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The City of Portland, Oregon

Archives & Records Management

Office of the City Auditor

phone: 503-865-4100


1800 SW 6th Ave, Suite 550, Portland, OR 97201

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Use this General Schedule Sustainability Records examples
General Administrative Records  
Contracts and Agreements - General
hauling contract for public collection, etc.
Franchise Records
Oregon Sustainability Center  - Construction Equity Agreement 
ADM-0160 Grant Records
Application, Administration and Tracking
Clean Diesel Project – grants awarded from ARRA, EPA and DEQ
Metro- RAW and per capita
USDN Cascadia Regional Network (Bullitt)
The Climate Trust - traffic signal optimization
The Climate Trust
HUD - Public Market
National Park Service - Public Market
Various grants applied for but didn't get
USDA - Establish Food Policy Council
USDA - Direct Marketing Promotion
USDA - Specialty Crop Promotion
Farmers Market/Direct Market Analysis
HUD grant for architectural and engineering design work for the Historic Portland Public Market Foundation
Disaster debris / emergency management planning grant

This includes grants we passed thru:
Green Investment Fund - proposals, scoring sheets, RFPs and addendums, annual reports, awards summary and accounting overview (tagging Kyle for this one)
Deconstruction Grant - RFP, proposals, scoring sheets, awards summary
Solarize (mini-grants, federal $ pass-through, some ARRA, some not.)
Clean Energy Works Portland/Oregon
CAP - Climate Equity Working Group (Bullitt)
60th Avenue Green Thumb site
Zenger Farm
Biofuels Investment Fund
Community Collection Events

Grant Records - Historically Significant
Grant Records - Unsuccessful Applications
Legislative Issues Records
Federal energy and climate policy legislation

Oregon energy and climate policy and legislation
Electric utility municipalization (attempted acquisition of PGE) - meeting minutes, technical analyses and reports, Council documents
Energy franchises - notes from meetings, side agreements
Oregon Public Utility Commission Proceedings - City testimony, technical analyses, etc.
Oregon DEQ SB263
Liability Waivers
Steve's volunteer waivers, Fix-It Fair waivers
Master Plans
Disaster debris / emergency management planning
2015 Climate Action Plan
2009 Climate Action Plan
2001 Local Action Plan on Global Warming
Meeting Records, Board, Commission and Committee (audio or visual recordings)
Meeting Records, Board, Commission, and Committee - Executive Session Minutes
Meeting Records, Board, Commission and Committee - Minutes
Sustainable Development Commission (historic)
Food Policy Council (minutes, reports, project files)
CAP Equity Working Group
CAP Steering Committees
Master Recycler advisory committee
Meeting Records, City Staff
Internal groups:
Community Engagement Group
Workplace Excellence Committee
Meeting Records, Board, Commission, and Committee - Records and Exhibits not pertinent to minutes
Note from City Archives: Work that makes it into the minutes or exhibits will have permanent retention under ADM-0340.  The rest can probably go away after 5 years under ADM-0350.
Permits - License Records [City-Issued]

Recycling Reports
Monthly logs for non-compliant trucks used for residential collections.
Biodiesel use reports- monthly purchasing receipts for B20.
Clean Fleet- annual list from each hauler listing their vehicles.
Photographs - General
Policy Statements and Directives

Energy Policy (1979, 1990)
Sustainable City Government Principles (1993)
Fossil Fuel Policy (2015)
City’s Green Building Policy for its own facilities (2005, 2009, 2015) – resolution, status reports and meeting minutes
Energy Performance Reporting Policy - meeting minutes, outreach materials and public comments - Ordinance
Energy Performance Reporting Policy - meeting minutes, outreach materials and public comments - Administrative Rules
Deconstruction requirement – meeting minutes, outreach materials and public comments - Resolution
Deconstruction requirement – will include meeting minutes, outreach materials and public comments - Ordinance
Deconstruction requirement – will include meeting minutes, outreach materials and public comments - Administrative Rules
Ecodistrict – not a lot of background docs - Resolution
High Performance Green Building Policy - meeting minutes, outreach materials, public comments - Proposed Policy
Sustainable City Principles and 2030 Environmental Performance Objectives - Resolution
Home Energy Scoring - Proposed Policy
SW&R administrative rules, code development
Postal and Delivery Service Records
Press Releases, Speeches, Statements - Policy and Historic
Professional Membership Records
Program Projects and Initiatives (Major)
1993 Carbon Dioxide Reduction Strategy
Climate Change Preparation Strategy
Electric Vehicle Strategies

Kilowatt Crackdown
Build it Green
Green Spot/Bright Spot
Home Energy IQ training
District Energy
Green Design Atlas
Green Building Hotline
Construction waste education
Solarize Portland
Solar Forward
Tangerine Power pilot
Clean Energy Works Portland/Oregon
Northwest Solar Communities
City Energy Challenge (CEC)
Green Neighborhood Network
Multifamily Assistance Program (historic)

Program Projects and Initiatives (Minor)
program collateral, Curbsider
Rental and Loan Records
Portland Event Recycling 
Reports - Annual or Major
City solar feasibility reports
Peak Oil Task Force Report
Portland Climate Action Collaborative (ISS, PSU)
Curbsider Readership Evaluation
Food Scraps rollout- pre and post pilot evaluation
Multifamily property manager evaluation
CES's annual Public Event Recycling report
Master Recycler Report
Recovery reports (1999-2015)

1990-2014 carbon inventories
2011 Consumption-based Inventory
Energy Performance Reporting data
Reports and Documentations - Periodic Activity (other than annual)
Master Recycler quarterly reports
Requests and Complaints
Annual tabulations comparing franchisees compliance and issues: banned substance inspection records, customer complaint records, billing dispute records, service inquiries
Seminar, Conference, Workshop and Event Records - City Sponsored
Fix-It Fairs
Urban Growth Bounty Classes
Seminar, Conference, Workshop and Event Records - Non-City Sponsored
AOR events
Other conferences
Special Event and Celebration Records- routine aspects of event
Special Event and Celebration Records- significant aspects of event
Surveys, Polls and Questionnaires
Did the survey results end up in a report? If not then follow this schedule.
Annual Community Supported Agriculture Survey
Curbside Readership Survey
General Human Resource Records Example Projects / Archive Notes
Training Program Records
it's up to the office that is providing the training to retain. 
Volunteer Program Records
Volunteer Worker Records
General Financial Records Example Projects / Archive Notes
Financial Impact Analysis Records
Commercial composting cost of service study
Waste tonnage reports - basis for assessing our fees on haulers, copies of bills sent to haulers & computerized version of invoice records. (confidential -trade secret-consult attorney)
Solid Waste Rate Review-documents used for the rate setting process. Includes detailed cost reports and can weight study.
Financial Reports - Annual
Oregon Administrative Rules (OARs) Example Projects / Archive Notes
OAR 166-200-0290(11)
Ordinance Violation case files
Administrative Rules violations
CROW cases
No service addresses/land lords