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Showerhead Cost-Sharing Option For Hospitality Customers

The Portland Water Bureau distributes high-efficiency 1.5 gallon per minute showerheads to customers looking for affordable ways to save water and money.  While this showerhead is a high-quality model, it may not meet the requirements of some businesses including spas, hotels, and health clubs etc.  In situations where the standard showerhead offering does not meet customer requirements, the bureau has developed a cost-sharing program.


In order to participate in the Showerhead Cost-Share you must be a non-residential Portland Water Bureau customer, and prepared to order at least 20 showerheads.

How it works             

Eligible customers should contact the Water Efficiency Program with a current water account number, the number of units at the property, and the number of showerheads to be replaced.  Customers will work through the bureau with a local vendor to talk about the showerhead options. The bureau provides a cost-share of $4.06 per showerhead and there is a possibility to integrate a showerhead rebate from the Energy Trust of Oregon,which further reduces the cost.


This program is designed to allow business to choose a water efficient showerhead that meets their business needs.  However, the Portland Water Bureau does require that the showerhead be WaterSense-labeled.  WaterSense is a certification program similar to Energy Star.  It is administered by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency.


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