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The City of Portland, Oregon

Auditor Mary Hull Caballero

Promoting open and accountable government


1221 SW 4th Avenue, Room 130
Portland, OR 97204

Main (503) 823-4082

Council Clerk, Karla Moore-Love


Assistant Council Clerk, Keelan McClymont


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Council Agenda

The Council Agenda is the weekly list of items to come before the City Council. The agenda is available on Friday for the following week's Council meetings.

Individual items to the agenda will be linked as they become available. These items are only a convenience copy and will not reflect any changes made during Council meetings.

Written testimony on agenda items may be sent to the Councll Clerk at

Final Council documents available in Efiles: Council Records link


City Hall  –  1221 SW Fourth Avenue

Council Agenda for April 17, 2019  (printable version)


 316  Request of Sally F. Fronsman-Cecil to address Council regarding Portland Gray Panthers  (Communication)

 317  Request of Brian Jackson to address Council regarding Portland Gray Panthers  (Communication)

 318  Request of Naomi Dagen Bloom to address Council regarding Portland Gray Panthers  (Communication)

 319  Request of Edith Gillis to address Council regarding Portland Gray Panthers  (Communication)

 320  Request of Lew Church to address Council regarding Portland Gray Panthers  (Communication)


 321  TIME CERTAIN: 9:45 AM – Authorize the Mayor to sign the updated Stadium Good Neighbor Agreement for Providence Park  (Ordinance introduced by Mayor Wheeler)  45 minutes requested for 321 and 322

GNA & CTMP Required Filing

 322  Approve the updated Providence Park Comprehensive Transportation Management Plan  (Ordinance introduced by Mayor Wheeler)

Exhibit A

 323  TIME CERTAIN: 10:30 AM – Create a local improvement district to construct street, sidewalk, and stormwater improvements in the NE 97th Ave Phase II Local Improvement District  (Hearing; Ordinance introduced by Commissioner Eudaly; C-10067)  15 minutes requested


Mayor Ted Wheeler

Office of Management and Finance

*324  Pay settlement of personal injury lawsuit from Angela Branford in the sum of $50,000 involving the Portland Police Bureau  (Ordinance)

*325  Pay property damage claim of Andre Dengo in the sum of $5,434 resulting from a motor vehicle collision involving the Portland Water Bureau  (Ordinance)

Bureau of Planning & Sustainability

*326  Authorize application to Metro Regional Government for grants in the amount of $1,144,000 for a package of three City projects as part of the Cycle 7, 2040 Planning and Development Grant Program  (Ordinance)

*327  Accept a $50,000 grant from the Bullitt Foundation's Resilient Cities, Healthy Communities and Energy, Climate, and Materials program for the Portland Climate Action Plan 2020 Update Project  (Ordinance)

Portland Housing Bureau

 328  Approve and terminate limited tax exemptions for properties under the Homebuyer Opportunity Limited Tax Exemption Program  (Resolution)

*329  Approve application under the Multiple-Unit Limited Tax Exemption Program under the Inclusionary Housing Program for Arbor Lodge Apartments located at 6545 N Denver Ave  (Ordinance)

*330  Approve application under the Multiple-Unit Limited Tax Exemption Program under the Inclusionary Housing Program for Killingsworth North D Block located at 5510 N Denver Ave  (Ordinance)

*331  Approve application under the Multiple-Unit Limited Tax Exemption Program under the Inclusionary Housing Program for Kōz on Killingsworth located at 151 N Killingsworth St  (Ordinance)

*332  Approve application under the Multiple-Unit Limited Tax Exemption Program under the Inclusionary Housing Program for Nomad located at 5620 N Interstate Ave  (Ordinance)

Commissioner Jo Ann Hardesty

Portland Bureau of Emergency Management

 333  Amend the code governing the Bureau of Emergency Management, Disaster Policy Council, and Emergency Management Steering Committee to reflect greater citywide engagement in emergency management  (Second Reading Agenda 306; amend Code Chapters 3.124, 3.125 and 3.126)

Commissioner Chloe Eudaly

Bureau of Transportation

*334  Accept a $2 million grant from TriMet, authorize Intergovernmental Agreement for the Division Transit Project, and appropriate $750,000 in FY 2018-19  (Ordinance)

 335  Accept a $2 million grant from the Oregon Department of Transportation, authorize Intergovernmental Agreement for sidewalks on the westside of SE 174th Ave between SE Main and SE Stark, and appropriate $20,000 in FY 2018-19  (Second Reading Agenda 307)


