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Portland Water Bureau

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1120 SW Fifth Ave, Suite 600, Portland, OR 97204

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Seasonal Water Supply Planning

Each year, the Portland Water Bureau develops a Seasonal Water Supply Augmentation and Contingency Plan. This plan evaluates the availability of water from the Bull Run and groundwater sources, projected weather forecasts, and water demands to guide management of the drinking water system. Between careful management and the region’s strong conservation efforts, PWB is prepared to meet the range of potential supply and demand conditions that could occur in the Portland water system this summer.

July 21, 2015 Update: There are 5.5 billion gallons, or about 56% of usable storage in the Bull Run Reservoirs. This is below the historic average, but still above historic lows for this time of year. Based on current demand and supply projections, the Portland Water Bureau began utilizing groundwater for supply augmentation purposes on July 16th. This will likely continue until the Bull Run receives significant precipitation and will initially represent approximately 25% of the total daily water demand. The amount of groundwater use may increase depending on future supply and demand conditions. Fortunately, Portland’s drinking water source, the Bull Run supply, in combination with groundwater from the Columbia South Shore Well Field, is capable of meeting Portland’s water needs throughout the summer.

Usable Storage - Portland's Bull Run Reservoirs have 16.8 billion gallons of total storage; of that, 9.9 billion gallons are considered usable for drinking water.

Average Daily Storage - The average amount of usable drinking water storage on a daily basis using historical data from 1976-2014

Lowest Daily Storage - The lowest daily level of usable drinking water storage from 1976-2014. 

Water Efficiency Information

Information about ways to use water wisely.