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The City of Portland, Oregon

Archives & Records Management

Office of the City Auditor

phone: 503-865-4100


1800 SW 6th Ave, Suite 550, Portland, OR 97201

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Guide to historical City records related to African Americans – now online!

Guide to historical City of Portland records related to African Americans – now online through Efiles

Cover of the African American Research Guide

The Oregon Archives Month (October) has been a busy month for the City of Portland Archives & Records Center (PARC)!  We kicked off the month with PARC-hosted event showcasing Portland-area archives.  We also debuted a new exhibit that was a collaboration between the PSU Archives & Special Collections, a PSU Honor’s class, and the City Archives.  Later in the month we held a trivia contest that tested people’s knowledge of Portland history.  All of these have been wonderful celebrations honoring archives, archivists, and the people who support local history and we thank everyone who has helped us celebrate. 

However we want to call attention to the research guide we first unveiled at the beginning of October: the Guide to historical City records related to African Americans.  The guide compiles PARC resources related to the African American community in order to help make your research just a little bit easier. 

The guide is also now available online!  You can find the guide using our online catalog, Efiles; along with the photos and documents used to create the publication.  So if you saw a photo or a document in the guide and would like take a closer look, you can now find it in Efiles.  

We have also worked with other archives and special collections in Oregon that house relevant historical materials that you might find interesting. There’s the Urban League Portland Chapter records at Oregon State University and almost sixty oral histories available at the Oregon Historical Society.  You can find these guides available on Efiles, too. 

Our goal for creating the guide, uploading the photos and documents and working with our colleagues is to help make your research even more successful.  We will continue to upload materials to these online files, so make sure you check back.

Go to our online record: African American History Guide and supporting materials

2015 Archives Month Trivia Quiz - Answers

Connie McCready with a group in her office in 1973

We’ve had a tremendous response to our Trivia Quiz!  Many thanks to those who took the quiz, and to everyone else who have helped us celebrate Oregon Archives Month by supporting the work that archives and archivists do! The quiz is now closed. The answers are posted below including the corrected question #1. That question will be tossed out of the mix, so folks who answered questions 2-9 correctly will be entered into a drawing for a free scan. We will contact the winner directly early next week.

2015 Trivia Quiz and Answers

1. The Orange line is the most recent light rail to open. In what year did Portland’s Eastside light rail service begin?


2. Portland’s first replica Liberty Bell was blown up in 1970. Where was the bell located when the explosion occurred?

City Hall

3. Dorothy Elmore was the first African American woman to earn the rank of police captain. In what year did this occur?


4. 2015 marks the 55th anniversary of which Portland landmark?

The Lloyd Center

5. The City Police force replaced the City Marshal’s office 145 years ago. When the new police headquarters was completed in 1872, where was it located?

SW 2nd and Oak

6. Portland contains many formerly incorporated towns; which of these areas was not previously incorporated?


7. Which mayor declared the week of December 3, 1979 Star Trek Week?

Connie McCready

8. Where is the Park Bureau’s Coe Circle located?

SE 39th & Glisan

9. In 1891 Columbia Park became a Portland park as a result of the consolidation of the Cities of Albina, East Portland and Portland. It was not until 1902 that it was given its current name. What was the park’s name prior to 1902?


Please send any questions to

Thank you again for participating and happy archives month!

2015 Archives Month Trivia Quiz

2015 Trivia quiz to celebrate Archives Month

View of Sunnyside street car line
To celebrate Oregon Archives month, we invite you to test your Portland knowledge against our Trivia Quiz. If you get all nine questions correct, your name will be entered into a drawing for one free high resolution scan from the City's collection of photos.
The Trivia quiz will end on October 31st or when we get 100 responses, whichever comes first. Answers and the winner will be posted here in early November.
Please send any questions to
Good luck and happy archives month!

Between the Park Blocks and City Hall: The Portland State Strike of 1970

Between the Park Blocks and City Hall: The Portland State Strike of 1970 exhibit and walking tour

Portland State Student Strike of 1970

A new exhibit will debut October 3, 2015 during the Oregon Archives Month Celebration event that is happening at the City of Portland Archives & Records Center, 11 AM – 3 PM. 

The exhibit is a collaboration between the Portland Archives, the PSU Special Collections and Archives, and the students of the PSU Honors College seminar “Activism in the Archives: the 1970 PSU Strike.”  The exhibit uses archival documents and photos from both collections and takes place in two locations.

Students also created a self-guided walking tour that highlights where some of the events occurred during the Strike.  Copies of the tour can be picked up at either exhibit location and online.

On Saturday, October 3rd get a guided tour with one of the students starting at 12:30, 1:30 and 2:30. Meet your guide at our display on the 5th floor of the Student Academic and Recreation building.

You can see the exhibits at these two locations:

The City of Portland Archives & Records Center

1800 SW 6th Ave, Suite 550 (on the PSU campus)

The Portland State University Archives

Millar Library, First Floor