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Portland's response to Metro Title 13 to be reviewed by the Planning and Sustainability Commission on July 24

City staff to explain substantial compliance with regional natural resource rules at public hearing

The City of Portland and other cities and counties in the Metro region must comply with requirements established in Metro's Regional Urban Growth Management Functional Plan, including Title 13, Nature in Neighborhoods. This set of regulations establishes regional requirements to protect, conserve and restore significant riparian corridors and wildlife habitat. 

When Title 13 was adopted in 2005, Portland already had well-established programs to protect and restore natural resources, including Metro-designated "Habitat Conservation Areas." At that time, the City was in the middle of several large projects that would update Portland’s natural resource inventories, policies and programs so Metro extended the 2009 compliance deadline so these could be included in our compliance report.

The City is now preparing to ask that Metro find Portland in substantial compliance with Title 13. The draft request is presented in a memorandum from BPS Director Susan Anderson and a report entitled Title 13, Nature in Neighborhoods - Draft Request for Metro Determination of Substantial Compliance. Appendix A documents the City’s Natural Resource Inventory update, and Appendix B is a comparison of Portland overlay zoning regulations and Title 13. A short Summary Report and frequently asked questions (FAQ) are also posted, along with a draft outline of an agreement between the City of Portland and Metro. The agreement confirms the City's intent to continue investing in watershed health after Metro's determination of substantial compliance with Title 13 and identifies priorities for collaboration between the City and Metro. 

On July 24, 2012, the Planning and Sustainability Commission will hold a public hearing to consider these documents before submission to Metro. 

The City's compliance strategy relies on existing regulatory and non-regulatory plans, codes, programs and projects. Together, these programs protect, conserve and/or restore the vast majority of Title 13 Habitat Conservation Areas in the city, helping to maintain cool clean air and water, reduce risks associated with flooding and landslides, and protect fish and wildlife habitat. No new regulations are included in this proposed compliance package.

This request applies to the area within City limits and specific urbanizing pockets of Multnomah County such as Dunthorpe, Linnton and Sylvan. Because West Hayden Island is not currently within the city and an annexation decision is pending, West Hayden Island is not included in this compliance request.

Comp Plan Update News: Policy Expert Groups begin meeting

The eight Policy Expert Groups (PEGs) for the Comprehensive Plan Update began meeting on June 18 and their meeting notes are now available. The June meetings focused on providing the PEG members with an introduction to the project, each other and the issues they’ll be discussing in the coming months. During this phase of the project, the PEGs are helping staff address major themes from the Portland Plan and tasks required by the Periodic Review Work Program. Each PEG is focusing on one of the following topic areas:

1.Community Involvement
2.Education and Youth Success
3.Economic Development
4.Residential Development and Compatibility
5.Neighborhood Centers
6.Infrastructure Equity
8.Watershed Health and Environment

The Comprehensive Plan Update website is already quite robust, with a project overview, lots of content for each PEG, news and updates, and an extensive library of documents. By consulting the meetings and events calendar, the public can easily see when each PEG is meeting and what is on the agenda. Many of the PEGs have scheduled their meetings out for several months, so it’s easy to plan ahead. The public is invited to attend any of the PEG meetings, and time is held at the end of each meeting for public comment.

Highlights from the previous month’s meetings, feature stories on a PEG or an emerging issue and information about how to stay involved will be included in a monthly online and print newsletter. So stay tuned! There’s lots more to come, and we’re working to make the information about the project as accessible as possible, including providing information in large print and offering interpretation and translation services.

BPS E-News: From BPS Director Susan Anderson: BPS welcomes visitors from around the world

BPS E-News Issue 18, July 2012

It’s summer — and a great time to visit Portland! Great weather, festivals and events, the river, parks, restaurants — we have it all. But summer isn’t the only time that Portland welcomes visitors. International delegations come to our city throughout the year. They come to see what many call the most “sustainable city” in America.

In the first six months of this year, staff from the Bureau of Planning and Sustainability met with more than 200 delegates from two dozen international group visitcities around the globe. 

They come to see Portland as an urban laboratory that can actually show them the best of  urban planning, transit-oriented development, solar and energy efficient building design, quality mixed-use neighborhoods, a welcoming river, and residents and businesses that are implementing sustainability practices in their every day lives.

