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Personal Wireless Service Facility Applications

In response to the Federal Communication Commission’s (FCC) recent order – effective January 2019 – related to the deployment of personal wireless service facilities, the Bureau of Development Services (BDS) has created a new intake and review process for personal wireless service facility applications. Application review timelines vary depending on the type of personal wireless service facility and are as follows:

  • Application #1: 90-day deadline for collocations not qualifying as a 6409(a) eligible facilities request
  • Application #2: 150-day deadline for new structures
  • Application #3: 60-day deadline for a 6409(a) eligible facilities request
  • Application #4: 60-day deadline for collocations of Small Wireless Facilities on an existing structure
  • Application #5: 90-day deadline for Small Wireless Facilities on new structures

BDS does require applications to be submitted during an intake appointment. BDS will accept one permit application per appointment.  During the intake appointment, BDS staff will confirm whether the applicant has met the minimum submittal requirements for the application. An application that meets the minimum submittal requirements is not necessarily a complete application. If the application is missing minimum submittal requirement(s), the applicant may choose to: (1) withdraw the application and correct any facial deficiencies; or (2) submit a facially deficient application with the understanding that BDS staff is likely to deny the application.

BDS does not require an early assistance meeting. However, BDS – and the FCC in its recent order – strongly encourage applicants to participate in voluntary early assistance meetings.


Use Appointment Plus, our online scheduling tool, to schedule a preferred date and time for your wireless facility application appointment.
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PLEASE NOTE: if you are submitting for a temporary cell facility (COW) do not schedule an appointment. Visit the Bureau of Development Services Development Services Center Monday – Friday 7:30 am – 3 p.m., Thursday 7:30 a.m. – Noon.

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Processing Timelines and Mutual Tolling Agreement Option: Applicants and the City may mutually agree to toll the federal shot clock if the applicant wants to retain flexibility to work with City staff during project review or if an applicant does not want to submit concurrent applications for land use approval and building permits. Read more about options to work with the City prior to application or toll the FCC shot clock during the review here.

Land Use Reviews: For certain sites or proposals, a Land Use Review is required prior to approval of the building permit application. BDS will review any required land use applications concurrently, and under the same timeline, as the personal wireless service facility building permit application.

A completed Land Use Review Application Supplemental Form must be included with each Land Use Review application. For questions about land use reviews, call the zoning hotline at 503-823-PLAN (7526).

Zoning Code Reviews: In addition to a land use review, all Personal Wireless Service Facilities will be reviewed for compliance with Zoning Code regulations.

Building Code: The Structural and Life Safety Divisions of BDS will review Personal Wireless Service Facilities for conformance with structural requirements to ensure viability, accessibility, and safety of the facilities and adjacent buildings and structures.

Contacting BDS for Questions or Appointments
BDS has a dedicated phone line and email for questions about personal wireless service facility applications. Please call 503-823-4795 or email us.