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Portland Water Bureau

From forest to faucet, we deliver the best drinking water in the world.


1120 SW Fifth Ave, Suite 600, Portland, OR 97204

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How Much Water Does Your Household Use?

Interested in improving your water eco-footprint? Or perhaps in shrinking your sewer and water bill? Doing a water audit in your home is the first place to start.

Performing a Home Water Use Audit will help you understand where you can start saving the most water.  This process is simple and takees about an hour to complete. It will help you locate leaks, prioritize fixing them, and help you start saving money and water.


The Portland Water Bureau offers FREE Home Water Audit Kits to its customers. This kit includes a bag to measure shower and faucet flow rate, leak rate and toilet volume, as well as directions for use.

To request a Home Water Audit Kit or other free water conservation devices please fill out our web request form.


If you've got kids, let them help with the audit. It's a great way to help them understand more about our municipal water system as well as modern household plumbing.


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People Behind the Water

Water Bureau utility workers Julio Regalado and Cory Devore make an improvement to a water main in SW Portland at SW Clara Lane and Boones Ferry Rd.

Fire Protection

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Anatomy of a Fire Hydrant


Portland Fire & Rescue responds to thousands of fires in Portland every year. The Portland Water Bureau maintains some 15,458 hydrants throughout the city to help them fight these fires.


Providing water to the public in their homes and businesses, and ensuring sufficient water supply and pressure for fire protection are the top priorities of the Water Bureau.


The hydrants might appear to be simply "sitting near the curb," but this diagram shows how they are connected to the water distribution system below. It takes a highly skilled and trained workforce to keep this system working!


Fire and Water - working together for Portland!

Tap Water

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15,000 Feet Above Portland...

Water Bureau employee Ashley Schaer shows her commitment to tap water!