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Portland Bureau of Transportation

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Policy and Procedures


Portland Transportation administers the carpool parking permit program in order to improve access to the Central City and reduce the number of single-occupant vehicles throughout the metropolitan area. Permits are sold monthly for a reduced price.

Eligibility Requirements

Carpoolers must live outside Trimet Zone 1.
Carpoolers must work or go to school within the district that they are carpooling to.

  1. All members of the carpool must commute together and place of employment must be in to the Downtown Meter District, the Lloyd Meter District or the South Waterfront Meter District, at least four days each week, both ways. The commute route must make common sense, and the carpool members must share at least 50% of the commute route together.
  2. Carpool members must be 14 years and older. All carpoolers must be Licensed Drivers (not required for students under 18)
  3. Carpoolers may drop off members within the boundary before parking, but all carpool members must work or go to school in the area within the boundary.
Permits for Carpool Parking Spaces
  1. Permits are available for on-street parking in three separate districts. Each district has its own permit.
  2. Permits are available for a number of Smart Park Garages. Each facility may have it's own permit.
  3. A permit issued for one facility or on-street district is good only for that facility or district, not in any other.
  4. Check a map of on-street parking districts and availability of permits for each facility. Map is subject to change without notice,  which may not be reflected.
  5. Parking is on a first-come first served basis. No spaces are reserved for individual carpools. The City reserves the right to not renew permits, with 30 days written notice, if the number of carpool spaces allowed in a SmartPark facility is reduced for any reason.

Application and Renewal Process

  1. New members must complete and sign the new member application. It is the responsibility of the contact person to review the policy and procedures with new carpool members. Payment is due on the 20th of the month previous to when you wish to start.
  2. Renewal forms will be mailed with monthly permits. Renewals and checks must be received by the 20th of each month to avoid $20 late fee. Renewals received after the 5th of the participation month when there is a wait list at the participating facility, will be placed on the wait list and payment returned.  Permits are issued by  MAIL ONLY, no exceptions.
  3. The renewal form must be completed in full monthly, including any changes in members. Information regarding carpool members' names, addresses, phone numbers, work locations, and work hours must be kept current and updated.
  4. Permits are valid only for the month they are issued. There is no grace period for using a previous month's permit or prorating of monthly fees.
  5. Carpoolers providing inaccurate or incomplete information will not be issued a permit.
  6. Carpoolers must renew permits monthly, even during vacation periods, in order to remain in the program.
  7. For garage users, payments must be received before the 1st of each month or the access card will be canceled.
  8. Only a cashier's check or money order is accepted after more than one incident of a returned, non sufficient fund (NSF) check. There is a $25 returned check charge. Each carpool participant is financially responsible for keeping the payments up to day.



  1. Portland Transportation will verify information on carpool parking permit applications. Inaccurate applications will be denied and all carpoolers listed on the inaccurate application will be ineligible for participation in all carpool parking programs for a minimum of one year.
  2. Employment verification is required prior to any issuance of permits. If employment cannot be verified over the telephone by your firm's local human resources department, applicants must provide written employment verification and specific work hours on company letterhead issued from the respective personnel office.
  3. Carpool participants attending school (college, high school, or special trade schools) must attach enrollment verification and school hours from their school.


  1. Portland Transportation will randomly monitor a percentage of all carpool programs each month to determine authenticity.  
  2. An instance of not supplying accurate, completed or up-to-date information can result in the carpool members being ineligible for any carpool parking program administered by Portland Transportation for a minimum of one year.
  3. Carpool parking permits are not transferable.

Lost Permit or Access Card

  1. Portland Transportation is not responsible for lost or stolen permits, gives no refunds, does not prorate, reserves the right to refuse to reissue a permit in the case of misuse, and will impose an appropriate replacement fee.
  2. Carpools in garage facilities must pull a ticket to enter the facility and pay the posted charge if their access card is lost or misplaced. This charge is not refundable. Lost cards should be reported to Portland Transportation, Carpool at 503-227-7665, as soon as possible. A new card will be issued after a $10 replacement fee is paid to City of Portland.

Parking Tickets

  1. Vehicles parked incorrectly in the on-street program, or without a properly displayed current month's permit will be ticketed. There is no grace period for monthly permits.
  2. Permits must be visible to the Parking Enforcement Deputy. Vehicles without a visible carpool permit hung from the rear view mirror with the side showing the month valid turned outward will be ticketed.