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8806 Engineering / Projects

8806-01 Project Records - Core Project Records

Series is used to document the design and construction of engineering projects. Records are created to document the history of the project and to provide understanding on how the project was built. Records include as-built drawings, as-built drawings inspector's notes, certificates of acceptance, copies of contracts and agreements, final engineering cost estimates, policy correspondence, procedural correspondence, project assignment notices, design calculations, maps and plans, maps used for design work (design sum report), photographs and negatives, engineering reports, project book (file copy), permit (with conditions, if any), performance bond or financial guarantees, certificate of insurance, final payment certificate, certificate of completion, change orders, inspector's progress reports, geological/technical reports, consultant reports, drawings with engineering stamps, final design report, design memorandum, success criteria statement, final project reports, addenda and other related documents.

Retention: Permanent
Record Copy? Yes


8806-02 Project Records - Maintenance And Warranty Records

Series is used to document the engineering and technical areas of the project and is used by staff during the project and maintenance stages. Records include affidavit of posting, bid notice (from newspaper), copy of permit applicant's deposit check, correspondence that does not deal with policy and procedures, transmittals, bid tabulations, easement acquisition requests, fee estimates, grants compliance records, lab and test results, material tickets, ordinances, easements, petition summaries, pre-construction conference information, pre-plat acknowledgments, consultant plan reviews, preliminary studies and estimates, progress payment certificates, project summaries, property ownership lists, property ownership contacts, remonstrance reports, sewer branch extension requests, statement of engineering costs, submittals, survey requests, time and manner ordinances, treasurer's receipts and other related documents.

Retention: Expiration of warranty period or resolution of all warranty issues.
Record Copy? Yes


8806-03 Project Records - Work Papers

Series is used to document engineering projects during the active stages of the project. Records are generally used by staff to track work progress. Records include budget records, IBIS project management reports, consultant plan reviews, field check memos and plans, photo/reproduction orders, utility notification records, preliminary estimates, construction schedules, and other related documents.

Retention: Retain as needed or acceptance of project.
Record Copy? Yes


8806-04 Project Initiation/Analysis Records

Series is created to explore issues that may eventually develop into larger projects. Series is used to identify problems, explore beneficial uses, explore alternatives to problems and develop project guidelines. Series is the parameters for project records and is used to develop "why" a project should be done. Records include correspondence, reports, supporting documentation, meeting records, public hearings data, workshops, preliminary design work, permits, land acquisition documents, contracts, and other related documents.

Retention: Permanent- reports; 5 years- supporting documents.
Record Copy? Yes


8806-05 Submittals Tracking Records

Series is created to document the approvals of changes or modifications to project bids. Series is also used to track submittals for jobs that need to be approved by the bureau. Series assigns submittal numbers within the project records. Records include date, submittal number, general description, contact info, project manager, action taken, comments and other related data.

Retention: Expiration of warranty problem or resolution of warranty issues.
Record Copy? Yes


8806-06 Project Status/Submittal Records

Series is created to track submitted documents on a project and is used to give status reports on specific projects. Record includes locations, subdivision, job number, applicant, engineer, fees, costs, dates, redlines/adjustments, deposit, description, and other related data.

Retention: Until project completed- computer record; until superseded- reports.
Record Copy? Yes


8806-07 Construction Information System (CIS) Records

Series is created to estimate job/payment costs and is used to produce project progress estimates. Series assists engineers and project managers in production of bid and progress payments during the construction of a project. Records include supporting data for progress payment calculations. Records include information on linear feet, costs of materials, proposed prices, actual costs, total amount due, etc. Series includes SCPQ (Sewer Construction Payment Qualifications) and PCM System records.

Retention: Until superseded
Record Copy? No
Where? Hard Copy filed in Project Record (8806-01).


8806-08 Facilities Plan

Series is created to identify required facilities to meet the 17 year compliance schedule. Record is updated frequently to reflect current status of the facilities and sewer system. Record includes project, schedules, budgets, sewer facilities, fixed assets inventory, and other supporting documents.

Retention: Permanent- facilities plan; 10 years after substantial completion- supporting documents. Project is scheduled to be completed in 2011.
Record Copy? Yes