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2003 Liens & Assessments - Project Management & Recording

2003-01   Assessment and Lien Supporting Documents-Legal/Council Records

Series is used to document the legal creation of the assessment lien. Documents give legal authority to levy lien or assess property for improvement and are created to keep all documents about a lien in on easily accessible location. Records include council ordinances (assessing, accepting, and time and manner ordinances), resolutions, petitions, street vacations, invoices, code hearings findings and orders, contract, change orders, receipt release and waivers, Final LID Estimates and worksheets, certificate of completion, and other documents that are directly associated with final assessment calculation. 

Retention: Permanent
Record Copy? Yes

2003-02   Assessment and Lien Supporting Documents-Work Papers

Series is created to document project activity up to the date the lien, or assessment was implemented and determined. Records include estimated assessment worksheets and maps, bureau correspondences, petitioner correspondence, non-successful bids and other documents and working papers that precede the final assessment.

Retention: 10 years after assessment.
Record Copy? Yes

2003-03   Assessment and Lien Supporting Documents-Engineering Records

Series is used to document the engineering and technical areas of the assessment and lien. Series is used by staff to determine costs associated with the completion of the lien. Records include bid information, plans and specifications (proposed and as-built), warrants, estimates, wage certificates, progress payments, performance bonds, certificates of insurance, bid tabulations and proof of payments.

Retention: 10 years from substantial completion.
Record Copy? Yes

2003-04   Assessment and Lien Supporting Documents-Notices

Series is used to notify property owners of assessments and liens affecting their property. Records include proof of publication, notices mailed certificates, proposed assessments, affidavits of posting of notice, copies of assessment notice are certificates of mailing.

Retention: 22 years after assessment
Record Copy? Yes

2003-05   Assessment and Lien Supporting Documents-Correspondence

Series is documentation of correspondence received and sent about a specific assessment or lien process. Records include remonstrances and other complaints about assessments and liens levied.

Retention: 10 years after assessment
Record Copy? Yes

2003-06   Assessment and Lien Supporting Documents-Reports

Reports are used to formally respond to correspondence and to the formation of the project. Records include extension requests, preliminary reports, progress reports, formation reports and formal responses to correspondence and remonstrances.

Retention: 5 years
Record Copy? Yes

2003-07   Segregation Records

Series is used to segregate liens on property. Segregation determines the amount to be paid by parcel when property is divided within an assessed are. Series is created at the request of the property owner. Record includes tax number, legal descriptions at time of lien and property to be segregated, location of property, parcel maps, contract to segregate, spreadsheet used to determine segregation percentages and total assessment.

Retention: 22 years
Record Copy? Yes

2003-08   Assessment and Lien Indexes

Series consists of indexes to Assessment and Liens projects. Index includes name of project, LID (Local Improvement District) number, address, etc.

Retention: Until superseded
Record Copy? Yes

2003-09   Lien Docket/Assessment Roll

Series is record of all City Liens established. Record includes legal description, ownership, account number, amount of lien, title and type of assessment, project number, and copy of assessing ordinance (if any), etc.

Retention: Permanent
Record Copy? Yes


2003-10   Assessment and Lien Supporting Documents-Nuisance and Sidewalk Billings

Series is used to document the legal creation of a lien on private property. Documents give legal authority to lien a property for work done on a nuisance abatement, sidewalk repair, code violations/enforcement, etc. Records include billing records, invoices, code hearings findings, bureau records and other records used to establish the lien.

Retention: 10 years after date of assessment.
Record Copy? Yes