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Portland Water Bureau

From forest to faucet, we deliver the best drinking water in the world.


1120 SW Fifth Ave, Suite 600, Portland, OR 97204

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Billing cycle & late payment fees

Late payment fees reflect the actual cost of service.

Fees are charged to an account based on the following billing cycle:


Day  0:  Bill date  
Day 21: Due date

Customers unable to pay the balance in full may contact Customer Service to inquire about payment options. 

Day 28: Carrying charge applied   1% of past due amount
Day 35: Reminder Late Fee notice issued   $ 5.00
Day 42: Pre Shut-Off / Urgent Late Fee notices issued   $10.25
Day 49: Last Chance Notice Late Fee authorized    $15.00 when delivered

Day 56: Shut Off Authorization Late Fee


After next read: Illegal usage & lock meter (in addition to the commodity rate charged for usage).    $50.50
Approximately 14 days later:  Plocking and locking of meter. 


Minimum charge for crimping/freezing or uncrimping/unfreezing service of water supply line if tampering with water service occurs after meter removal.


Returned payment charge

  $ 35.00


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