Because of the diversity of projects and programs at BPS, we share knowledge on topics ranging from the Central City 2035 Plan to the Climate Action Plan, community engagement, waste reduction and recycling, neighborhood solar and creating partnerships.

Not only do we get to share what we’re doing in Portland — we also learn much from our visitors.  We hear about their successes and how they are making change. 

A sampling of our recent visitors:

  •  A delegation from Sejong, South Korea — a planned city of 500,000 that’s literally being built from the ground up.
  • Members of the group Vivre en Ville, an organization working to improve the quality of the natural and built environments in Quebec, Canada.
  • A delegation of mayors and prefecture directors from China, visiting Portland through the Yale University Environment and Sustainable Development Leadership program.
  • Business and government officials from Copenhagen, Amsterdam, several cities in Japan, Sao Paulo, Toulouse, Perth, Calgary and Victoria.
  • And others from U.S. cities like Nashville, Minneapolis, Gainesville, Colorado Springs, and more…


With the sun shining, we look forward to sharing the best of Portland this summer, and continuing to glean creative ideas from our new colleagues from around the world.


All the best,

Susan Anderson Signature

Susan Anderson


Bureau of Planning and Sustainability

BPS E-News: Ask questions about City programs at summer events near you

BPS E-News Issue 18, July 2012

This summer there are many opportunities to talk with BPS and City staff about using your garbage, recycling and composting roll carts, and to learn ways to be more sustainable. Below is a calendar of just a few of the events where you will find us!

BPS Outreach 

Be Cart Smart will be on hand to discuss the new Curbside Collection System at the following events:


Dirt to Dinner: From the Farm to Your Table

OMSI, 1945 SE Water Ave

Saturday, August 4

10 am – 4 pm


Sunday Parkways

Southeast Portland

Sunday, August 26

11 am – 4 pm


Build It Green! Information Fair

Green Depot, 819 SE Taylor St 

Saturday, September 22

10 am – 2 pm


Your Sustainable City will be at the following events to help you live healthy, save money, conserve resources and find ways to engage with the City.

Native American Housing to Homeownership Fair           

NAYA, 5135 NE Columbia Blvd

Saturday, July 28

10 am – 3 pm


Multnomah Days

Multnomah Village (SW 31st – SW 39th at Capitol Hwy)

Saturday, August 18

8 am – 4 pm

Sunday Parkways


East Portland

Sunday, September 30

11 am – 4 pm    


African American Home Buying Fair       

Legacy Emmanuel Atrium, 501 N Graham

Saturday, October 13

9 am – 4:30 pm


BPS E-News: Comprehensive Plan Update Advisory Groups Begin Meeting

BPS E-News Issue 18, July 2012

The Comprehensive Plan Update  is in full swing with all eight Policy Expert Groups (PEGs) kicking off their meetings in the past few weeks. Their work began with orientation sessions, where staff from the Bureau of Planning and Sustainability and the Office of Equity and Human Rights presented an introduction to the Comprehensive Plan Update and how it can forward the Portland Plan’s goal of a prosperous, educated, healthy and equitable Portland.

Portland’s Comprehensive Plan is the long-range plan that helps us prepare for and manage expected population and employment growth, as well as plan for and coordinate major public investments. It provides direction for City decision-making on land use, transportation, parks, sewer and water systems, and natural resource management programs.

After a thorough review process, BPS selected more than 150 members for the eight PEGs to represent both the community and public agencies, as well as specific skills and expertise that relate to each PEG topic (Community Involvement, Education and Youth Success, Economic Development, Residential Development and Compatibility, Infrastructure Equity, Neighborhood Centers, Networks, Watershed Health and Environment). Over the next year, these working groups will review and provide comments to City staff on proposed policy recommendations for the Comprehensive Plan Update. All PEG members have made a significant volunteer commitment to work together over the next year to explore issues, advise staff and integrate Portlanders’ input into the plan. Learn more about each PEG, and view a list of members, proposed topics, meeting notes, agendas and staff contact information on the Policy Expert Groups page .

In tandem with the launch of a new BPS web presence at, the Comprehensive Plan Update unveiled its robust new website  with a project overview, lots of content for each PEG, news and updates, and an extensive library of documents. The public can easily see when each PEG is meeting and what is on the agenda on the meetings and events calendar. Many of the PEGs have scheduled their meetings out for several months, so it’s easy to plan ahead. The public is invited to attend any of the PEG meetings, and time is held at the end of each meeting for public comment.