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The City of Portland, Oregon

Planning and Sustainability

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From BPS Director Susan Anderson: What a great year!

BPS E-News Issue 15 - January

What a great year!

Thank you to the neighborhoods, businesses, community and environmental groups, government agencies, residents and families that have been our partners in success.  We’re proud of the extensive community engagement and progress that was made on reaching major goals in 2011.

Our teams have been busy throughout the city:

The draft Portland Plan, our city’s strategic roadmap for the next 25 years, was released in the fall for review by the public and the Planning and Sustainability Commission (PSC).  The PSC held three public hearings and provided direction to BPS for development of the version of the plan to be presented to City Council this spring.

Include the Food!, our residential curbside food scrap composting effort, was rolled out in October.  It is a major step to help Portland achieve the city’s goal to recycle 75 percent of all our waste.  Now Portland residents can include all food scraps (even meat, bones, paper towels and pizza delivery boxes) in their green Portland Composts! roll cart. This will help keep more than 30,000 tons of compostable waste from going to the landfill every year!  Early indications show the service is resulting in huge amounts of food scraps collected and being turned into high quality compost.  More complete data and an evaluation will be available this summer.

The Cully neighborhood has been energized by the work of the Cully-Concordia Community Action Plan.  This effort is focused on finding ways to increase neighborhood-serving retail and services with a focus on improving community well-being, especially for families with children.

Clean Energy Works Oregon (CEWO) pays the up-front costs of making homes more energy efficient and allows homeowners to repay the costs over time on their electric or natural gas bills.  CEWO is a non-profit started with funds predominantly received by BPS from the US Department of Energy.  More than 1,000 homes have been serviced to date.  In addition to saving money for residents and improving their homes, CEWO creates quality local jobs.  During the first phase of the program, nearly 400 people got a paycheck and made an average wage of $25/hour.  CEWO still has funds available to loan.  See if your home is eligible for improvements!

North and Northeast Portland will soon be able to review a draft concept plan for future urban design, land use and local transportation and parks in their central city neighborhoods.  The N/NE Quadrant project is the first area of focus for the Central City 2035 plan.  An open house in February will provide residents and businesses an opportunity to review the concepts.

Solarize Portland helps residents purchase solar systems as a group with their neighbors.  This bulk purchase arrangement reduces the per unit system cost significantly.  We are now on the fifth round of Solarize Portland.  This effort is led by neighborhood organizations with technical assistance from BPS.  The results are amazing — with hundreds and hundreds of systems installed this year.

Looking forward to a collaborative 2012.

All the best,

Susan Anderson sig

Susan Anderson
Bureau of Planning and Sustainability


BPS Calendar Advisory: BEST Awards - Now Accepting Applications

Through February 10, 2012


26 January 2012


Megan Stein

JoEllen Carothers


20th Annual BEST Awards – Now Accepting Applications Through February 10


The BEST Awards recognize companies that exemplify ambitious and creative solutions for sustainability while promoting social, economic and environmental equity for the Portland community.

The BEST Awards accept applications in three separate categories:

  1. Best Practices for Sustainability (broken down by very small, small, medium and large organizations) 
  2. Sustainable Products or Services 
  3. Sustainable Food Systems 

Applicants respond to a series of questions using narrative and data to describe their achievements. A jury of regional experts will select up to ten businesses or organizations to be announced at the BEST Awards celebration, which will take place the evening of April 25 at the Nines Hotel in downtown Portland. Ticket sales and event details will be available in February 2012 at


Applications will be accepted until February 10, 2012 at 5 p.m.


Companies within the Portland Metropolitan Statistical Area (PMSA) are eligible to apply. The PMSA includes these seven counties: Clackamas, Columbia, Multnomah, Washington and Yamhill counties in Oregon, and Clark and Skamania counties in Washington.

Applications, submission instructions and detailed eligibility requirements are available at

BEST Awards are presented by Sustainability at Work, a program of the City of Portland’s Bureau of Planning and Sustainability in partnership with Metro, Energy Trust of Oregon, Pacific Power, Portland Bureau of Environmental Services, Portland Water Bureau and the Portland Bureau of Transportation.

