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Bridge FAQs

FAQ about the Sandy River bridge 

Where is the bridge?

The disassembled bridge is currently in a gravel laydown area at the Portland Water Bureau’s Sandy River Station adjacent to Dodge Park and north of Sandy, Oregon.

How are the bridge pieces stored? 

The bridge is disassembled into each of the individual beams, tie rods, and plates. The bridge pieces are stacked in several piles sorted by piece type.  Each piece is tagged with a metal tag. There is a bridge assembly map that shows how each piece fits into the bridge structure.

What condition is the bridge in? 

The bridge is in excellent condition considering the age. There are some minor areas of corrosion and web thickness reduction. The pins were corroded and could not be removed intact. The pins were cut or burned off. Small plates at each of the major top truss connections were also cut to allow for disassembly. These plates would need to be refabricated. A list of damaged components has been developed.

What are the significant structural hurdles to assemble the bridge? 

All the pins were cut or burned out and new ones will need to be fabricated. Several plates were also cut during disassembly. The plates would need to be refabricated. The plates are approximately 1/2"x12"x30". A structural analysis of the bridge was completed and shows that there were some members that are overstressed per current code requirements. Depending on the new location some structural reinforcements would need to be incorporated. 

How long will the Portland Water Bureau store the bridge? 

The Portland Water Bureau has an agreement with SHPO to store the bridge for three years after disassembly.  The bridge was completely disassembled in 09/10. We will store the bridge until 09/13 at which point we will scrap the pieces if a new user has not been found.

What engineering would be anticipated to install the bridge? 

A potential user would need to design abutments and foundations for the bridge. Also the bridge may need structural reinforcement depending on final usage and location.

What is the current status of finding a new user? 

The Portland Water Bureau sent out information on the bridge to many municipalities and public agencies throughout Oregon in September 2010. We are currently in discussion with several organizations.  

How will the Portland Water Bureau decide what potential user to give the bridge to? 

The first organization to develop a viable plan for bridge usage will get the bridge. The Portland Water Bureau will keep all interested parties informed on how negotiations are going with all users.

If interested in the bridge what information will the Portland Water Bureau request? 

The Portland Water Bureau will request that interested parties provide information on the proposed site, level of design complete, permitting expectations/status, funding sources, and project schedule.