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Portland Water Bureau

From forest to faucet, we deliver the best drinking water in the world.


1120 SW Fifth Ave, Suite 600, Portland, OR 97204

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Terms and Conditions

By clicking the E-Bill button on Portland Online, you consent to receive e-mail notifications that your Portland Water Bureau Water and Sewer bill is available for viewing.

You also agree to no longer have your bill and brochures, with the exception of late and disconnection of service notices, mailed to you via the U.S. Postal Service. These notifications may either be sent through the U.S. Postal Service to the mailing address on record for the account or may be delivered to your property.

The following terms and conditions of use are required for participation in the E-Bill program.

By clicking the E-Bill button on Portland Online, you consent to:

  • Receive e-mail notifications of the availability of a Water and Sewer E-Bill that may be accessed on Portland Online.
  • Receive a reminder e-mail if the account is past due.
  • Use the Portland Online web site as the only means for accessing your Water and Sewer billing statement, for saving a copy of the E-Bill to your personal computer, and for printing a copy of the E-Bill.
  • Use the Portland Online web site to keep your e-mail address information current.
  • Keep updated the appropriate version of Adobe Acrobat Reader or other software that can read documents in the portable document format (PDF), such as Preview on Macintosh computers, to enable you to view your E-Bill online.

You should receive your E-Bill notification on your next billing date.

The Portland Water Bureau reserves the right at any time to cancel or change the terms of use of this service with or without cause. We also reserve the right to send you important billing statements and information about your account via the U.S. Postal Service.

Important Notice: The information you have elected to receive electronically is confidential in nature. The Portland Water Bureau is not responsible for unauthorized access by third parties to information and/or communications provided electronically nor any damages, including direct, indirect, special, incidental or consequential damages caused by any unauthorized access. The Portland Water Bureau is not responsible for delays in the transmission of any information. In the event that you do not receive an anticipated e-mail notification of an available E-Bill, it is your responsibility to log on to Portland Online and access your E-Bill. Portland Water Bureau is not responsible for any computer virus or related problems not due to its negligence.

If you are unable to access Portland Online or have questions, please contact Customer Service at 503-823-7770. You can opt-out of the E-Bill program at any time by logging into your Portland Online account and clicking on the Un-Enroll button or contacting Customer Service at 503-823-7770. Opting out of the E-Bill program will automatically change your delivery method to the U.S. Postal Service at the mailing address associated with your Water and Sewer account, and does not change your obligation to pay your bill by the due date.