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The City of Portland, Oregon

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Frequently Asked Questions

Service and rates

Who is my service provider/hauler/garbage and recycling company?
Twelve franchised garbage and recycling companies serve residential customers in Portland. Use the online collection schedule to find your company.

What if I go out of town and won’t need services?
Call your garbage and recycling company to notify them of your departure and return dates. You will be offered a vacation  credit for vacations longer than two weeks. 

If I am not subscribed to regular service, can I still get garbage picked up occasionally?
For customers who do not generate enough materials for regularly scheduled collections, an “on-call” service for garbage or yard debris is available. On-call collection must be at least six weeks apart. Garbage and yard debris should be set out in owner provided 30 gallon cans. On-call yard debris may also be placed in a Kraft paper bags or secured bundles; yard debris does not include food scrap collection.

Call your garbage and recycling company to establish an account. You will be charged at the time of service.

Note: On-call services are not available to renters. Property owners must subscribe to regular garbage, recycling and composting collection for their tenants.

What are my service options and associated rates?
Residential customers have a number of container size and pickup frequency options.View rates, service options and set out information.

Who sets the rates?
Every year, the City sets all residential garbage, recycling and composting collection rates based on a thorough evaluation of what it costs to provide these services to residents.

Roll carts, yellow bins and kitchen pails

My roll cart, bin or pail is broken or missing. How can I get a replacement?
Call your garbage and recycling company to request a yellow bin or garbage, recycling or composting roll carts. Use the online collection schedule tool to look up your hauler. 

Kitchen pails are no longer provided for food scrap collection. You can use any container with a lid to collect food scraps, such as large yogurt tubs or reusable dishware. Or you may purchase a food scrap container from a variety of retailers such as garden, hardware or home organization stores, or Metro.

How do I keep my recycling and garbage roll carts clean?
Keep your garbage roll cart clean by bagging and tightly fastening bags; keep lid closed; or sprinkle baking soda in the bottom. You can also contact your garbage and recycling company to arrange for them to clean your cart for a fee. Use the online collection schedule to look up your hauler.

How do I keep my composting carts and kitchen container clean?
Wash containers with a little dish soap; sprinkle some baking soda if desired to minimize odors. We have lots of tips for keeping your roll cart and pail clean. You can also contact your garbage and recycling company to arrange for them to clean your cart for a fee. Use the online collection schedule to look up your hauler.

I want to line my kitchen pail with something, what materials can use?
You may use an approved liner for your pail such as newspaper, paper bag or approved compostable bag (available at retailers like Fred Meyer, Safeway and New Seasons, among others).

Which plastic resin codes (recycling numbers) are accepted in curbside recycling?

The City of Portland does not use numbers or symbols to determine acceptability. We use shape and size to determine whether plastic is in or out of the curbside system. The plastics resin numbering system is a common point of confusion. While numbers can be helpful, they do not tell the whole story. Find more about the resin identification code and alternatives to plastic products.

Metro has a searchable database that can help you find a recycler for non-curbside recyclable plastics.

Property managers and tenants

Who is responsible to setting up or changing service?

Owners of residential rental property are responsible for setting up and for paying for adequate garbage, recycling and composting  service, per City code. Accounts must be set up in the owner’s name and sent to the owner or property management company for payment.

Rental houses and smallplexes (2-4 units): What landlords and tenants need to know about garbage, composting and recycling services for houses and smallplexes (2-4 units).

Multifamily – Residential communities (5 or more units): One in four people in Portland live in multifamily communities which include apartments, condominiums, mobile home parks and moorages with five or more units. Property owners and managers are required to provide garbage and recycling service adequate for the number of households.