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Take a look at Portland’s iconic views and notable viewpoints in the updated Scenic Resources Inventory; then tell us what you think

Where do you take your out-of-town visitors to show off Portland? Up to the Washington Park Rose Garden to take in the sweeping, panoramic views of the skyline and Mt Hood? Or maybe you head downtown for a stroll along the waterfront or up to the top of Big Pink for views of the many bridges over the Willamette River. Scenic resources like these help define the character of the Central City and shape the image of Portland and the region.

To help preserve these visual treasures, Portland manages an inventory of views, viewpoints and scenic corridors within and of the Central City. At 25-years-old, the Central City portion of the Scenic Resources Inventory (CCSRI) is getting a refresh as part of the update of the Central City Plan.

Last summer we asked Portlanders to nominate their favorite views and viewpoints. Those that met a set of criteria were added to the list of existing views and viewpoints from the 1989 SRI as well as new views and viewpoints identified in the field. Staff then put them in a database and subjected each view and viewpoint to rigorous analysis by a team of independent reviewers.

The resulting draft CCSRI includes a mix of scenic resources, including 152 views from 144 viewpoints, 15 view streets, 6 scenic corridors, 22 visual focal points and 5 scenic sites.

Take a Look

The public is invited to review the draft CCSRI to help ensure that all Central City scenic resources are included in the inventory. Did we get them all? Did we miss something? Take a look and tell us what you think.

Public comments on the CCSRI are welcome through May 31, 2015.

How to Comment

Visit the project website for more information about the draft Central City Scenic Resources Inventory and to read specific chapters or download the full draft plan.

Then share your feedback on the draft inventory using this online form.

Comments are also accepted by …

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Mindy Brooks

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Comments on the draft CCSRI are due by May 31, 2015.

Background and next steps

Scenic resources in Portland have been protected over the past 30 years through various plans and regulations, including the 1983 Terwilliger Parkway Corridor Plan, 1987 Willamette Greenway Plan and 1991 Scenic Resources Protection Plan.

The purpose of the CCSRI is to provide useful information on the location and quality of existing public scenic resources in and around Portland’s Central City. The inventory includes descriptions, evaluations, photos and maps of public views and viewpoints, scenic corridors, view streets, visual focal points and scenic sites located in the Central City inventory area. The inventory does not make recommendations about which scenic resources should be protected.

The next phase of the project will include an in-depth analysis of the trade-offs involved in protecting — or not protecting — each scenic resource. Staff will consider the effect of building height and massing on significant views as well as alternatives for vegetation management to maintain or enhance scenic resources.

The results of the analysis will be used to draft a scenic resources protection plan for the Central City, which will include staff recommendations of which scenic resources to protect and maintain and what tools to use to implement these recommendations. The scenic resources protection plan will inform updates to the Central City 2035 Plan including changes to zoning regulations and maps. The public will be able to review and comment on the draft CC2035 Plan, including the draft scenic resources protection plan, when the CC2035 Plan is released (currently scheduled for early 2016).