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0316.00 Alcohol Use

316.00, Alcohol Use 


  • DIR 240.00 Employee Assistance Office
  • DIR 315.00 Laws, Rules and Orders
  • DIR 316.30 Drug and Alcohol Testing
  • DIR 335.00 Performance Review and Use of Force Review Boards
  • DIR 341.00 Disciplinary Process
  • DIR 660.10 Property and Evidence Procedures 


1.  Members who have the odor of alcoholic beverage about their person or on their breath, or are under the influence of an alcoholic beverage, shall not report for, or remain on duty, unless they have presented such information to a supervisor and have been ordered to report for, or continue duty. 

2.  In some surveillance and undercover situations, it may be necessary for mem­bers to consume alcoholic beverages. In such situations, and whenever possible, members will consume non-alcoholic beverages. In the event alcoholic beverages are consumed, members will not consume an amount which would impair to any degree their ability to perform their duty. Members who consume alcoholic bever­ages, regardless of the amount, shall inform their supervisor as soon as possible. Members having consumed alcoholic beverages shall not participate in any tactical operation. 

3.  Members consuming alcoholic beverages off duty shall limit the quantity con­sumed so as not to be impaired to any degree, or have the odor of alcoholic bever­ages on their breath, or about their person, upon reporting for duty. Members will not consume alcohol while in uniform. 

4.  All alcoholic beverages are prohibited from police facilities and/or vehicles, except alcoholic beverages which are held as evidence, or properly receipted prisoner’s property.