 336  Increase the flexibility of arts and cultural businesses to host periodic events in their places of business through an annual permit  (Resolution introduced by Mayor Wheeler, Commissioners Eudaly Fish, and Hardesty)  15 minutes requested

Mayor Ted Wheeler

Office of Management and Finance

 337  Accept bid of Faison Construction, Inc. for Glenhaven Park Play Area Improvements for $1,179,000  (Procurement Report - Bid No. 00001167)  10 minutes requested

 338  Authorize a temporary interfund loan not to exceed $2.6 million from the Bureau of Planning Sustainability Solid Waste Fund to the Portland Clean Energy Community Benefits Fund to provide interim financing for startup costs of the Clean Energy Community Benefits program  (Ordinance)  10 minutes requested

Portland Housing Bureau

 339  Revise homeownership financial assistance guidelines for the Portland Housing Bureau  (Resolution)  10 minutes requested

Commissioner Nick Fish

Bureau of Environmental Services

 340  Authorize a competitive solicitation and contract with the lowest responsible bidder and provide payment for construction of Hillsdale South Sewer Rehabilitation Project No. E10681 for an estimated cost of $2,065,000  (Second Reading Agenda 311)

 341 Authorize an Intergovernmental Agreement with the Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife to conduct stream habitat surveys in Portland waterways not to exceed $498,686  (Second Reading Agenda 312)

Parks & Recreation

 342  Declare tenants-in-common real property interest in two tax lots in the Gateway District as surplus, authorize the Director of Portland Parks & Recreation to convey its real property interest to Prosper Portland and accept real property interest in a tax lot at Gateway Discovery Park  (Ordinance)

Commissioner Chloe Eudaly

Office of Community & Civic Life

 343  Accept Advisory Bodies Program First Annual Report on Resolution No. 37328  (Report)  45 minutes requested

WEDNESDAY, 2:00 PM, APRIL 17, 2019

 344  Proclaim April 2019 to be Fair Housing Month  (Proclamation introduced by Mayor Wheeler)  1 hour requested

THURSDAY, 2:00 PM, APRIL 18, 2019 



Communications items are three minutes each. Regular Agenda items taking longer than five minutes have the time estimate noted next to the item. NOTE: "Times Certain" indicates that an item will not be heard by Council prior to the time specified.

The * indicates an emergency ordinance, which takes effect immediately if passed. Non-emergency ordinances require two readings and a 30-day waiting period before taking effect. Resolutions, reports, etc., adopted by Council are effective after adjournment.

The above summary is published by the City Auditor as provided by Section 2-113 of the Charter and Ordinance No. 130672.

Council Chambers is equipped with a sound system for the hearing impaired. Assisted listening devices are available from the Clerk.

The City of Portland will gladly accommodate requests for an interpreter or make other accommodations that further inclusivity. Please make your request at least 48 hours before the meeting to the Council Clerk 503-823-4086. (TTY 503-823-6868).

City Council meetings can be viewed at

The meetings are also cablecast on CityNet 30, Portland Community Media television.

Mary Hull Caballero

Auditor of the City of Portland


Testimony is taken on Resolutions and Ordinances (first reading).  To testify, sign up on a testimony sheet as you enter Council Chambers on the day of the meeting.  Individuals have 3 minutes to testify, unless otherwise stated at the meeting. Testimony is not taken on Communications, Second Readings, Proclamations or Presentations in accordance with Code 3.02.040 F. and G.   Testimony will be taken on Reports at the Presiding Officer’s determination (Code 3.02.040 G.5).

Written testimony may be emailed or mailed to the Council Clerk prior to the meeting.

To schedule a Communication, email or mail your request to the Council Clerk. Include your name, address, phone number and a brief description of the subject you will be addressing. For full details, see Testimony Policies and procedures.

Clerk Email:

Council Clerk Testimony:

US Mail: Council Clerk, 1221 SW Fourth Ave., Room 130, Portland OR 97204


Declaration Required by Lobbyists. Portland City Code 2.12.060 states: Prior to offering public testimony before City officials, at the beginning of any meetings or phone calls with City officials, or in emails and letters to City officials, a lobbyist must declare which lobbying entity he or she is authorized to represent for that communication.


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Disclaimer: The official agenda including items is on file with the Council Clerk at City Hall. This online copy is for general information only. In the event of a conflict between the online copy and the official hard copy documents on file with the Council Clerk, the official hard copy shall prevail.