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Portland Water Bureau

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Building for Today, Planning for Tomorrow

By the end of 2014, crews completed construction of the reservoir. Functional testing of the new reservoir & valves will be complete within the next few months.

Kelly Butte Reservoir Goes Online, Now Serving Customers

In March 2015, the two cells composing the new 25-million gallon underground reservoir at Kelly Butte in southeast Portland were successfully placed online. The reservoir now serves Bull Run water to customers across the City of Portland and beyond.

Kelly Butte Reservoir Project

The project replaced the 10-million-gallon aboveground water storage steel tank built a top Kelly Butte in 1969 with a new buried 25-million-gallon reinforced concrete reservoir.

Preparing for the Future

In September 2012, City Council voted to move forward with replacing the old tank with a new 25-million-gallon reinforced underground reservoir. The project will assist the bureau in meeting the EPA’s deadline for protecting finished drinking water.

Reservoir Rises from the Ground

By the end of 2013, momentous progress had been made in the multifaceted process of building the 25-million-gallon underground reservoir, access roads & an intricate network of underground piping, multiple vaults & valve structures.

Restoring the Landscape

Crews are undertaking a comprehensive re-vegetation management project on the butte, strategically planting of more than 1,660 trees and 7,250 shrubs across the entire site.

Tank Removal & Site Excavation

By the end of 2012, the steel storage tank was completely demolished and removed. Fencing and erosion control were installed and crews worked to excavate the tank site.

The Future of Kelly Butte

The Kelly Butte Reservoir will not only serve east Portland, but will also be a stopover for water supplied to the Washington Park reservoir and southwest Portland area water storage tanks.