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The City of Portland, Oregon

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9403 Wastewater Group - Maintenance Support

9403‑02   WG, Asset Management System (SYNERGEN/Oracle Work and Asset Management - OWAM)    

Series consists of records related to the procurement, inventory, maintenance and management of assets used in the operation of wastewater pump stations, treatment plants and other facilities and properties. Records include asset inventories and specifications, preventative maintenance procedures, work requests, maintenance activity descriptions, inventory transactions, purchasing/procurement transactions, labor costs, timekeeping & employee leave request records, OR-OSHA compliance work orders, standard operating procedures, and other associated data.  These records are maintained electronically in the Synergen/Oracle Work and Asset Mgmt (OWAM).

Retention: Retention periods will vary depending on the type of record series maintained.  The system must be able to reproduce an authentic copy of any record considered to be the record copy for the record’s entire retention period, or until the record is captured and retained appropriately elsewhere. Follow retention periods in Wastewater, BES and City General retention schedules.
Retention Note: Records related to the system itself must be retained for one year after the system is retired or superseded.
Authority: For records maintained in the system see authority citations for specific record series. Authority for records related to the system itself: OAR 166-200-0270(2)
Confidential? No                  
Vital Record? Yes
Record Copy? Yes


9403‑03   WG, Call Out Scheduling Reports   

Series is used to document the names of employees scheduled to be available to work in after hours emergency maintenance situations. Records include rotation schedules and weekly callout reports that include date, name, contact numbers and other related data.

Retention: 2 years
Authority: OAR 166-200-0400(2)
Confidential? Follow bureau procedures for maintaining confidentiality of employee phone numbers
Vital Record? No
Record Copy? Yes                


9403‑05   WG, Precursor Purchase Approval Records 

Series is used to document the approval to purchase hazardous materials and other materials that require tracking.  Records include vendor agreements for conditions of acceptance for precursor materials, toxic reduction pre-approval forms, pre- approval forms for materials that require a Safety Data Sheet (SDS) and other related data.

Retention: Vendor correspondence related to terms of agreement and other records not maintained by OMF Procurement must be retained for 6 years after expiration of agreement. Other records retain 3 years.
Authority: OAR 166-200-0210(4); 166-200-0265(3)(c)
Confidential? No                  
Vital Record? No
Record Copy? See Retention