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Jumptown Video Wall

Jumptown Video Wall

By Pamela Chipman

Located at 3250 NE Martin Luther King Blvd

between NE Fargo& NE Cook

Project Jumptown is a 4 channel video display set in a brick wall.  Making use of smart phone technology there will be 4 ipod touches encased in glass blocks installed in the wall. This collection of video screens will project 4 distinct yet related streams of video material to the viewer creating a montage of imagery that relates to the culture and history of the Eliot neighborhood. From the Jazz Clubs of the 40’s to the bike culture of the teens, this imagery will articulate diverse narratives of the local population and history.

There are over 60 images from the City of Portland’s Archives collection included in this work. The following is a list of each image in no particular order.

N   Williams Ave and Stanton St, A2009-009.2744

NE   Ainsworth St at Union Ave [Martin Luther King Jr Blvd] looking east, A2005-001.3

N Broadway looking west to Interstate Ave, A2005-001.79

N Broadway and Interstate Ave looking south towards Larrabee Ave, A2005-001.82

N Broadway at Larrabee Ave and Interstate Ave looking east, A2005-001.90

N Broadway, Wheeler Ave and Williams Ave looking east, A2005-001.93

N Fremont St at Vancouver Ave looking west, A2005-001.214

N Fremont St at Vancouver Ave looking north, A2005-001.216

N Fremont St at Vancouver Ave looking east, A2005-001.217

NE   Killingsworth St looking west towards Union   Ave [Martin   Luther King Jr Blvd], A2005-001.361

NE   Killingsworth St at Union Ave [Martin Luther King Jr Blvd] looking east, A2005-001.363

NE   Killingsworth St at Union Ave [Martin Luther King Jr Blvd] looking south, A2005-001.364

N Russell St at Williams Ave looking north, A2005-001.531

N Russell St at Williams Ave looking west, A2005-001.532

N Russell St at Williams Ave looking south, A2005-001.533

N Vancouver Ave and Stanton St looking west, A2005-001.685

SE Sandy Blvd, E Burnside St and 12th Ave looking southwest, A2005-001.830

N   Stanton Street and Kerby Avenue Exchange, A2005-005.405.1

Aerial view of NE Sandy and 37th, A2005-005.1401.7

NE Sandy & 82nd Ave, A2009-009.621

NE 82nd   Ave, A2009-009.713

NE Sandy & 82nd Ave, A2009-009.715

NE Union [MLK   Blvd] between Prescott & Going, A2009-009.976

4054 NE Union [MLK Blvd], A2009-009.999

3814 NE Union [MLK Blvd], A2009-009.1009

NE Union [MLK   Blvd] & Beech, A2009-009.1012

NE Union [MLK   Blvd] & Shaver, A2009-009.1025

2611-2629 NE Union [MLK Blvd], A2009-009.1034

NE Union [MLK   Blvd] & Graham, A2009-009.1039

NE Union [MLK   Blvd] & Knott, A2009-009.1053

NE Union [MLK   Blvd] & Morris, A2009-009.1054

NE Union [MLK   Blvd] & Thompson, A2009-009.1059

NE Union [MLK Blvd] & Alberta, A2009-009.1415

Bicycle shop on NE Union [MLK Blvd] & Broadway, A2009-009.1783

NE Union [MLK   Blvd] & Russell, A2009-009.1795

NE Union [MLK   Blvd] between Thompson & Sacramento, A2009-009.1796

NE Union [MLK   Blvd] & Schuyler, A2009-009.1803

NE Union [MLK   Blvd] between Russell & Knott, A2009-009.1808

NE Union [MLK   Blvd] & Russell, A2009-009.1809

NE Union [MLK Blvd] & San Rafael, A2009-009.1810

NE Union [MLK Blvd] & Sacramento, A2009-009.1811

NE Union [MLK Blvd] & Eugene, A2009-009.1813

NE Union [MLK Blvd] & San Rafael, A2009-009.1815


NE Union [MLK   Blvd] & Schuyler, A2009-009.1818

NE Union [MLK   Blvd] & Russell, A2009-009.1820

Sewer Work NE Beech St and 14th Ave, A2009-009.2653

N   Williams Ave and Stanton St, A2009-009.2743

Residence NE Broadway and 9th Ave, A2009-009.3264

Service   Station NE Broadway and 11th Ave, A2009-009.3268

Building 1105 NE Broadway, A2009-009.3272

Residence NE Broadway and 11th Ave, A2009-009.3275

Helen Bernhard Cakes 1725 NE Broadway, A2009-009.3312

Aerial of NE Portland, A2010-001.195

NE   Alberta St at 31st, A2009-009.3639

N Fremont St at Vancouver Ave looking south, A2005-001.215

3802 NE Union [MLK Blvd], A2009-009.1007

3820 NE Union [MLK Blvd], A2009-009.1029

3962-3970 NE Union [MLK Blvd], A2009-009.1006

Crew and apparatus pose outside Station 18 at 2200 NE 24th Ave, A2001-083

Station 18 with crew, hose, and chemical out front at 2200 NE 24th, A2001-083