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Portland Bureau of Transportation

Phone: 503-823-5185

Fax: 503-823-7576

1120 SW Fifth Ave, Suite 800, Portland, OR 97204

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Portland Progress Highlights

Preserve and Operate

Vision Zero

Preserve + Operate

 Preserve and Operate - Preserve Investments

P2.2 - Modernize at least 10 antiquated signals a year

Of the ten traffic signals modernized by PBOT in the past year, the intersection at NE 24th and Broadway stood out to Manager of Signals and Street Lighting, Peter Koonce, as one of the most in need of replacement.  The intersection was surrounded by crumbling curbs and sidewalks and had a traffic signal that Peter Koonce could only describe as “so old!”

Some creative design work transformed the intersection into a much safer, more functional and efficient crossing. The creative approach to the design also saved enough money to pay for new curbs and some sidewalk repair. Peter cites the unique, single-pole design as the solution that made the project more cost-effective and that delivered a more pleasant intersection for all mode users in the neighborhood.

Before - July 2011:

NE 24th and Broadway - July 2011

During - Signal and intersection construction in 2014:

 NE 24th and Broadway - construction 2014 Mast arms

Construction Complete - 2015:

NE 24th and Broadway - 2015

Vision Zero

Vision Zero – Providing Streets for Everyone

V1.2 - Greenway Maintenance

In the last year, PBOT has performed over 24 lane miles of preventative maintenance on over 70 neighborhood greenways throughout Portland – that’s almost a quarter of all preventative maintenance done across the city!

“The neighborhood greenway preventative maintenance work not only demonstrates PBOT’s commitment to maintaining city streets, it also creates a better place for biking around the city,” says Scott Cohen, Transportation Demand Management Specialist at PBOT, “Feedback from the community has been very positive.”

Neighborhood Greenways are streets with low traffic volume and speed where bicycles, pedestrians and neighbors are given priority. PBOT has nearly 80 miles of Neighborhood Greenways in all parts of the city. PBOT continues to prioritize Neighborhood Greenways. A key component of PBOT’s Vision Zero goals includes building or upgrading five neighborhood greenways and expanding the bicycle system so 80 percent of Portlanders live within one-half mile of a low-stress bicycle way.

Neighborhood Greenway in Portland

Neighborhood Greenways support the city’s stated goal of bringing automobile use down to 30 percent of all trips made by Portlanders. This goal is clearly stated in the Portland Plan, the Climate Action Plan and the Portland Bicycle Plan for 2030, as well as in the current draft of the Comprehensive Plan. Because they are safe and comfortable, neighborhood greenways encourage people of all ages and abilities to ride bicycles more than standard bike lanes do. As such, neighborhood greenways provide critical connections to schools, parks, business districts and all places where people want to go.

Learn more about Portland’s Neighborhood Greenways.