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Emergency Preparedness

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September is National Preparedness Month

Tips on how to make a home emergency kit without breaking the bank


Yes, it’s September again and that means it’s National Preparedness Month. It’s time to either restock your home emergency kit or start one. In either case, it shouldn’t take a home loan to get your kit in order. Your kit should last a minimum of 3 days and there should be one for each member of your household.

Most items for your home emergency kit can be found in your home or garage already. It’s true! Stocking your kit is another way to reuse and recycle what you have in a draw or on a shelf.

Although having a water/air-tight tub may be the optimum storage container for your kit, it isn’t absolutely necessary to go to the store and make the purchase for one or several. Look around the house and garage. Do you have a container previously used that can work? A sturdy old bucket perhaps? Whatever the container, pull together your supplies and once in the container, label it clearly as your emergency kit and date it. If your container isn’t waterproof, get a large garbage bag and set your kit inside for dry, safe storage.

Remember to put your kit somewhere accessible so it can be grabbed in a hurry.  If you use the kit, restock it when the emergency is over so that you’ll be ready for the time.

Be Safe! Be Prepared!

Robin Hagedorn

Emergency Management Contributor


Customer Service

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Paying Your Water Bill - Monthly

Did you know that you have the option to pay your sewer and water bill monthly and not just quarterly? Many Water Bureau customers have discovered that it's an easier way to budget.


Residential customers wishing to manage their accounts by making equal monthly payments may contact Customer Services to request Budget Billing.  The amount paid monthly is calculated using normal average usage over the preceding 12 months.  The monthly Budget Billing amount will be adjusted annually based on actual usage.  To be eligible, an account must have a zero balance due at the time of enrollment. 

The bill that is generated for a Budget Bill customer looks slightly different from the typical bill because it contains additional information.  This information allows customers to compare payments made on their Budget Bill Plan to the cost of water and sewer service used to date.  Budget Plan Details are explained on this example bill.

Budget Billed customers may find it convenient to enroll in Auto Pay and have payments made automatically from banking accounts or charged to their Visa or MasterCard credit or debit cards. 

To arrange equalized monthly payments,  email or call Water Bureau Customer Service at (503) 823-7770.

Maintenance & Construction

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Water System Improvement in Cully Neighborhood of NE Portland


Cully Street in Northeast Portland is in the middle of an extensive upgrade. The work between Killingsworth and Prescott streets for the Oregon Department of Transportation and the city of Portland calls for installing a new water main, adding sidewalks, building storm-water swales, installing a traffic signal, and upgrading lighting and landscaping. The project is expected to be completed in spring 2011.

Water Bureau Mystery

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While Portland Slept...

Someone tied two enormous helium balloon bouquets on Elk Fountain's rack last night! But who? And why? It is certainly bringing a lot of smiles and puzzled looks to passers by, including our own John Popenuk of Water Bureau Customer Service, who submitted this photo.

Customer Service

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Maintaining Your Water Meter

Water meters are read monthly, bi-monthly or quarterly, depending on the type of account you have.  Sometimes it’s easy to forget the importance of keeping the meter accessible to our staff.  Parked vehicles, overgrown plants, yard debris and construction materials prevent meter readers and maintenance crews from doing their jobs.  We will leave this notice on your property if we were not able to access your meter.  You may receive an estimated bill if we could not obtain a meter reading.

Not only does City Code require meters to be kept makes sense, too.  A blocked meter may not allow you to shut water off quickly if a pipe bursts or a major appliance fails.  

Please minimize planting in the area around your meter.  If a planting obstructs the meter, you will be asked to prune it or remove it.  We can do the work for you if you prefer.  For more information, contact Customer Service at (503) 823-7770.