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Keep Water Handy this Fourth of July to Safely Extinguish Fireworks

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Safely Extinguish Fireworks with Water

With the Fourth of July just two days away, your celebration plans may include fireworks. If so, the Portland Water Bureau encourages you to take extra precaution this Fourth to ensure your holiday will be a blast but hazard free:

  • Keep a water hose, with the water turned on, nearby to douse fireworks or to put out fires. If you don’t have a hose, keep a bucket of water handy.
  • NEVER try to relight a firework that does not go off or misfires. Douse it with water.
  • Light fireworks on paved surfaces, as far away from buildings and flammable vegetation as you can get.
  • NEVER light fireworks inside a house, building, or garage.
  • NEVER aim fireworks at other people, pets, cars, buildings, or trees and bushes.
  • Use only legal fireworks approved for Oregon, and always use them as directed.
  • Never attempt to alter or combine firework devices. 

For additional information on using fireworks safely and the associated laws and regulations in Oregon, click here and visit the Oregon State Fire Marshal’s website.

Lindsay Wochnick
Senior Adminstrative Specialist 
Community Information & Involvement

NEWS RELEASE 07/02/12: Water Work to Start on SW Montgomery Drive and SW Greenway Avenue

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Water Work at SW Montgomery Dr/Greenway AveStarting July 16, 2012, a contractor for the Portland Water Bureau will install 3,500 feet of new 16-inch diameter ductile iron water main in SW Greenway Avenue and SW Montgomery Drive to replace an existing aging, leaky 12-inch steel pipeline. The Portland Height Main Project will connect the new pipeline to the existing Portland Height water storage tanks on SW Greenway Avenue at SW Talbot Road. This project will include work to replace several sections of aging sewer lines as well. 

The work areas include SW Greenway Avenue, from north of SW Talbot Road, north to SW Patton Road; SW Patton Road, between SW Greenway Avenue and SW Montgomery Drive; and SW Montgomery Drive, from SW Patton Road to SW Lower Drive.

The contractor will use an open trench pipe laying method with a rolling work zone to install the up to 20-foot sections of pipe. This work may coincide with improvements scheduled for the city’s Portland Heights Pump Station, also located near the storage tanks. The pipe project is slated for completion in October 2012. Water service will not be affected by this work.  

There will be restrictions on street parking, road lane closures, and traffic delays during the course of construction. Traffic will be managed through signage, flaggers, and safety barriers as required. At   least one traffic lane for two-way traffic on all affected roadways will be maintained during work hours, controlled by flaggers. All traffic lanes will be open when no work is underway.

There will be construction noise, including machinery and large trucks working in the roadway. Pipe installation in front of a given property will generally last from one to two days, depending on weather conditions. Generally, work will take place Monday through Friday, from 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM.  However, in some areas the work may begin at 7:00 AM.  Motorists are encouraged to plan alternate routes.

Tim Hall
Public Information Manager
Community Information & Involvement

Powell Butte Trail Closures


Temporary Trail Closure to Allow for Improvements

The Portland Water Bureau and Portland Parks & Recreation want to alert trail users at Powell Butte Nature Park in southeast Portland of the temporary partial closure of the Mountain View Trail, one of the park’s most popular pathways (see map below). The trail will reopen on January 1, 2013.

Powell Butte Mountain View Trail Closure

This closure -- and a number of others that will take place in the coming weeks and months -- is to allow for skilled work crews to make improvements that hikers, bicyclists and equestrians will welcome. All of the trail work, which includes adding a few new trails and retiring others, is part of the publicly-required improvements associated with the Powell Butte Reservoir 2 Project currently well underway. A Public Advisory Committee worked with Parks bureau staff and trail consultants to design the enhancements of the nearly 10-miles of trails on the butte.

For their safety, park visitors are asked to please obey all Trail Closed and Detour signs as well as construction warnings signs.

Tim Hall
Public Information Manager
Community Information & Involvement

NEWS RELEASE 07/13/12: McCoy Fountain Closed Temporarily for Mechanical Repair

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McCoy Fountain in North Portland

The McCoy Fountain, located between N. Trenton Street and N. Newman Avenue, will be closed temporarily while a crew from the Portland Water Bureau makes a mechanical repair.  The fountain should return to service by July 20, 2012.

The McCoy Fountain is one of 19 decorative fountains operated and maintained by the Portland Water Bureau. While the McCoy Fountain is out of service, five of the city’s other interactive fountains are available: Salmon Street Springs Fountain, Jamison Square Fountain, Bill Naito Legacy Fountain, Holladay Park Fountain, and Teachers Fountain.

Built in 2006, McCoy Fountain was designed by Murase Associates and is the first decorative municipal fountain in North Portland. The water feature sits at the south end of McCoy Park in the New Columbia neighborhood. The Housing Authority of Portland commissioned the fountain for children of all ages to enjoy.

The fountain re-circulates nearly 8,000 gallons of water. Water spouts at random intervals at heights of up to 6 feet from 35 jets.  It is considered a "guessing" fountain. People guess which spouts will erupt next within the 710 square foot oval area bounded by seating ledges.

The Portland Water Bureau is responsible to see that the city fountains are in good working order and safe for public use.

The public is asked to observe a few fountain rules to ensure their safety:   

  • Look but don't drink the water. The water flowing in decorative fountains is not for consumption. To conserve water, most of these fountains recycle water. The water is chlorinated to a level comparable with swimming pools.
  • Be safe.  Although people enjoy splashing around in the interactive fountains, there are potential hazards for unattended children.
  • Use caution at all fountains. Potentially slippery surfaces, rapidly moving water, and pools of water require careful attention.

For additional information on Portland’s fountains, visit  

Westside Header Project, Phase 2 Coming to Close

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Westside Header ProjectOn Wednesday, July 11, a contractor at the Portland Water Bureau installed the last 20-foot section of 36-inch diameter steel pipe for Phase 2 of the bureau’s Westside Header Project.  More than 5,000 feet of pipe was laid. The MEI Group installed the last pipe on SW Caruthers Street where it was connected to the new pipeline on SW Naito Parkway, leading down to SW Clay Street.  Some street and curb restoration work will take place during the rest of the month.

Phase 2 of the project was challenging. The work included installing pipe through the abandoned Grant Street tunnel under SW Naito, and through the underground brick and concrete foundations of waterfront buildings that were demolished long ago. The pipe work also caused unavoidable traffic delays on SW Naito Parkway, through downtown, for several weeks.

The Portland Water Bureau appreciates and thanks the public for its patience while we replaced the old pipeline. The bureau would especially like to acknowledge the cooperation of Lisa Fix and the staff at Portland Marriott Downtown Waterfront Hotel, Bernie Bottomly and Downtown Business Association, Dr. Alfonso Orsini and The International School staff and parents, Walsh Construction Co. employees, and Keith North and the staff and students at the National College of Natural Medicine.

The third and final phase of the project will involve installing 630 feet of larger, 42-inch diameter steel supply pipe on SW Sheridan Street, near SW Water Avenue. This work is tentatively scheduled to begin this September.

Tim Hall
Public Information Manager
Community Information & Involvement