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Portland, Oregon

Welcome to the official web site of the City of Portland, Oregon

General Information: 503-823-4000


1221 SW 4th Avenue, Room 110, Portland, OR 97204

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PDX Reporter app for iPhone

City of Portland PDX Reporter is a new way to interact with the city concerning problems or issues with publicly maintained infrastructure. The application is compatible with any model of iPhone running iOS 8 or higher and may be downloaded for free from iTunes. Note: The link will only work on computers that have a current version of Apple’s iTunes software installed.

Also available: PDX Reporter for Android

For questions & comments regarding the City Phone app, please email



The New Report screen is used to compose problem reports concerning various City of Portland infrastructures. A complete report consists of a photograph of the problem, a report type which categorizes the problem, report location and comments providing any information the user deems important. At minimum, a report must include a report type and location. Once completed, the Submit button sends the report to the City of Portland.

step 1

Pressing the Set Photo button displays a number of options concerning how a photograph will be attached to the report. Take New Photo will utilize the camera functionality on your iPhone to acquire a picture. This photograph will not be saved to the iPhone camera roll. Choose From Library allows you to choose an existing photograph from your camera roll. No Photo will remove the existing photograph that is attached to the report. Cancel closes this screen and makes no changes.

step 2

Pressing the Choose Report Type button displays a list of report types that you can use to categorize the issue you are reporting on. This list acts as a wheel that you can spin up or down to make your selection. Choosing Save will attach the highlighted type to your report, choosing Cancel will close the list and make no change to your report. The current report type will be displayed on the button.

Step 3

Pressing the Set Report Location button takes you to a map display where you can set the location of your report. The Map screen provides a visual means of establishing or refining the location of your report. The report location is set by placing the crosshairs on the desired location and pressing the Save button. You should zoom in to reveal the maximum amount of detail and make use of both the map and aerial photos to set as accurate a location as possible. Zooming and Panning are accomplished using the standard iPhone multi-touch gestures: pinching and swiping. If location services are enabled, the location your iPhone has determined will be displayed as a blue dot on the screen. A blue circle around this dot is a visual representation of the uncertainty in the determined location. This circle may be hidden or revealed based on how much you are zoomed in to the map. If the map display opens and you are looking at a zoomed out view of the entire city, then location services might not be enabled. On the bottom left of the map screen is a button that toggles your live iPhone location on/off (assuming location services are enabled). On the bottom right of the map screen is a button that toggles the map between traditional Google map style and aerial photo style.

    Step 5         Step 6

Pressing your finger in the comments area will slide a new screen up for entering comments via the iPhone’s built-in keyboard. You may type or paste as much info as needed to provide supporting information about this report. Pressing the Finish Comments button will close the keyboard and return you to the New Report screen. Please limit your comments to regular characters and numbers, emoticons are not helpful and do not translate properly in the city’s other computer systems.

Step 7

The My Reports screen displays a simple list of all your reports, grouped by the report type. Each report entry shows the status of the report as well as the last time the status was updated. This screen will be changing significantly in future versions to allow for much more detail about your report.

Step 8

The Settings screen provides a place for you to give us contact information. Contact info is optional, you may submit reports anonymously, but having some means of getting back to you greatly improves our ability to respond to the report in an accurate and timely manner. The application will occasionally remind you about the importance of contact information if you have not filled it out.

Step 9

For questions & comments regarding the City Phone app, please email



City of Portland PDX Reporter makes use of graphical icons created by Joseph Wain of Glyphish. We thank him for the wonderful iPhone icons he makes available under the Creative Commons Attribution License.

XML parsing in this application was implemented using code from the kissxml project which is distributed under the MIT License.

Device to server communications were implemented using code from the ASIHTTPRequest project which was created by Ben Copsey and is distributed under the BSD license.

Source Code:

Source code for City of Portland PDX Reporter is now available for download and may be utilized under the terms of the GNU General Public License, version 2. Download a zip archive containing the Xcode project, objective-c source code and miscellaneous project resources by following this link.