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The City of Portland, Oregon

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0630.50 Emergency Medical Aid


PROCEDURE (630.50)

Emergency Medical Aid

Members will provide emergency medical aid to ill or injured persons under the following conditions:

a.  The member has completed a Bureau approved First Responder or First Aid course within the past three years.

b.  The member has been CPR certified within the past year.

c.  Primary police duties have been accomplished.

1.  Any immediate danger has been neutralized.

2.  Dangerous subjects have been apprehended or have fled the immediate area.

3.  Any required emergency assistance has been requested by telephone or radio, at the earliest time feasible.

If the above conditions have been met, the member will perform artificial resuscitation, if necessary, using an authorized barrier resuscitation mask. Artificial resuscitation may be performed if the authorized barrier mask is unavailable.

Communicable Diseases Procedure (630.50)

It is possible that in the course of their duties, members will come into physical contact with individuals infected with communicable diseases. These diseases include, but are not limited to, Hepatitis A, B, or C, AIDS, Tuberculosis, Diphtheria and certain venereal diseases. Members contacting individuals in the presence of body fluids should take the following precautions:

a.  Wear surgical gloves if there is a possibility of contamination from body fluids, especially blood.

b.  Wash hands as soon after contact as possible.

c.  Clean and disinfect contaminated skin, clothing and equipment as soon as possible with a 1-to-9 chlorine bleach solution.

d.  If it is a possibility that body fluids from an infected individual have penetrated the member’s skin, contact the exposure line and follow reporting protocol. The exposure line phone number is available in the Problem Solving Resource Guide.

e.  Write a Special Report documenting the incident.

Surgical gloves and disinfectant solution will be made available in the first aid kits in the precincts.

First Aid Supplies (630.50)

a.  Emergency medical aid supplies will be readily accessible to all members. Supplies will be based on the types of injuries that could occur at the place of employment.

b.  One properly marked first aid container, adequate to protect contents from damage, deterioration or contamination, will be available in each marked patrol vehicle, police motorcycle, and on each floor of all work areas.

c.  Signs stating the location of first aid kits will be posted in conspicuous locations within work areas.

d.  RU managers are responsible for the regular inspection, maintenance, inventory and condition of first aid kits.