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The City of Portland, Oregon

Environmental Services

working for clean rivers

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Request an Administrative Review

The City of Portland tries, when possible, to resolve issues with customers. If you have received a letter or notice from the Bureau of Environmental Services, you may use the information on the notice to contact Environmental Services staff to discuss the issue.

If you would rather have a formal hearing, Portland City Code gives you the option of requesting a modification to some Environmental Services decisions through an administrative review with bureau staff.

How and When to Request a Review

To request a review, download the Administrative Review Request Form on this page, fill it out and return it the contact person listed on the letter or notice you received from Environmental Services.

In most cases, you have 20 business days after your letter or notice was mailed to submit a request for administrative review.

If your case pertains to one of the city code chapters or administrative rules listed below, you have 20 calendar days after your letter or notice is mailed to request an administrative review.

  • PCC Title 10, Erosion and Sediment Control Regulations
  • PCC 17.32, Public Sewer and Drainage System Permits, Connections, and Maintenance
  • PCC 17.34, Sanitary Discharges
  • PCC 17.36, Sewer User Charges
  • PCC 17.38, Drainage and Water Quality
  • PCC 17.39, Storm System Discharges
  • ENB-4.22, BES Public Works Enforcement Program Administrative Rules
  • ENB-4.03, Sanitary Discharge and Pretreatment Program Administrative Rules
  • ENB-4.25, Extra Strength Charge Program Administrative Rules
  • ENB-4.01, SWMM Chapter 4
  • ENB-4.13, Administrative Rules for Discharges to the City Storm Sewer and Drainage System
  • ENB-4.15 BES Enforcement Program Administrative Rules
  • ENB-4.XX, Administrative Rules for Monitoring Access Structures (pending)
  • ENB-4.26, Fats, Oils and Grease Removal Program Administrative Rules
  • ENB-4.32, BES Sub-meter Program Administrative Rules
  • ENB-4.31, Maintenance Inspection Program Administrative Rules

Decisions That Are Not Reviewable

Most Environmental Services decisions are reviewable, but the decisions listed below are not. Environmental Services will deny requests for review of these types of decisions:

  • The city’s authority to regulate/ charge fees or penalties/ impose liens
  • Environmental Services technical standards: content or requirements of the applicable policy
  • Matters subject to the authority of another appeal body (i.e. land use decisions, etc.)
  • City Council-approved charge rates (includes System Development Charge rates)
  • Approval/denial of design exceptions.
  • City’s choice of method or cost for addressing emergency situations or declared nuisances.

Additional Requirements

To find out if any specific additional requirements apply to your situation, please refer to the applicable section of Portland City Code referenced on the letter or notice you received from Environmental Services.

  1. 10.70.070: Erosion and Sediment Control
  2. 17.06.050: Administration of Public Works Permitting
  3. 17.32.150: Public sewer and drainage permits
  4. 17.33.100: Required Public Sewer Connection
  5. 17.34.115: Sanitary Discharges
  6. 17.35.130: Septage Discharge
  7. 17.36.110: Sewer User Charges
  8. 17.37.080: Downspout Disconnection
  9. 17.38.060: Drainage and Water Quality
  10. 17.39.120: Storm System Discharges
  11. Stormwater Management Manual

Code Hearings Officer

After the administrative review is complete and you have received a Final Determination letter from Environmental Services, you may request an appeal from the Code Hearing Officer for subjects that were discussed in the administrative review. Go to for information on the Code Hearings Officer process.

Administrative Review Update

Changes are coming to the Environmental Services Administrative Review process. Bureau staff is examining Portland City Code and bureau rules to determine where administrative review processes can be standardized. The goal is to make it easier for customers to understand the administrative review process and for the process to be more consistent across all bureau activities.

Environmental Services will post updates on this page on proposed changes in the administrative review process and opportunities for public input.

The City of Portland complies with all non-discrimination laws including Title VI (Civil Rights) and Title II (ADA). If you need to request a translation, accommodation or additional information, please call 503-823-7740.