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Northeast Sewer Extension Project

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The City of Portland’s Bureau of Environmental Services is continuing our work to repair and replace critical sewer and stormwater infrastructure. Environmental Services will continue to provide information and updates on construction schedules and activities during the COVID-19 emergency.

Updated August 31, 2020

Environmental Services – your sewer and stormwater utility - is extending the public sewer system in several locations across northeast Portland. This work is part of the City’s ongoing effort to provide property owners a way to directly and independently connect to the public sewer system. The project will also help protect public health, property, and the environment by increasing the capacity of the public sewer system, reducing the potential for basement backups, and reducing the likelihood of emergency work in the future. 

Construction Method

Open trench construction will be used to complete all work. Go to to view photos and learn more. After sewer construction, crews will backfill trenches and apply a temporary asphalt patch. The temporary patch may be in place for several weeks while quality control inspections occur. After all work has met required standards, crews will return to apply a permanent patch.  

Construction Schedule

Some construction occurred in 2018.  Additional work will occur in 2019 and take about four to five weeks at each location to install new public sewer pipe (see map below for locations). The city’s contractor will provide notice to adjacent properties one to two weeks before construction begins. All work will occur between 7:00 a.m. and 6:00 p.m., Monday through Friday, with the option of working Saturdays.

Zone A (19th and Irving, 53rd and Hassalo)Map of projects in Zone A

Completed in March 2020.  


Zone B (30th and Brazee)Map of project in Zone B

Completed in 2018.

Map of projects in Zone CZone C (Failing between Gantenbein and Cleveland; Mason between Rodney and Garfield)

Work on Failing between Gantenbein and Cleveland completed in summer 2020.

Work on Mason between Rodney and Garfield is expected now expected to begin in January 2021 and is being completed as a separate project. For more information on this particular sewer segment repair, please contact Matt Gough via email at or by phone 503-823-5352. Please reference project number "E11211."

Map of projects in Zone DZone D (Prescott between Cleveland and Williams; Going between Rodney and Mallory)

Completed spring of 2019.

Map of projects in Zone EZone E (Stanton between 33rd and 34th; Siskiyou between 26th and 27th)

Completed spring of 2019. 

Map of project in Zone FZone F (Broadway between 24th and 25th)

Work completed in March 2020.

Map of project in Zone GZone G (29th between Everett and Davis)

Work completed in 2018.

What to Expect Before Construction

You can expect the following activities to occur prior to construction:

  • Tree Trimming: To accommodate the large equipment needed to complete this project, certified arborists will supervise trimming of street trees and some private trees in the project area. The trimming will remove low branches that are overhanging the street to reduce the possibility of large equipment damaging trees and to help ensure public safety. Limbs over the sidewalk will not be trimmed as part of this project. 
  • Other Pre-construction Activities: Before construction you may also see crews surveying, marking utilities, and bringing equipment and supplies to the project area. Some equipment and materials will be stored on your street or nearby streets overnight.

What to Expect During Construction

You can expect the following activities during construction:

  • Local Access: Local access to all properties will be maintained, but construction activities may impact or delay normal use of your driveway. Please allow for extra time for our crews to make the area safe before entering or leaving the construction area.
  • Traffic Delays: You should also expect traffic delays in and near the work area. Please observe traffic control devices and signs, and follow the directions of flaggers if present.
  • Parking Restrictions: On-street parking will be restricted in and near the work zones to create a safe work environment and to stage equipment and materials.
  • Equipment Storage: Some equipment and materials may be stored overnight on your street, nearby streets, or other public right-of-way areas.
  • Noise, Vibration, and Dust: Construction creates noise, vibration, and dust.
  • Periods of Inactivity: Work will be conducted in multiple phases. A variety of factors, including conditions underground, weather, subcontractor schedules, and availability of materials may cause periods of inactivity. 
  • Maintained Service: Sewer, water and other utilities will remain in service during construction.

For More Information

For more information and schedule details, please email Stefanus Gunawan at or call 503-823-5759. Please contact us if you have concerns such as business operations, disability issues, medical or business deliveries or have questions about this project.