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Fire & Police Disability & Retirement

2101-01   Fire & Police Disability & Retirement Board and Committee Records

Series is created to document the decisions and payments of the Board of Trustees of the Fire & Police Disability & Retirement Fund.  Records include agendas listing items that have come before the Board, resolutions, minutes, meeting reports, miscellaneous expenses, medical claims expenses, etc.  Series also includes records from the Expediting Committee, Vocational Rehabilitation Committee, No Time Loss Claims, Executive Sessions, and the Medical Claims Agenda.  ACCESS – Information may contain medical and personnel information that is restricted to only those with a right to know.

Retention: (A) Minutes (except executive session minutes), agendas, resolutions, and exhibitsPermanent;
(B) Executive session minutes: 10 years;
(C) Audio/visual recordings: 1 year after minutes approved; (D) Other records and exhibits not pertinent to minutes: 5 years 
Authority: 166-200-0235(5) 
Confidential? Consult City Attorney’s Office before releasing information that has not been reported on
the bureau’s website
Vital Record? Yes
Record Copy? Yes


2101-02   Fire & Police Disability & Retirement Membership Records (Master Files)

Series is created to track members and other participants who are eligible for benefits under the Fire & Police Disability & Retirement plan.  Series is created to maintain information that will assist in determining eligibility and benefit amounts for members and other participants.  Records include personal information, birth certificates, marriage certificates, dates of appointment, retirement, termination, death, pension applications, pension estimate calculations, litigation and other similar information. Include correspondence of substance with participants.

Administrative Notes:

Member and transaction information maintained in databases must be preserved or migrated to new systems as necessary to ensure member information maintained electronically is retrievable for entire retention period.

Member-specific emails of substance should be printed and put in master file while master files are paper-based. If master files are converted to electronic records, emails will then be stored electronically. Disability claim-related emails should be part of the claim file.

Retention: (A) Vested member in FPDR 1 or FPDR 2 or FPDR 3 member who dies as an active member or while receiving FPDR disability benefits or retires from City service or from FPDR disability: 75 years from FPDR entry date or 7 years after member death, whichever is longer;
(B) Unvested member in FPDR 1 or FPDR 2 or FPDR 3 member who separates from City service or FPDR disability prior to retirement: 75 years after FPDR entry;
(C) Dependent Minor Child: 7 years after benefit termination;
(D) Surviving Spouse, 7 years after death;
(E) Alternate Payee, 7 years after death or benefit termination, whichever is earlier;
Authority: OAR 166-200-0310(1)
Confidential? Consult City Attorney’s Office before releasing
Vital Record? Yes
Record Copy? Yes


2101-03   Fire & Police Disability & Retirement Disability Claim Records

Series is used to track and support claims submitted by the membership.  Records include disability application forms for time loss and no time loss, medical records, correspondence, vocational rehabilitation reports, subrogation, litigation, medical and benefit payment summaries, etc.  See City General Schedule for retention of Occupational Injury and Illness Reports and Employee Hazardous Exposure records.

Retention: 75 years after claim closure 
Authority: OAR 166-200-0390(6)
Confidential? Yes
Vital Record? Yes
Record Copy? Yes


2101-04   Fire & Police Disability & Retirement Check Registers

Series is used to issue payments to members, other participants and vendors.  Series is also used to reconcile accounts with City’s accounting system of record.  Records include check registers for all checks direct deposits and ACH transfers to banks, and Create-a-Check logs or bank transmittal logs where there is no check register.

Retention: Permanent
Authority: OAR 166-200-0215(12)
Confidential? Consult City Attorney’s Office before releasing
Vital Record? No
Record Copy? No


2101-05   Fire & Police Disability & Retirement Fund Reports for Federal and State Agencies

Series is created to insure that the Fund complies with federal and state reporting requirements.  Series is used to report certain money paid out by the Fund.  Series includes quarterly and annual reports and documents required by federal and state agencies.  Examples include “Report of Wages Taxable Under Federal Insurance Contributions Act”, 1099’s, in lieu of form for W-2’s, W-2’s, federal and state tax withholding forms, US Census reports, etc.

Retention: 5 years or 5 years after superseded or employee separation for withholding forms
Authority: OAR 166-200-0295(4); (11); (12)
Confidential? Consult City Attorney’s Office before releasing
Vital Record? No
Record Copy? Yes


2101-06   Fire & Police Disability & Retirement Audit Records

Series includes financial and program audit work papers submitted as part of City’s annual external financial audit.

Retention: 10 years
Authority: OAR 166-200-0215(10)  
Confidential? No
Vital Record? No
Record Copy? Yes


2101-07   Fire & Police Disability & Retirement Fiscal Records

Series includes budget and five-year financial plan documents and work papers;  cash flow work papers; reconciliation; bank statements; financial transactions including journal entries, purchase orders, non-PO entries and P-Card records; files provided to actuary for valuations; benefit payment batch work papers.

Retention: 5 years
Authority: OAR 166-200-0210(1); (4); 0215(5); (8); (12); 0230(1); (3); 0245(2); (3)
Confidential? Consult City Attorney’s Office
Vital Record? No
Record Copy? Yes


2101-08   Fire & Police Disability & Retirement Outstanding Check Records

Series is used to document checks that have not been cashed and remain outstanding at the end of the period for unclaimed property. Series is created to comply with State reporting requirements. Records include payment authorizations, invoices, and support documentation.

Retention: 6 years|
Authority: OAR 166-200-0215(13)
Confidential? Consult City Attorney's Office for assistance before releasing information.
Vital Record? No
Record Copy? Yes


2101-09   Fire & Police Disability & Retirement Timesheet Records 

Series is used to document timesheet reports that reflect staff approval of members’ disability time and electronic timesheet information and reports used to make adjustments to members’ service time accrual.

Retention: 125 years
Authority: OAR 166-200-0295(3)
Confidential? Consult City Attorney's Office for assistance before releasing information.
Vital Record? No
Record Copy? Yes