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Transportation User Fee Rate Details

Here is an overview of how the proposed Transportation User Fee rates would work, under the proposal the City Council considered in June. As the City Council and Transportation Bureau seek more public input, the way the fee is structured could change through fall 2014.

Rates based on national estimates for transportation demand

  • Rates are based on nationally accepted standard estimates for trips generated. A trip refers to a one-way travel occurrence generated by a household or other non-residential entity. For example, traveling to and from school would be two trips for a household, receiving a package delivery would be a trip for that household, and home recycling pickup would be a trip generated by that household.
  • Who receives a business/ non-residential property bill? The entity billed depends on the location of the property’s water meter and who receives the associated bill (the utility customer). For example, if you own a business in a high-rise office building with one water meter, and the property owner is the utility customer, it is the property owner’s responsibility to pass on any relevant charges to the tenants. 

Credit for Portland homeowners with small businesses

  • A credit would be provided for Single-Owner Businesses with fewer than 10 employees that are owned by a Portland resident. This means a business owned entirely by an individual or owned jointly by spouses/domestic partners who live in the City of Portland. Once approved, owners of such businesses will receive a monthly credit on their billing in the amount of the Single Family Residential Use fee or the calculated residential fee, whichever is lower. 


How to calculate your monthly fee

  • The online calculator provides an estimate of Transportation User Fee for City of Portland businesses.     

For a single-family property (detached or row house), your monthly fee is:

Single Family Residential $6.00 $9.00 $12.00
Low Income Discount $4.20 $6.30 $8.4

For a multi-family property, the fee is billed to whoever pays the water bill—in most cases, the landlord—your monthly fee is (per dwelling unit):

   YEAR 1  YEAR 2  YEAR 3
Multi-Family Residential $3.52 $5.29 $7.05
Low Income Discount $2.47 $3.70 $4.93

For qualifying low income multi-family households, you receive a discount on your monthly fee (per dwelling unit):

Building square footage (developed usable space) Size of your lot in square feet or acres
Gas station Number of fuel pumps or fueling stations
All other non-residential uses Building square footage (developed usable space)
For all other property types, you will need to supply two pieces of information. First you will need to select your Property Use.  Depending on the use, you will need to supply one more piece of information.

Mixed-use building description

Where there are multiple businesses/offices in a property where there is either a predominant use or no predominant use, then the property would be classified as follows: 

  • Mixed-use buildings would be charged a rate that corresponds with the predominant category of use in that property based on developed square footage. For example, in an office building with a cafeteria, the rate charged is for the office use.
  • Mixed-use buildings would be charged a rate that corresponds to mixed-use, where there is no predominant use based on developed square footage.  For example, a convenience store, hair salon, apparel store and some office space in one building where the developed square footage is such that no predominant use can be determined, the rate charged is for mixed-use.