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Portland Water Bureau

From forest to faucet, we deliver the best drinking water in the world.


1120 SW Fifth Ave, Suite 600, Portland, OR 97204

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Customer Appreciation

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Verse 1

Come on and take a journey with me

To a place some may never see

With all its majesty, sitting in shadow of mountain

We are lucky to have such a grand source of purity

So let’s raise our glasses to the Bull Run River

We’ll take a sip and tip our hats pleasure

Verse 2

Unsung heroes walk among us

Working to make our city sure

That with each passing day, they take whatever may come their way

To guarantee our water is pure

So lets raise our glasses to Portland’s Water Bureau

We’ll take a sip and tip our hats to say


Oh how we have such a wonderful life

It’s a natural feeling of being all right

From the forest into our faucets is a clear delight

A product of the Pacific Northwest magic of never being dry

Verse 3

The dedicated men who came before us

Real men of genius that’s for sure

With amazing foresight they built the system we have today

That’s proven to stand the test of time

So let’s raise our glasses to the founding fathers

We’ll take a sip and tip our hats to you

Verse 4

Most citizens don’t even know

Of the miles of pipe beneath their feet

Or of the work it takes to repair a main that breaks

Just to ensure a constant flow

So let’s raise our glasses to the maintenance crews

We’ll take a sip and tip our hats to say

Chorus 2

Oh how we have such a grand supply

It’s the one and only resource on which we all rely

Clean cold cheap and constant you know we can’t deny

A product of Pacific Northwest magic that will never run dry

Citizen Involvement

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Portland Woman Runs to Bring Clean Water to Developing Countries

Elana Mater is running for running water. She returns from her morning run cold and sweaty and jumps into a wonderful warm Bull Run water shower.  Dreading the chill of stepping from her heated sanctuary, she forgets that just a five-minute shower uses more water than many residents in a developing country use in a whole day.

It is all too easy to take for granted the tasty, safe, affordable and reliable drinking water access the Portland Water Bureau provides for one fourth of the population of Oregon.  Yet an estimated 2.6 billion people worldwide do not have access to adequate sanitation and approximately 1 in 8 do not have access to safe drinking water, leading to nearly 6,000 water-related deaths per day, most of them children.


Elana is putting her hobby of running to some use. On October 2, she will run the 42-mile gain rim-to-rim-to-rim trail at the Grand Canyon as a fundraiser for Water for People (WFP), the non-profit of choice for the AWWA (American Water Works Association), the professional association for the Water Utility Industry in the United States.  The trail is considered one of the classic ultra-runs and will take her up 11,000 and down 11,000 feet of elevation change. 

Water For People is a non-profit that works in developing countries to help communities design, implement and maintain affordable and sustainable water delivery systems and sanitation facilities.  They provide the expertise and resources to develop an autonomous water infrastructure.  And this autonomy is what distinguishes Water For People from other organizations.  The longevity of their projects far exceeds most water charities, with 90% of their projects still successful after 10 years.  This is important because all too often, philanthropic organizations start a water project with the best intentions, but only focus on the immediate infrastructure/costs while forgetting the expertise/costs/materials required for maintenance.
Check out Elana's link here:


By Carla Ralston
Water Bureau Business Operations Group 

Water Quality

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Testing the Water

Portland water inspector Sarah Stinson is careful not to touch the lip of the jar holding the water that goes back to the lab that checks whether Portland water is safe to drink. This sampling station near Mount Tabor is tested every day. The city collects about 320 water samples a month.


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Aquifer Adventure a Hit


Pirates of all ages joined the Portland Water Bureau and the Columbia Slough Watershed Council last Saturday for a family festival all about groundwater. Despite the rain, 350 participants and 34 volunteers, enjoyed games, live music and a scavenger hunt!