About Sustainability at Work

Sustainability at Work offers free tools and expertise to help Portland organizations create more sustainable workplaces. Get matched with an expert Advisor, who will help you create a customized plan, connect you financial incentives and technical assistance from local partners, and help you celebrate your achievements. As a result, your business can lower the cost of its utility bills, provide a healthier workspace for employees and improve its image. Sustainability at Work is a partnership of the Bureau of Planning and Sustainability, Water Bureau, Bureau of Environmental Services, Bureau of Transportation, Metro, Pacific Power and the Energy Trust of Oregon.

About the City of Portland Bureau of Planning and Sustainability (BPS)

To create and enhance a vibrant city, BPS combines the disciplines of planning and sustainability to advance Portland's diverse and distinct neighborhoods, promote a prosperous and low-carbon economy, and help ensure that people and the natural environment are healthy and integrated into the cityscape. BPS provides a forum for community engagement and education, and is a catalyst for action. With a city full of partners, BPS develops creative and practical solutions on issues as far ranging as comprehensive, neighborhood and environmental planning, urban design, waste reduction and recycling, energy efficiency and solar technologies. This innovative, interdisciplinary approach strengthens Portland's position as an international model of sustainable development practices and commerce.

Portland Plan Summary in Spanish

El Resumen del Borrador del Plan de Portland ahora está disponible en español, chino, ruso y vietnamita

La integración es un principio básico en el Plan de Portland, el plan de 25 años de nuestra ciudad para asegurar que Portland sea una ciudad próspera, saludable y equitativa para todos. Ahora bien, una breve descripción del plan se ha traducido a cuatro idiomas adicionales: español chino, ruso y vietnamita.

El folleto incluye las metas del Plan de Portland, una descripción sobre la forma en la que se creó el plan, una lista de temas y retos a los que ataca el plan, y ejemplos de artículos de acción para que nos ayuden a comenzar. 

Haga clic en una de las imágenes a continuación para descargar el folleto del Plan de Portland en español, ruso, chino o vietnamita. También están disponibles copias impresas del folleto para individuos y grupos de interés / comunitarios. Si necesita ayuda, por favor llame al (503) 823-1303 o envíe un correo electrónico a

Portland Plan Summary in Vietnamese

Hiện đã có bản tóm lược Pháp Thảo Kế Hoạch Portland bằng tiếng Tây ban nha, Hoa, Nga và Việt. 

Hội nhập là nguyên tắc định hướng của Kế Hoạch Portland, kế hoạch phát triển 25 năm của thành phố chúng ta nhằm bảo đảm Portlandlà thành phố thịnh vượng, lành mạnh và bình đẳng cho tất cả mọi người. Hiện tại một bản tóm lược về kế hoạc nói trên đã được chuyển ngữ sang bốn ngôn ngữ khác: Tiếng Tây ban nha, Hoa, Nga, và Việt. 

Tờ thông tin này có các mục tiêu của Portlando Plan, phần trình bày về cách thức thiết lập chương trình, danh sách các vấn đề cũng như các khó khăn thử thách mà chương trình sẽ giải quyết, và ví dụ về các biện pháp thực hiện để chúng ta khởi động.

Bấm vào hình ở dưới để tải xuống tờ thông tin Portland Plan bằng tiếng Tây ban nha, Nga, Hoa hoặc tiếng Việt. Cũng có ấn bản dành cho các cá nhân và các nhóm cộng đồng/nhóm sinh hoạt. Để được giúp đỡ, vui lòng gọi số (503) 823-1303 hoặc e-mail

Portland Plan Summary in Russian

Краткое изложение проекта Плана развития Портленда отныне имеется на испанском, китайском, русском и вьетнамском языках

Руководящим принципом Плана развития Портленда является его всеобъемлемость. Этот план, рассчитанный на 25 лет, призван сделать Портленд процветающим, здоровым и справедливым городом для всех. Теперь краткое описание плана переведено еще на 4 языка: испанский, китайский, русский и вьетнамский.  

Брошюра включает цели Плана развития Портленда, описание того, как он был разработан, а также перечень вопросов и проблем, на решение которых этот план нацелен, включая примеры тех работ, которые положат начало его осуществлению.

Чтобы скачать брошюру с Планом развития Портленда на испанском, русском, китайском или вьетнамском языке – щелкните на изображении ниже. Для частных лиц и заинтересованных общественных групп/организаций также предлагаются печатные экземпляры брошюры. Для получения информации просьба обращаться по телефону (503) 823-1303 либо по адресу эл. почты: