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Strategic Plan


Help Shape the Future of the Portland Police Bureau (PPB)

The Portland Police Bureau is developing its Strategic Plan for the next five years and would like your help.

Police Strategic Plan Community Loopback
Meeting Information: Community meeting to review the draft Strategic Plan outline and solicit community feedback through small group discussions. An agenda will be posted one week prior to the event. For background information, please visit the Strategic Planning Project Page at The City of Portland is committed to providing meaningful access. To request translation, interpretation, modifications, accommodations, or other auxiliary aids or services, contact 503-823-0369,, Relay: 711. To better serve you, three (3) business days prior to the event is preferred.

Date: Saturday, May 25th
Time: 10:00 am - 11:30 am
Location: East Portland Community Center, 740 SE 106th Ave, Portland, OR 97216

Date: Thursday, May 30th
Time: 6:30 pm - 8:00 pm
Location: Terrell Hall Rm 206, PCC Cascade Campus, 5624 N Borthwick Ave, Portland, OR 97217

 All meetings are open to the public.



Provide feedback:

  1. Send an email with your comments.  
  2. Sign-up for our email updates. 
  3. Attend a public meeting.
  4. Fill-out a survey


Project Purpose


The Portland Police Bureau will develop a five-year strategic plan over the course of this year. The strategic plan will be a guiding document that prioritizes the Bureau's goals and objectives, outlines how it will meet its strategic goals and objectives, provides metrics to assess the Bureau's performance, and ensures communication of progress to all stakeholders.


During this process, the Bureau will follow the pillars of 21st Century Policing to promote positive interaction between the police and the community to build trust. The approach to strategic planning was designed on three key principles:

  • Inclusion – the Bureau has proposed an extensive engagement model with stakeholder interviews, focus groups, and surveys.
  • Collaboration – the Bureau has designed multiple strategic planning work sessions for the planning team to work together and have critical conversations around the Bureau’s future core competencies.
  • Transparency – the Bureau will have multiple touch points with community and staff, and a loopback approach to allow participants to understand how their input is being used and why.


The process includes:

  • An internal assessment to determine the priorities the staff/stakeholders would like to emphasize.
  • A community assessment to determine the priorities the community would like to emphasize.
  • A robust strategic planning process that will define the mission, vision, values, objectives, and initiatives for the Bureau for the next five years.
  • An action planning process that will build internal capabilities to move from strategy to implementation.


At the end of the process, the Bureau will have a strategic plan that incorporates input from Bureau members, community members, as well as other organizations and stakeholders; a cohesive strategy that the community helped craft; a collective definition of community engagement/policing; an action plan that will help move from strategy to implementation by providing a process for accountability with metrics to measure success.

Process and Timeline

The process is built around three major pillars: Data Collection, Strategic Planning, and Implementation.


Data Collection (June - November)  

The Bureau's consultant will engage key stakeholders and the broader community to gather their insights into what is needed to be in the five-year plan that meets the evolving needs of our city and provides the best support for success. The consultant will gather insights in the future vision for the Portland Police Bureau related to: Crime Reduction and Prevention, Community Engagement and Inclusion, Community Policing, Organizational Excellence, Police Wellness and Safety, Bureau Leadership, and Building Trust and Legitimacy. Information will be gathered through:

  • 35 one-on-one interviews with City council members, bureau leadership, and mid-level managers.
  • 15 community focus groups that seek particular community voices, including social services that deal with mental health and houselessness issues, leaders of the African American community, and language-specific meetings held in Spanish, Russian, and Vietnamese.
  • 4 bureau focus groups of officers, sergeants, detectives, criminalists, and professional staff.
  • 2 public forums for large group dialogue with the community at large.
  • A community survey and a staff survey for individual input from the community at large.


Strategic Planning (Phase I) (January - March)

A team of approximately 20 bureau staff and community members will hold a series of intensive workshops where they will craft the contents of the strategic plan from the input gathered in the Data Collection phase.

Strategic Planning (Phase II) (March - May)

The draft strategic plan will be presented to Bureau members and community members for feedback and validation. Loopback meetings with participants in the data collection period will clarify how their input was incorporated into the draft or if not incorporated, why not.

Implementation (May - July)

The consultant will support the Police Bureau in the first three-to-four months of implementation to help establish the systems that will ensure timely accountability of and communication of our progress to all stakeholders.

Governance Structure


Professional Facilitators

The Police Bureau has hired professional facilitators to help design the process, guide conversations, offer suggestions, and ensure project tasks and deadlines are met. The role of the facilitators is to remain a neutral party that can pose difficult questions without having a stake in the outcome, surface implicit assumptions, and remain devoted to the task when priorities intervene for the bureau.


Since 2012, the Bureau has operated using the Department of Justice Settlement Agreement as a strategic plan. The Settlement Agreement embodies only a part of what the Bureau hopes to accomplish and lacks broad community and internal buy-in. A strategic plan will create:

  • Processes that build and sustain collaborative partnerships
  • A cohesive vision for achieving organizational excellence, community engagement and inclusion, and crime prevention and reduction
  • Defined strategies
  • Metrics to measure progress
  • Systems to ensure timely accountability of all stakeholders


When will the plan be completed?

The draft strategic plan will be completed by the end of March 2019 with a review period of March, April, and May 2019.

Who is on the Steering Committee?

The Steering Committee has 20 total members and is half bureau staff, half community members. The Bureau has internal representatives from patrol officers, detectives, union leadership, and professional staff and community representatives from mental health advocacy groups, immigrant and refugee communities, business communities, and reform activists, and other key voices.

How can I get updates on the plan?

This website will have the latest activities to the planning processYou can also subscribe to our email list, where we will send out updates periodically.


How will the process be accountable to the community and bureau staff?

The Police Bureau will implement 360-degree accountability throughout the planning process.

  • Website with regular updates, documents, and a place to leave comments.
  • Loopback meetings with community groups and staff to let them know how their input is being used.
  • Deliverables that can be easily accessed and understood by the larger community.
  • Implementation plan that will guide the bureau in reporting to the public during the plan’s lifespan.


Who can I contact about this project? 

If you have questions about this project or how to participate, contact Gabriela Bermudez at (503) 823-0369 or







Strategic Insights Report

The Strategic Insights Report summarizes the major findings, perceptions, and implications from the data collection and outreach efforts conducted on behalf of the Portland Police Bureau. The purpose of this outreach was to assess the Portland community’s

Strategic Plan Feedback

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