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911 Bureau of Emergency Communications

Partners in Public Safety. Call 911: Save a Life, Report a Fire, Stop a Crime.

August 2016 Employee of the Month

The August BOEC employee of the month is a tenured employee who has been married for 23 years, raised two children and enjoys hanging out with her one year old grandchild. She has been active in her children’s lives, volunteering in their sporting activities, being a girl scout leader, and team assistant and costume designer for their dance teams. She and her family probably shop at the same businesses that many of you do, enjoy the same restaurants and watch the same movies. She is your neighbor, your daughter’s classmate's mom, the woman next to you at JoAnns picking out fabric. Unless you know her personally, you would not know that she is a 911 emergency dispatcher. She may have been that unknown person who answered your frantic call for assistance when your aging parent collapsed and stopped breathing. It may have been her calming yet commanding voice that instructed you with CPR that saved your parents life. She may have been that faceless voice you hastily hung up on as the ambulance arrived. It may have been Doni on the other end of the dial tone, letting out a sigh of relief as she reached to answer the next 9-1-1 call. 

Doni, also known as Donimo by her co-workers, has worked for BOEC for 23 years. She began her career when BOEC operated out of a bunker located in Kelly Butte. She experienced the move to the new facility in 1994, the implementation of three new CAD systems, multiple radio and phone system upgrades, learning the new expanded jurisdictional boundaries and working harder and faster to keep up with the ever increasing call volume / work load. She, like her co-workers, is on a 4/10 schedule but often finds herself coming in two hours early or staying over two hours to ensure staffing levels are maintained. She is a seasoned and skilled dispatcher, who answers 911 calls as well as dispatches fire, medical and police responders, and is dedicated to helping people during some of the worst moments of their lives. Not every call she takes or dispatches has a positive outcome, and it is the people and situations that she cannot help that are the worst part of her job.

The call that resulted in Doni being nominated for Employee of The Month was very similar to the one described earlier. A frantic caller reporting a nonresponsive female not breathing in the street but was unsure of the exact location. Doni was able to quickly and professionally gain control of the call, determine the location where responders were needed and calmly provide  CPR instructions to the caller. Her constant encouragement and reassurance to the caller while providing lifesaving instructions, resulted in the successful revival of the patient.

The favorite part of Doni’s job? Hearing a patient gasp for breath who has received CPR  through pre-arrival instructions she has provided, and knowing that she helped bring them back!!