (open)  Bcycle  Bike Share of Austin
Baltimore  250 2014-15? (not open)    
Bethesda, MD 12 stations 2014 Public Bike System Alta Bicycle Share
Boise, ID   2014? (not open)    
Boston  1150 2011  Public Bike System Alta Bicycle Share 
Boulder  200 2011 Bcycle  Boulder Bike Sharing 
Bridgeport, CN        
Brookline, MA 30 2012 Public Bike System Alta Bicycle Sharing
Broward County, FL  275 2011 Bcycle   Bcycle
Buffalo 25 2013 Social Bicycles  
Cambridge, MA 330 2012 Public Bike System Alta Bicycle Share
Chattanooga  300 2012  Public Bike System  Alta Bicycle Share 
Charlotte 200 2012 Bcycle  Central City Partners
Chicago  3000 June 2013  Public Bike System Alta Bike Share
Cincinatti 300 Summer 2014 (not open)    
Cleveland unknown Planning    
College Park, MD 80 2013 Public Bike System  Alta Bicycle Share
Columbus, OH 300 July 2013 Public Bike System Alta Bicycle Share
Dayton, OH   Feasibility study    
Denver  825 2010 Bcycle  Denver Bike Sharing 
Des Moines  30 2010 Bcycle  Des Moines Bicycle Collective 
Detroit   Feasibility study    
El Paso 200 September 2013 Bcycle  
Ft. Worth 340 Earth Day, 2013 Bcycle  Fort Worth Bike Sharing
Fullerton, CA  150 unknown Bike Nation  Bike Nation
Greenville, SC 28 2013 Bcycle  
Hoboken, NJ 25 2013 (6 month pilot ended) Social Bicycle  
Houston  200 2012  Bcycle   
Indianapolis 300 2014 Bcycle  
Kailua (Oahu, Hawaii)  12 2011 Bcycle  Hawaii Bcycle 
Kansas City  200 2012  Bcycle BikeShareKC
Lansing, MI 20 summer 2014 (not open) A2B Bikes Capital Community Bike Share 
Louisville  10 2011 Bcycle   
Long Beach, CA  unknown unknown unknown unknown
Long Beach, NY  200 2015 (2012 - 13 project ended) Social Bicycles (previous was Deco Bike) unknown
Los Angeles    planning    
Madison  350 2011 Bcycle  Bcycle 
Miami 700 2014 (not open) DecoBikes DecoBikes
Miami Beach  875 2011 DecoBikes & Sandvault  DecoBikes 
Milwaukee, WI 60 2014 summer (not open)  Bcycle Midwest Bike Share
Minneapolis/St. Paul 1550 2010 Public Bike System  Nice Ride Minnesota
Monterey, CA unknown planning    
Nashville 190 2012 Bcycle Nashville Downtown Partnership
New Orleans unknown planning    
New York City  4,700 2013  Public Bike System  Alta Bicycle Share 
Norfolk, VA unknown planning    
Oklahoma City 95 2012  Sandvault Downtown OKC 
Omaha  50 2011 Bcycle   
Orlando, FL unknown planning    
Philadelphia 600 2015  Bcycle  Bicycle Transit Systems
Phoenix 450 2014 (not open)  Social Bicycles & Sandvault  Cycle Hop
Pittsburgh  500 2015   Pittsburgh Bike Share Program
Providence, RI 200 2014 (not open) Social Bicycles Alta Bicycle Share
Portland, ME unknown planning    
Portland  750 2015 Public Bike System  Alta Bicycle Share
Richmond, VA unknown planning    
Rockville, MD 130 2014 Public Bike System  Alta Bicycle Share
San Antonio  55 stations 2011 Bcycle  San Antonio Bike Share
San Diego 1800 2014 Deco Bikes Deco Bikes
San Francisco  500 2013  Public Bike System   Alta Bicycle Share
Sacramento  12 2011 pilot (closed)  Midtown Bike Share  Sac. Midtown Bus Association…
Salt Lake City 120 2013 Bcycle Salt Lake City Green Bike
Santa Clara County (San Jose, Mountain View, Palo Alto and Redwood City), CA 400 2013  Public Bike System   Alta Bicycle Share
Santa Monica  300 2016 Not selected   
Savannah, GA 16 2014 (operating)  Bcycle  
Seattle 500 September 2014 8-D Technologies Alta Bicycle Share
Silver Spring, MD 6 stations 2014 Public Bike System Alta Bicycle Share
Somerville, MA 120 2012 Public Bike System Alta Bicycle Share

Spartanburg, SC

14 2011 Bcycle  

Tampa Bay, FL

300 August 2014 Social Bicycles Cyclehop

Takoma Park, MD

4 stations 2014 Public Bike System Alta Bicycle Share


50 2007 Sandvault St Francis Health Systems

Washington, DC (region)

1890 (320 stations) 2008/2010 Public Bike System Alta Bicycle Share


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