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The City of Portland, Oregon

Archives & Records Management

Office of the City Auditor

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Program records document staff and partner organization work used to implement Bureau of Transportation goals and objectives, organize and/or facilitate special projects, produce communications and outreach materials, build community partnerships, provide information, improve safety. Active Transportation programs and partner organizations include, but are not limited to:

  • SmartTrips
  • Sunday Parkways
  • Safe Routes to School
  • High Crash Corridors

Retention:  Program records are to be retained based on where they belong within the following record series.

9205-01   Activity Reports, Other Than Annual                  

Daily, weekly, monthly, or similar reports other than annual reports document City employee general activities not covered in a more specific retention schedule. Useful for compiling annual reports, planning and budgeting, monitoring work progress and other purposes. Usually tracks type of activity, employees and/or volunteers involved, time spent on activity, work completed, and related information in narrative or statistical form.

Retention: 2 years
Authority: OAR 166-200-0010(2)
Confidential? No
Vital Record? No
Record Copy? Yes


9205-02   Annual Reports

Reports that document the program or primary functional activities and accomplishments of the program for the previous year. Reports are often compiled from monthly, quarterly, or other subsidiary activity reports. Usually includes statistics, narratives, graphs, diagrams, and similar information.

Retention: Permanent
Authority: OAR 166-200-0010(3)
Confidential? No
Vital Record? Yes
Record Copy? Yes


9205-03   Community Workshops / Training

Records document the design and implementation of program-sponsored seminars, conferences, workshops, clinics and similar gatherings. Often includes workshop descriptions, instructional materials, course outlines, enrollment and attendance records, reports, planning documentation, and related records.

Retention: (A) Records documenting significant or historical aspects of event retain permanently; (B) Routine administrative records retain 2 years after event
Authority:  OAR 166-200-0010(32)
Confidential? Attendee records are confidential
Vital Record? No
Record Copy? Yes  


9205-04   Outreach Publications

Published records produced by the program and made available to the public. Includes newsletters, pamphlets, brochures, leaflets, reports, studies, proposals, weblogs and other on-line postings and similar records.

Retention: Retain 1 copy of publications permanently
Authority: OAR 166-200-0010(27)
Confidential? No
Vital Record? No
Record Copy? Yes


9205-05   Special Events

Records document program-sponsored special neighborhood events or celebrations. Provides a record of planning and promotional efforts, public attendance and response, major speeches and dedications, and other aspects of the event. These records may include studies, publications, photographs, attendance summaries, final reports, and other documents.

Records related to the routine organization and promotion of a program-sponsored special event or celebration. These often include lists, rosters, correspondence, volunteer information, and related records.

Retention: (A) Records documenting significant or historical aspects of event retain permanently; (B) Routine administrative records retain 2 years after event
Authority: OAR 166-200-0010(34)
Confidential? No
Vital Record? No
Record Copy? Yes


9205-06   Bicycle and Pedestrian Traffic Research and Study Records

Records document data gathering and analysis concerning traffic patterns, speed, direction, volume and other information related to bicycle usage and pedestrian activity. May include information for a given location and period of time. Usually includes machine and manual traffic counts, reports, summaries, and related records.

Retention: (A) Reports and summaries retain 10 years or until captured in annual report; (B) All other records, retain until information is summarized or obsolete
Authority: OAR 166-200-0115 (11)
Confidential? No
Vital Record? No
Record Copy? Yes