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Portland Water Bureau

From forest to faucet, we deliver the best drinking water in the world.


1120 SW Fifth Ave, Suite 600, Portland, OR 97204

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Tap Water

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15,000 Feet Above Portland...

Water Bureau employee Ashley Schaer shows her commitment to tap water!


Projects and Maintenance Update

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Bull Run maintenance project

The Water Bureau today updated a list of projects and ongoing maintenance activities that are occurring or planned to occur in the Bull Run Watershed Management Unit. The list is here: The purpose of the list is to ensure the transparency of the Water Bureau’s actions in maintaining and protecting the watershed and the infrastructure that makes up the Bull Run Water Supply System. Creation and maintenance of the list is required as part of a package of City Code revisions passed by the Portland City Council on February 10, 2010 that enhance City protections for the Bull Run watershed. On a quarterly basis, the Water Bureau provides updates on all bureau-sponsored projects and activities both active and in the planning stage within the management unit.   

For more information contact Terry Black at (503) 823-1168.

PHOTOWorkers set booms out to protect the lower Bull Run River below the dams while replacing a culvert.

Water Quality

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Update #4: 7:12 pm (Saturday)

The special samples taken yesterday as a result of Thursday's dirty water event have all come back clean.

Update #3: 9:22 am (Saturday)

The Water Bureau has flushed the water mains in the Ashcreek neighborhood and the water is now running clear.

Some neighbors reported noticeable sediment in their tap water on Friday. This was caused by work being done in the area by water crews.

Bottled water was delivered by the Water Bureau to neighbors as a convenience for individuals who did not want to drink the tap water. However, the Water Bureau is NOT recommending that people only drink bottled water or that they should boil their water. 

Please call the Water Line at the Portland Water Bureau if you have any further questions or concerns about your water. Water Line Phone: (503) 823-7525.

Update #2: 6:17 pm (Friday)

Water crews could not deliver the bottled water to the Smith School Parking Lot due to a soccer game being held at this location.  The crew is standing by at 52nd and Dolph to hand out water to residents.  Shut-in residents may have water delivered by calling the Water Line at 503 823-7525 to request this service.

Some residents in Tigard have also reported dirty water during this incident.  

Update #1: 5:41 pm (Friday)

5:41 PM

In light of the water quality upset that resulted from the test on September 30th, the Portland Water Bureau has cancelled its plans to complete construction work on the 24-inch water main on Saturday, October 2nd. 

Nine water quality samples were collected from the Ashcreek neighborhood on Friday October 1st and delivered to Portland’s Drinking Water Laboratory for bacteriological analyses.  Field measured chlorine levels and temperatures looked very good for these samples.  Results of bacteriological testing will be available after 5pm on Saturday, October 2nd.   

Residents may obtain bottled water from a supply delivered to Smith School at 8935 SW 52nd Avenue.  It will be available around 6pm on Friday evening.  

Please call Multnomah County Health Department at 503 988-4454 to report any health problems you believe are related to this incident.

We apologize for any inconveniences that may have resulted from this incident. 

Please call the Water Line at the Portland Water Bureau if you have any further questions or concerns about your water. Water Line Phone:  503 823-7525.

News Release

On Friday, October 1, residents in SW Ashcreek neighborhood began calling the Water Bureau with reports of rusty brown water.  Some callers have complained of illness attributed to the discolored water.  Residents should note that the Portland Water Bureau has not issued a “Boil Water Notice” for any part of the City.  Any residents experiencing illness or symptoms should see a doctor. 

The Portland Water Bureau is investigating its system in the area where these complaints have been reported.  Here is what is currently known:

  1. On Thursday, September 30th, a valve was closed for a test on the 24-inch water main that normally supplies the SW Ashcreek neighborhood.  This would reverse flows in some of the smaller mains.  Typically this will stir up sediment in water lines and cause discoloration.  This is consistent with the reports of discolored water from residents in the area.  After the test, the 24-inch water main was reopened and Water Bureau crews remained in the area flushing lines to clear sediment.  The Water Bureau has scheduled to close the same 24-inch line on Saturday, October 2 to make a repair and install a valve.  It is possible that water will again become discolored at that time although the flushing that was done for the test probably cleared much of the sediment in the area already.
  2. On Thursday, Sept 30th a routine bacteriological sample was collected near the Ash Creek neighborhood.  There was no bacteria detected in the sample and the residual chlorine level was very good.  Additional samples were collected today.

Residents in the area that experienced discolored water do not need to boil their water or take other measures to protect their health due to the discoloration in their water. 

Please call the Water Line at the Portland Water Bureau if you have any further questions or concerns about your water.

Water Line Phone:  (503) 823-7525

Bull Run Watershed

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Bull Run Lake and Mt. Hood

Fall is here and soon this picture will turn to one of a snowy Winter wonderland. Stay tuned to the WaterBlog for photos and stories of how the Portland Water Bureau works around the clock in all seasons to deliver water to our customers. It's what we do.

National Customer Service Week

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Today we celebrate National Customer Service Week.  What exactly are we celebrating?  What is good customer service?  If you ask ten different people you will probably get ten different versions of what customer service means to them.  We may not define it consistently but we sure know when we don’t receive it.  The Portland Water Bureau is committed to providing excellent customer service throughout the bureau.  Our representatives have gone through many hours of training in support of our customer service goals.  As a customer service team we have defined our values.


We believe in honesty

We value respect

We guarantee dependability

We are knowledgeable

We provide creative solutions

 Customer Service staff learn about the bureau's Capital Improvement Program

We even created a Customer Bill of Rights.  All Customers are entitled to:

  • Clean, cold, cheap and constant water
  • Staff that honors diversity and our community
  • A friendly, polite greeting
  • An empowered staff for creative solutions
  • Positive, professional and prompt service
  • Be listened to and understood
  • Be treated fairly by knowledgeable staff
  • Be respected by a caring staff
  • Accurate information and billings                                                                           
  • Timely responses                                                                                        Customer Service staff learn about
  • The best solution/resolutions                                                                      the bureau's Capital Improvement
  • Our undivided attention                                                                              Program projects. The more they
  • Staff anticipating customer needs                                                               know about every aspect of how the
  • Consistent, prompt follow through                                                              bureau works, the better they
  • The right to appeal                                                                                      serve PWB customers.


As you can see we are dedicated to providing the service you want and need.  If you think we have missed the mark or even if you would like to say nice job, we would love to hear from you.  How may we serve you today?